Jocole Ladies Skinny Pants Pattern Review | #sewing #pants

I made myself some skinny pants and I'm so excited!

I'm part of the Jocole Pattern Tour today and when they reached out to me to join in I knew I had to make the fabulous Ladies Skinny Pants! I've been writing on the blog for about 3 years now about how badly I wanted to try my hand at sewing some pants for myself. To be honest - it's frightened me. But just like the zipper, I didn't want it to slow me down or hinder me any longer. It was time to just jump right in! So I did! I'm now addicted! I hate buying pants and they never fit me right so the idea of making pants to fit my body is fabulous!

First let me tell you these pants are so quick and easy to sew!

They are a skinny, pull on pant with a comfy knit waistband with multiple style options (read more about this at the bottom of the post) for the waistband and length. I was shocked at how fast they come together and how easy they are. Jocole patterns are super easy to follow and included tons of information and helpful tips. All the work and time is in the fit. And let me tell you - it's important. I knew I had to do a fit muslin for sure. And boy was mine The first rough sew was HUGE. Like way too big! I went by my hip measurement but it's really tricky for me as my my problem area and adds to my hip measurement if that makes sense. So sometimes when I go by that my hips are not in fact that wide - it's just my baby So the size I made was giant. So I started by following the fabulous fit tutorials included in the pattern. This is so helpful! There is a link where you can go and see how to make alterations and fit adjustments. I found this helpful as I'm someone who is really visual.

Jocole Ladies Skinny Pants Pattern Review | #sewing #pants
Jocole Ladies Skinny Pants Pattern Review | #sewing #pants

I went down about 2 sizes in the hip, 3 in the waist and took my legs down to match a pair of skinny pants I already own. I would guess this was 3-4 sizes down from my hip measurement. The pattern also gives you thigh measurements which is so helpful! I then also made further adjustment to my back seam up near my waist. I had to take in about another 3/4" here as well. Also, when you attach your comfy waistband (yes, there are no zippers in these pants which makes them a great starter pair to sew) I had to take inches off my size for the stretch as well. Overall the fit is ok for these. For my first pair of pants I am satisfied. They are flattering and were fun to make.

Would I make the Ladies Skinny Pants again? For sure! I would definitely make more than 1 more of these. I need 3 - 4 at least! I want to get some nice stretch denim and make some with that. I would also love a black and grey pair too! Really the possibilities are endless with these pants! So easy to customize!

Would I change anything on my next pair? Yes. I made the knee area on my pants too tight. Because I used a chambray from Robert Kaufman (I'm addicted to these) I find I need a bit more room to bend my leg in this area when going up stairs etc. I think I went a bit too aggressive in this area for fit. They look good standing but not when walking.  I would make my waist a bit smaller and definitely make my waistband smaller still. The pants slide down a bit when I'm walking. I definitely had room in the waistband to come in. I also didn't really like the stretch fabric I was using for the waist so I think next time I would change to a sturdier stretch. Mine was a bit too flimsy I think.

What was my favorite thing about this pattern? How easy they are to make! Also, the pockets! I am in love with the front pockets! So fun! I really love topstitching so getting to add details like that to the front and back pocket was super fun to me. My next pair I'm going to do a fun design on my back pockets. For the first time round I kept mine simple with two rows of topstitching as per the pattern and I like that look too. It looks pretty with the chambray! Next time I will add the topstitching on the seam of my pant leg too for a real denim look. I skipped that this time round but now wished I had done it. I also really like the waistband options. So versatile and comfy.

Jocole Ladies Skinny Pants Pattern Review | #sewing #pants

After sewing these I'm definitely going to be making more pants for myself!

It was fun, exciting and I learned a ton! The Ladies Skinny Pants are so comfy, flattering to all body types and seriously, they come in Sizes 00 - 28W!!!!! They are also available with 3 different waistband options - skinny, regular, or fold-over (wear yoga waistband up for more coverage and support)! There are also tons of length options! That's right! You can make capris and shorts from this pattern too! There are 7 in total - shorts, bermuda, clam digger, capris, petite full, regular full and tall full! Wow! Plus 2 pocket style options!

I loved all the options and choices to make this pattern work for your needs and figure. My curves are happy! The pattern also includes easy to follow instructions, color photographs & illustrations, and tons of helpful information on sizing and fit as well as sewing! 

So, are you ready to give pants a try to? Or have you made yourself pants before? Have you tried the Ladies Skinny Pants from Jocole? What are your favorite pant sewing tips?

PATTERN | Ladies Skinny Pants from Jocole
FABRIC | Chambray (color denim) from Robert Kaufman
SIZE MADE | Adjusted from multiple sizes on pattern to fit my body
MODIFICATIONS | None other than fit adjustments.
BOOTS | Old Navy
TOP | TNA Pomona T-Shirt from Aritzia in black.