Sally Dress by Very Shannon \\ Sewn by Petit a Petit & Family

oh excited over here! i love both the versions today and am just so excited with all the versions we've had of the sally dress for the pattern tour! today is the last day but i promise to do a nice ol'roundup this week so you can see all of them together. they are all just so pretty i can't help but show them all again!

first up is what has to be one of my favorite versions - celina of petit a petit & family. i was super thrilled to have this pinning superstar along on the tour. her style and aesthetic is widely known across blogland and i swear it just oozes out of her every pore. she's a sweetheart who is a multi-talented, sewing, designing, blogging, curating (and the list goes on) mommy! i am constantly inspired by her creativity so make sure to pop over to petit a petit & family to see all the pics of her version (they are gorgeous) and visit her wonderful blog.

Sally Dress by Very Shannon \\ Sewn by Petit a Petit & Family

you can find all things petit a petit and family below:

and our next and final guest is simple simon & co...

Sally Dress by Very Shannon \\ Sewn by Simple Simon & co.

the gals over at simple simon and company are a super talented and super busy duo! running both project run and play, project sewn and, of course, simple simon & co, they have a strew of fabulous talents! they are also 2 of my fave gals! so i was so happy to have them join in on the tour. their version of the sally is so classic and pretty. i love the juxtaposition of it compared to the modern vibe of celina's above. so fulfilling to see how both are equally as lovely. make sure you stop by simple simpon & co to check out their version and their fabulous blog!

you can find all things simple simon and company below:

thanks for joining in ladies!

follow along with the whole sally dress pattern tour for inspiration, reviews & giveaways galore! 

you can find the sally dress to purchase here in my shop on etsy. thank you for all of your support <3