Have I ever told you about my love of all things Anne of Green Gables? 

I adore Anne. Always have and always will. I've read (and re-read) the cherished books and watched and the movies since I was a young girl. And since then I've spent many a moment in daydreams just like Anne with an E. I admit that as a girl I used to wish at night that I would wake up with hair as read as Anne's and have a "Gilbert" in my life. I wanted to live on PEI and run through the trees dreaming the biggest dreams I could.

I've always been inspired by Anne and her character and find myself returning to the films over and over for comfort, inspiration and to remember to dream big. Especially at this time of year when the leaves are turning and we're all cozying up inside with our yarn, needles and daydreams. What better time than now to join the#annealong and pick up a Green Gables Shawl Kit (or parts of one) from Little Skein in the Big Wool and join in the fun! I'll tell you all about it below but first.....some pictures!

Swoon! The fabric, the yarn, the stitch little Anne loving soul was so happy when this kit arrived at my house!!! 

// What are the Green Gables Shawl Kits?

They are wonderful kits that include some lovely goodies! Little Skein in the Big Wool has created 3 different levels of kits to fit every budget as well listing some individual items for sale in her shop too. You can find all the kits listed in the Little Skein in the Big Wool Shop HERE.

In the Green Gables Collection there are gorgeous yarn, dreamy fabric, adorable stitch markers and more! I was really pleased with the high quality of the yarn and the project bag. The yarn was scrumptious and gorgeously dyed and the bag is such a great size and impeccably sewn! Then I got to the stitch markers - can I just say I adore these? I can never have enough special stitch markers and I will treasure these ones!

Here are some of the goodies that you can receive in your Green Gables Shawl Kits!

  • A PDF copy of the Balsam Hollow shawl pattern designed by Paula Emons-Fuessle (of the Knitting Pipeline) that is inspired by Anne of Green Gables as shown below.
  • 2 gorgeous skeins of Leading Men Fiber Arts Callback Yarn. The palette of available colors evoke autumn on Prince Edward Island -- the luscious green leaves of Green Gables; the evergreens of Orchard Slope, the sloping area between Anne's home at Green Gables and Diana Barry's farm; spooky purples and dusky evening colors of the Haunted Wood; and of course, Anne's beautiful red hair. This palette of colorways is available exclusively from Little Skein in the Big Wool.
  • Beautiful project bags designed with Green Gables inspired fabric.
  • A Canadian Girl Stitch Markers that showcase that adorable silhouette of Anne that matches your fabric on your project bags.
  • One 100g skein of Anne's Story luscious MCN sock yarn created by Leading Men Fiber Arts
  • Kindred Spirits sterling silver shawl pin created by jewelry artist Leslie Wind for this kit.
  • Leaves of Autumn impatient knitter tag
  • Balsam Hollow lace helpers
  • Surprise sweet treat
  • Hardback copy of Anne of Green Gables, in the new Puffin in Bloom edition with cover art from artist Anna Bond.

// What's the #annealong?

It's an Instagram contest, readalong, watchalong, and knitalong. To join in, make sure you have an Instagram account, and then cast on either the Balsam Hollow Shawl pattern or one that reminds you of Anne of Green Gables. The #annealong will be running from Sept 23rd to Dec. 21st. You can find all the details, FAQ's and more HERE on the Little Skein in the Big Wool blog.

The #annealong is co-hosted by some lovely friends - @susanbanderson, @heyporkchop, @knittingpipeline and @annielightknits! You can also catch my pal @junipergrace reading Anne of Green Gables during her fab podcasts! So much fun to be had! Make sure to check it all out - it's not too late to join in!

You can find all things Little Skein in the Big World below! Thanks again Annie for the lovely kit! I will treasure it!


Do you love Anne of Green Gables too? Are you knitting in the #annealong? What pattern reminds you of Anne of Green Gables? Coffees on and I never tire of chatting about Anne.