110 Creations: A Sewist's Notebook Review //

2014 is the year that I really want to focus on sewing more garments for myself.

I quickly realized though that I need to find a better way to organize my adult clothing patterns, fabrics, notes and pattern pieces. There is only so much room in my condo to fit my sewing goodies so I have to be creative when organizing my sewing things.

When I spotted the review for 110 Creations: A Sewist's Notebook by Beth Byrge over on the Sewaholic blog I bought it on the spot. Yesssss......was all I kept saying to myself. It was like the blogging world read my mind that day. I had just purchased a pattern and was thinking to myself that I needed to find a better way to store these things when I popped over to Sewaholic and read Tasia's review. It was like bells were ringing and stars were A bit dramatic? Nope. If you saw how I store things now you would be doing the same thing.

 110 Creations: A Sewist's Notebook Review //

What is 110 Creations? While it's a handy coil bound notebook that you can keep track of all your sewing projects, fabric choices, measurements, notes, adjustments, wish lists and more!

Here is what 110 Creations features!
You get 110 of these and they are awesome! Each has a figure for you to draw your outfit on (only con is the figure is dark ink so it will most likely show when you sketch/color on top of it) and color, as well as the following sections to fill out...

pattern / fabric / interfacing / notions / accents / planning notes / sizing & alterations 
seams & finishes / hem / notes for next time 

With lines for you to fill out and of course to name your project! So fun!!!!! This takes up the majority of the book but wait...there's more! 

A handy page to put all your measurements on with a drawing so you can't forget the weird ones :)

A place for you to simply write in the names of the 110 projects you would like to make.

YES!!!! I love this part. Love it, love it! This section is divided into Tops, Pants, Skirts, Dresses, Outerwear, Children's, Men's  & Bags!!!! Can we see heck yeah people!!! I am always forgetting which patterns I own and then have to go dig them all out or scroll through on my computer. I love that I can document them all here. There are spaces to write in the name of the pattern, company, if you cut it or not yet and the price paid!

This section allows you to write down the lovelies you are dreaming of owning! You can add yours in the areas for fabric, patterns, notions & tools.

// NEEDLE CHANGE RECORD I need this. I am a bad girl and always forget. Nuff said.

A 2 page lined section for writing notes. 

110 Creations: A Sewist's Notebook Review //
110 Creations: A Sewist's Notebook Review //

You can also purchase this book in a new format too! There is the larger side coil bound (which I have) and now a smaller version too! You can find them both for sale here.

Time to get myself organized and get sewing!!!! Who's with me? How do you store/organize your patterns?