Books on the Table || Book Reviews of Make it Mighty Ugly, Graphic Knits, Mollie Makes Embroidery and Sockupied on
Books on the Table || Book Reviews of Make it Mighty Ugly, Graphic Knits, Mollie Makes Embroidery and Sockupied on

It's been a while since we've done a Books on the Table and I thought it was the perfect time to do another one! 

You all know how much of a book lover I am. Sometimes I have way too many fab books to chat about to give them each their own post. When that happens I put together our fun "Books on the Table" post. I've always got new (and old) books everywhere around the house. They are in the dining room, the living room, my bedroom...all over my my purse...they are everywhere. I love reading and relish in sharing books that I am enjoying. I worked for years in book stores and sometimes miss being surrounded by books that fill me with endless possibilities.

Right now, on my table I've got a lovely mix of creative titles! Creativity, embroidery, knitting and socks! Sounds fun right? You bet! Keep reading below and I'll give you the inside scoop on each title. These are all great gift books for that creative maker in your life too! Or, if you're like me, they make lovely "treat yourself" pressies too! One can never have too many fabulous books!

Books on the Table || Book Reviews of Make it Mighty Ugly, Graphic Knits, Mollie Makes Embroidery and Sockupied on

Read below then let me know what books are on your table in the comments! I love hearing what other people are reading too!

You guys, this book is soooo good. I've been reading and re-reading it. I pick up something new each time. It's a must have for anyone wanting to up their creative game or just learn how to be more creative on a regular basis. Make It Mighty Ugly: Exercise & Advice for Getting Creative Even When it Ain't Pretty by Kim Piper Werker is one of those books that I know I will be reaching for on a regular basis, year and after year. It's informative, funny, helpful and inspiring. I highly recommend it! The illustrations in Make it Mighty Ugly are as equally as fabulous as the book is too. So get reading and get "kick-starting your creativity through inspiring essays, exercises, and tips, plus sage advice from all over the creative spectrum".

I don't chat about embroidery much on the blog but I do enjoy it! I usually try to do 1 - 2 projects a year and always have fun. I find myself wishing I had more time to spend on embroidery projects and hope to do that in the next few years as I really get my girls involved in sewing. I think it would be fun to sit down with both of them and all work on embroidery! Mollie Makes Embroidery is filled with adorable stitched projects! There's something in there for everyone! I was really smitten with 2-3 of them and hope to get one made up soon. I really enjoyed the tips & tricks section of this book. Since I don't do embroidery regularly I always need a refresher and I really liked this part of the book. Overall this is a great collection of a variety of projects that is put together in a lovely and inspiring book.

I loooooovvvee texture and graphic details in knitwear. I myself design with them in mind and am constantly inspired by them. When I heard Alexis Winslow was releasing Graphic Knits I knew it was a must have for me. Graphic Knits includes 20 designs in bold, beautiful color! There are some awesome projects in here ranging from accessories to garments! Each project is true to Alexis's style and is accompanied by great photos of all the unique details her patterns feature! If you love color, graphic details and fun patterns this is a good book for you.

Oh man, sock knitting is soooo good! I'm always embarrassed in a way to admit that I didn't start knitting socks until about 2 years ago. I's sad but what can I say, they just weren't my thing. But now that I've jumped in I'm fully hooked! I've really been enjoying knitting and wearing handmade socks. Sockupied: 20 Knit Projects to Satisfy your Sock Obsession has been helping me with my own fledgling sock obsession! This wonderful collection of sock patterns edited by Anne Merrow is filled with 20 projects from the popular eMag of the same name. They are specially chosen from the first 10 issues by Anne Morrow. Sockupied has toe up up and top down construction patterns as well as patterns for beginners as well as socks featuring lace, cables and colorwork. If you are a sock knitter you'll enjoy this one!

Books on the Table || Book Reviews of Make it Mighty Ugly, Graphic Knits, Mollie Makes Embroidery and Sockupied on

Ok, now it's your turn! What books are on your table? I'd love to chat and coffee's on!