First time in sprinkler ||

We're in the new house now and life has been crazy but so amazing at the same time! I keep pinching myself to make sure it's all real!

I'm 37 and I've been dreaming of my first house since...well...forever. It feels surreal to be in the house now and it's finally starting to sink in that it's ours. The hubs and I have worked so hard to save all our pennies and budget to buy our first home and it's so rewarding to finally be out of our condo and have room to breathe and grow.

Even though we are surrounded by boxes, home repairs, lots of chores/cleaning, the moments shown in the picture above are the ones I will treasure forever. Seeing my two girls run through the sprinkler for the first time almost brought me to tears. We got our first little pool for our little yard and we've been loving it. I can't wait to start planning the yard. We've got a blank slate back there and a deck and fence that I can't wait to stain and a veggie garden to plant & more! I'll be asking you all soon enough to share all your secrets on veggies/plants. I'm super excited to grow the ingredients for my green smoothies right in my own yard!

One thing you may all not know about me is I love home improvement and diy. I repaired our torn screen door on the weekend and had a blast! What a rush to fix something. I know it sounds corny but after renting for so long it's liberating to say "this is broken, I'm going to fix it" and do it to my standards. I love going to home depot and other stores and now I can actually buy tools and reno things! And don't even get me started on furniture! I can't wait to be able to thrift more and find some awesome vintage finds to fix up! There are so many projects we've already taken on and started and I'm so proud of my hubby and I for going from condo dwellers to home owners and taking all the bumps so far with strides. It's not been a smooth ride moving in (we've had some unforeseen home repairs that need to be done - not fun!) and so far we've been staying relatively sane...haha.

It's been hectic around here so it's been hard to get on the blog but my office is slowly taking shape! And don't worry - I promise to share pics this time :) I have to pick a ton of paint colors and need help big time. I hope to get my fabric/yarn put away this week and finally get my sewing machine going. It's been too long since I've been able to sew. I've been missing it so and swear I can hear my sewing machine and serger crying for me at night...haha.  It's great to actually have a room to have my office in now instead of our condo being my office. I can't even explain how awesome it is to relax at night or spend time with my family without staring at all the work I need to be doing and a big mess. It's so freeing.

Before I get back to the unpacking though I haven't forgotten that I need to announce the winner of our "Fat Quarter Shop Fabric Giveaway"!!! Thanks again for the great prize Fat Quarter Shop!

The winner of the $50 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop is......

Commenter #169 - Quilting Momma

Congratulations - we will be in touch soon in regards to your prize!

Thank you for all of your well wishes throughout the last few weeks and for all your support. I'm so beyond grateful that I get to share this new journey in my life with all of you. I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Do any of you like to do home improvements/diy too when you're not sewing/knitting? I'd love to hear about it! Pour some coffee...I've got a stool here with your name on it. Come chat!