lady bat by mamatronic
it's time for STARRING YOU!!!!  i love, love, love this post!  it's so fun compiling pics and putting together a big ol' post starring all of your hard work!  you ladies were on fire for the tops, tanks & tees knit along! wowsa!  some of you made 3 projects! needles were setting off smoke alarms! there were so many stunning and gorgeous projects chosen i'm sure you'll agree that all of our faves/queues have grown by miles.  i know i'm going to have a very hard time next tttkal with all of these waiting to be made!

cap sleeve lattice top made by jaykayknits
the best part for me during these kal's is the conversation and the friendships made. i look forward to reading all the chit chat each day and keeping up with every one's projects and lives. it's so rewarding and each time more fab peeps join the more fun it gets!  so thank you all again for joining in and knittng with me and to helping make my dream of having such a fun community of knitters a reality!  i'm so proud of you all!!! giant hugs your way
spring tops, tanks & tees knit along
now for the fun part.......here you are!  the spring tops, tanks & tees starring you post!!! wahoo!!!
sophia made by thinkliz
holla back tank made by sdurank

cap sleeve lattice tops made by: 1. pattymatt 2. sbnyc 3. hillvintage 4.morelikejune
gemini by jane richmond (sleeve mod version)
modern twin set by truly myrtle
1. tiger lily tank
mackinac tank made by pattymatt
shawl cardigan by beatrice2009
1. work+shelter 2. ribbed pullover vest
1. amiga 2.elfe 3. floating
1. meris 2. vertex cardigan 3. date night 4. featherweight cardigan 5. cerie 6.work+shelter
1. work+shelter 2. work+shelter 3. low tide cardigan
urban made by moonkun
1. gemini 2. strond 3. billowing 4. poolside
1. marguerite 2 autumn leaves 3. bulle 4. oriental lily 5.sproutlette dress
1. imogen tee 2. gemini 3. gemini 4. miette 5.whisper cardigan 6. faith 
beatnik made by dreareneeknit's
and a HUGE thank you to our wonderful and generous sponsors for making our kal's a reality!  next week is our super sized giveaway! you will not want to miss this!!!!


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