I've got a new FREE pattern for you all today! I'm on such a huge project bag/tote/pouch kick this year! I just can't seem to get enough and the Reversible Box Tote is just what I needed!

Perfect for carrying around all my knitting projects, journals, notes, & yarn spools! Heck you could even use this for the beach, for shopping, as a purse and more! The shape holds a ton and is so comfy to carry! I've been wanting a project tote that I don't have to wear over my shoulder. With my bad back sometimes I just find it easier to carry them by hand and let's admit it - some of my normal totes end up dragging on the ground or I get scared they are going to rip carrying all my loot around.

The Reversible Box Tote is sturdy, stylish and just waiting for you to sew one (ahem..or a few) up! 

Trust me, I am going to make at least a few more!! It's a super quick and easy sew that is suitable for a beginner sewer and beyond! So don't be scared if you're just learning! There's room for you to customize to your hearts content too! Want more pockets or ones with a zipper or velcro? Go ahead - add them on! Want a quilted look? Skip the interfacing and add batting instead and quilt it to your outer bag fabric for a custom look! You could even color block! So many options! See - you can't have too many when they can all look different!

You can choose to download the free pdf from our shop HERE or from Google Drive instead HERE if you'd prefer :)

*Note: If getting from Google Drive make sure to download the file first and then print from Adobe Reader - not from direct from google drive or the picture quality/sizing can be wrong.

I used the gorgeous new line from Sara Lawson (of Sew Sweetness) for Art Gallery Fabrics called Jungle Ave.

It's part of their awesome Limited Edition line that is drool worthy! 

I am HEAD OVER HEELS in love with the combos of black/white and that fuchsia/pink! Love it! I was so happy when Sara asked me to join in on her fabric tour and to sew something up using Jungle Ave.! And since Sara is the queen of bag patterns I thought it was only fair to honor her and sew up this tote in her line! Sara is so sweet and one talented lady!

For my Reversible Box Tote I used the following prints from Jungle Ave.

Outer Bag // NeighborHoods

Inner Bag // Dotted Boulevard

Pockets // Word on the Street ready to sew one up? Grab your latest fabric crush and let's get making!

For the FREE

Reversible Box Tote pattern and information please visit our Reversible Tote Pattern page HERE or if you would prefer you can download it via google drive HERE (download it though - don't print direct from google drive). 

Happy sewing!!! And don't forget to show off your lovely projects on our Very Shannon Flickr Page HERE.