Let's Go Camping Print by Lucy Darling Prints on Etsy
Let's Go Camping Print by Lucy Darling Prints
Have you guys heard about Camp Aloha Friends yet? A fun, online interactive summer camp for crafters and creators alike - Camp Aloha Friends is sure to be a great way to get making, learning and also finding new friends this summer! 

The lovely Mel of the podcast - Singlehanded Knits, is the host and organizer of Camp Aloha Friends! She's such a lovely spirit and so much fun! Hers is one of my fave podcasts to knit along with! She's a funny, sweet and oh so awesome! You can find it on her blog here.

When I first heard about Camp Aloha Friends from Mel I knew you guys would love it! I love that Mel really tries as much as I do to get people making new friends. We both also strive to create wonderful and warm communities for our readers! I know some of us have found ourselves living in a town/city where we don't know anyone that is passionate about the same things. It can be hard to break out of your comfort zone and find those people that all share the same passions that you do. So sometimes going online is one of the easiest way to find and interact with these wonderful gals and guys!

My issue is that I find it hard to make it to events and conferences for both knitting and sewing. I'm in Canada and I'm always feeling like I'm missing out on all the fun events/retreats that happen in the US.  That's what's great about Camp Aloha Friends - it brings the event to you! You can take the classes, get the supplies and make new friends without even leaving your house! How cool is that!!!!!

Summer Camping by Valentin Stoev on Etsy
Summer Camping by Valentin Stoev
Here's some of the details on Camp Aloha Friends:

Camp Aloha Friends starts on June 15th and will run through till the end of September (you can still access things until the end of October though) and you can sign up and purchase your Camp Suitcase now.

You can choose to be a Day Camper (all access but you provide your own supplies) or a Bunkhouse Boarding Camper (all access with Camp Suitcase & other benefits). Fun right!

>>> an international assortment of teachers gathered together to teach an intercraftual array of fun!
>>> a special website for you to "camp" for the summer to access if you are enrolled!
>>> activities and crafts that build upon each other that YOU CAN DO.
>>> Knitting, sewing, crochet, tatting, embroidery, paper crafts, yarn dyeing, weaving & creating a loom are just some of the crafts you will do! 
.....and more!!!!

Here's Mel herself to tell you more about Camp Aloha Friends!

You can also view a longer version as well here.

There will be fun activities, classes, chats and more all throughout the camp!

"....with activities to join in, either in real time as they post, or when you want or are able to join. There will be a monthly overview—each month giving you a glance ahead for planning purposes and weekly postings for activities. The Camp Aloha Activities are classes taught by Camp Counselors who love what they do and are passionate about sharing their heart with you. They will do this through video classes, photo tutorials,  audio feeds, pdf printouts and beautiful crafty combinations of these elements! Crafts are clearly taught, experiments easily explained, info seminars are exciting and inspiring!"

One of the most fun aspects about Camp Aloha Friends is the Camp Suitcase! Mel has handpicked many of the special items you need for your classes at Camp Aloha Friends and will send it direct to you!

"…everything from the fabric on the outside of your Camp Suitcase (a beautiful sweater sized project bag in a durable duck cloth), to each fabric bundle included in your charm pack for sewing class, to the buttons and ribbons and inspirational paper! These items are not simply tossed in, but are lovingly put in to your bag with much aloha and care to ensure you feel like the kid at camp getting a treat from home!" 

You can find out more about the instructors (some awesome people!), the pricing and more details HERE.
I hope you have a great summer filled with creativity and community!