Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //

I will admit I have now become an avid sock knitter. An addicted one at that. I have embraced the sock knitting.

I have knit since I was a young girl but only started knitting socks last year. After crossing it off my list of "to learn how to's" I quickly realized what a silly git I'd been. I mean seriously, I feared the sock. I feared the heel. I feared everything about sock knitting. The base fear though was that I detest wearing socks. I only wear them when I really need to. They bug my feet and always have. I used to pay my little sister to put my socks on my feet for I couldn't even stand that out of the dryer sock feel and I'm still the same way.

So when I slipped my feet into a pair of lovely handmade slippers gifted to me from my friend Buffy (thanks again Buffy) I started to realize...hmmmmm...if I can control what the fiber content is going next to my skin maybe I would actually wear socks? And the rest is history.

Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //
Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //

I gave it a shot and let me tell you, there are not a lot of things that compare to that moment when you turn a heel and you want to shout out in glee "it's a sock, a real sock, a real, real, real sock, with a heel and everything"! No matter how many socks I make I still get an adrenaline rush from the toe and the heel. They make me so gosh darn happy. It's pretty hard to explain in words but trust me in that it's fun and I now see 100% why it's so darn addicting! The yarn for socks is a plenty and there are tons of amazing ones to choose from! It doesn't break the bank to knit a pair of socks and the best part - you can bring them with you everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I don't leave home without a pair of socks in my bag anymore. Thus leading me to my love of the "vanilla sock". That lovely plain sock that you can mindlessly knit and make out of any fave yarn you come across.

My current yarn obsession - Caterpillar Green Yarns. Seriously. Obsessed. Self striping. Awesome colors. Soft as butter. Did I say self striping? Yep. 'Nuff said. And the icing on the cake - she lives in my city! Heck yeah people! Can you hear the yarn angels singing! Hehe. The dyer behind Caterpillar Green Yarns is the lovely Catherine who has mad skills. Like serious skills. She makes yarn that makes you scratch your head and go "how the heck did she do this?". It's gorgeous. I love that I can just drive by her place and beg her for more yarn...j/k...sort Don't worry Catherine...I promise not to stalk you :)

I met & fell head over heels for Catherine's yarns last summer at Fibrations here in town. She quickly became the hot commodity and we all left home with some of her pretty sock yarns. I cast on this fall and have become smitten. I now have acquired a few more skeins. You can purchase her MCN Fingering in 2 different sizes - 115g and 170g!! Both are more than enough to make a pair of socks! Plus you can add on yummy accent skeins for your toe and/or heel! Love! I've also been waiting patiently for something new she's been cooking up as well - self striping shawl yarn! Can you hear me squealing with delight? I can't wait to see it when it's ready!

Ready to see some more pictures? What's the fun in having yummy yarn if you can't share it with others who equally love yummy yarn? I've been dying to show you all my current socks on the needles! 

Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //

Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //
Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //
Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //
Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //
Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //
Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //

Aren't they so purdy!!!. And guess what? You can enter to win some today!!!! Yahoo!!! I'm dancing around the house in my one sock right now out of excitement for y'all! 

- One lucky winner will get to choose a 115 g skein plus accent skein (click here to read more about the awesomeness of her accent skeins) of their choice from Caterpillar Green Yarns!!!! Thanks Catherine!

- Simply visit Caterpillar Green Yarns and check out all the lovely yarns, then come back here and tell me which 115g skein/colorway of yarn you'd choose if you won!

- You must leave a valid email address in your comment or you will be disqualified.
- Giveaway is open until Sunday, April, 27th, 2014, midnight, PST.

You can find all things Caterpillar Green Yarns below:


And don't worry, I didn't forget all the nitty gritty details of my socks! 

And yes, I know my stripes on the 2nd pair don't match At. All. I decided to go a little wild and just wing it and break the sock knitting rules. They make me smile that they don't match. I think it's the gemini in me wanting them different. It's like knitting a brand new sock! And that coral heel on the first pair - my fave thing ever!

Yarn: Caterpillar Green Yarns, MCN Fingering, Colorway: Concrete & Tulips
Needle: 2.75mm/US 2 Addi Turbo Sock Rocket, 32" circular (for magic loop)
Pattern: Gusset Heel Basic Socks from the book Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson
Follow along with it & get more details on my ravelry project page.

Additional Yarns Shown:
1) MCN Fingering, Colorway: Ocean Sunset (170g with accent skein)
2) MCN Fingering, Colorway: Skyline (115g)

Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //
Caterpillar Green Yarns Giveaway //

Alrighty....who's ready to win themselves some new yarn? Yay! Good luck and HAPPY KNITTING!