Stashbot Stash Guide by Hannah Fettig ||

Have you guys heard of the fabulous new guide Stashbot yet?

Stashbot is a comprehensive guide for building a useful stash. This handy guide from Hannah Fettig of Knitbot includes yarn requirement averages for all size sweaters and accessories! That's right! It is seriously a must have for every knitter! I got a print copy a few months ago and have used it many a time already. It's made project yarn shopping, pattern designing and gift making so much easier.  In a nutshell Stashbot is your perfect new yarn shopping companion!

Best part is that it also helps you to control, maintain and organize your stash. You know those times when you are at your fave LYS or a knitting event and you find that yarn you just cannot bear to live without? Well Stashbot will help you figure out how much you should buy of your dream yarn. It saves you from overbuying and under buying yarn for your stash saving you money in the end. Since you are more aware and in control of what you are purchasing for your stash it will help to keep your stash useful. Hannah has also included an article in Stashbot on stash psychology with tips on how to change your stash for the better. I know I'm always looking for ways to keep my stash streamlined, purposeful and not overwhelming.

True to Hannah's style Stashbot is lovely and has a clean aesthetic accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by Neesha Hudson. It's 8.5 x 5.5" so it's perfect for your purse or knitting bag.

What will you find inside Stashbot?

Stashbot is an 8 page booklet that includes 
yarn requirement averages for gauges 3 - 8 stitches per inch / 2.5 cm

Categories include:
Vests, shrugs & cropped, average and tunic length sweaters 
in sizes 3 months - 60” / 152cm bust circumference.
Hats, Socks & Mittens in sizes Baby, Toddler, Child, Adult & XL Adult 
Neckwear in 3 averages dimensions

All yarn requirements are presented in both yards and meters.Stashbot Stash Guide by Hannah Fettig ||
How can you get your hands on Stashbot?

- Stashbot is available in booklet format as pictured above at your local LYS. You can find a list of the stockists HERE on the Knitbot site or also purchase it from Quince & Co. HERE.

- And the most exciting way.....I'm freaking out over this one folks....a soon to be APP! That's right! Stashbot is about to become an APP! Soon you'll be able to have Stashbot with you on your phone, tablet and more! I'm super excited for this interactive digital format! I'm lucky enough to get to try out the Beta version this week and the Knitbot team hope to have the Stashbot app out for the public in mid-July! Woot woot!

Stashbot Stash Guide by Hannah Fettig ||

I'll be sure to fill you in on how the app is when it's out for release. In the meantime enjoy Stashbot!

How do you organize and maintain your stash? Have you tried Stashbot yet? Would you use a knitting app like this? Let's chat! 

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