i've got something exciting to share! a fair amount of you figured it out yesterday but to those who didn't yet my news it's a new website!!!  woot woot!  don't worry though, luvinthemommyhood is staying the same and i'll still be here.   i've created as a new site to brand all the work i do.  luvinthemommyhood will now be the blog component of very shannon.  it houses my sewing and knitting patterns and also the design work/book components that i dabble in as well.  it's been a long time coming and i'm sooooo excited about it!

it took the hubby and i months to come up with a name and just when i was about to give up he came up with very shannon and it just fit.  he's very proud of himself ( swear he strutted around like a peacock for days bragging that he named the new site. hilarious.)  i feel like my style and aesthetic is very true to my personality and what you see is what you get about me so my work is always "very shannon" so to speak. so my new baby is live.  it's not 100% complete yet, i'm still tweaking and adding things, but it's up and running. 

a lot of you know i've been struggling with the identity of "luvinthemommyhood". not the blog itself but the name. a lot has changed in my life since the blog started way back when (boy do i feel old) and the name is one thing that i've always wanted to change. nobody spells it right, it's hard to explain to other people, people automatically split it up into 3-4 words....and so on.  it's been a constant thing that i've been thinking on for years.  so having very shannon gives me a way to simplify my work and speak more clearly about what it is that i do. luvinthemommyhood will still be my fave neighbourhood it just won't be the end all be all name for me. does that make sense? 

very shannon gives you all a quick and easy place to find all of my patterns for sale instead of searching for them on the blog.  soon you will be able to purchase them direct from very shannon itself. options are a good thing :)  it also gives you a great way to see what other work i've been up to and to use a streamlined contact form if you need to contact me.  i love the clean aesthetic of the new site and i'm so crushing on my light coral and grey header. so simple, but so very me.  i'm smitten and hope you all like it too.

you'll notice that my new patterns and pattern photos now will have the very shannon logo and color themes and they will all be posted on both luvinthemommyhood and on very shannon.  all my free tutorials for luvinthemommyhood will stay here in the mommyhood :)  so no confusing changes will be happening with any urls's, links or changes for my blog readers.  you basically just have a fun new place to come check out if you want to see more of what i'm up to throughout the year. it's an exciting new change for me and one that will allow me to work on some new exciting projects.  so stay tuned!

to those of you who sent me lovely messages yesterday - thanks for the luv! you guys are the best! i hope you all enjoyed the free yarnster hat pattern and don't worry if you are a sewer, i have 2 new free sewing tutorials/patterns coming up very, very soon for you as well!

so come on by very shannon and check it out and say hello!  what would you like to see added to the new site?  any thoughts?  hope you are all having a great day and again, thank you for all of your support and encouragement!  xoxoxo