Everyone needs their own cozy, warm, snuggly, fave go to sweatshirt. I just made my new fave!

Have you seen the Linden Sweatshirt pattern by Grainline yet? As soon as the talented Jen released it I grabbed a copy. I then set out on a mission to find some seriously cozy sweater knit fabric. Not an easy feat where I live. I managed to luck out and get some at one of our local fabric shops - The Cloth Castle. Bonus - there was a sale! Woot woot! I grabbed this super thick, warm and soft fabric for Linden as well as a thinner one (that I'll show ya later) to whip up another one in. The color of this fabric is so perfectly neutral. It's like that shade of Cascade 220 that you make a gazillion and one things out of. It's grey, but beige too and pretty much goes with everything.

Linden is a sweatshirt that is meant to be lived in. I wear this bad boy around the house, out of the house, in bed - you name it - I've now worn it. In fact I've had this made for a few weeks but haven't been able to photograph it because it's always being worn. Blogger problems right? lol! It's just one of those cuts that is flattering. Aka - skims over the roly bits. I love the raglan cut for this type of sweatshirt and I really like the ease of it. Grainline's patterns are stylish and modern and easy to follow. The instructions are clear and concise and this took me no time at all to sew up. I used my serger for pretty much everything and that speeds things up tons.

My Linden Sweatshirt has come in so handy lately what with snow and tons of rain around here. Due to the horrid weather we've been having lately you get my tree lit photographs. That's what happens when you have absolutely no natural light and you gotta work with what you got :) I really wanted to blog about this sweater so you get another photoshoot of me in my "real life" element. My fave leggings, wooly socks, my go to mug & basket (from Tolt Yarn & Wool of course). I like to keep it real around here every so often. Bloggers are real people and sometimes, life just doesn't go along with our lighting and photography demands. So you work with what ya got.

I'm working with our new christmas tree in our first home for our first christmas in it! It's so cozy around here I find it hard to want to go out most days. I love this place and putting a christmas tree up just puts it over the top for me when it comes to cozy factor. Add in copious amounts of Gilmore Girls, Full House, yummy coffee and I'm all set. If anyone's looking for me you know where to find my Linden, curled up on the couch with my kiddos, with my favorite quilt, my knitting and some fun tv with the fireplace roaring and the xmas tree twinkling in the background. Bliss.

I highly recommend whipping yourself up a Linden Sweatshirt for this holiday season.

I mean what better to wear relaxing, laughing and snuggling with loved ones in over Christmas break? I know I'll be in mine! I hope to make my 2nd one before xmas so I have 2 to wear. Now that I've made one I'd like to try one with a longer length...I'm going for maybe an extra 1-2 inches. If you pop over to the Grainline blog you can see some of the mods Jen's made. There are some great posts on Linden.

**And just as a funny bonus if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the other week a pretty funny predicament. I was meeting up with the girls for some knitting at a nearby Starbucks (and we swear we never discussed it beforehand) Jane and I showed up in literally the same outfit! Only difference was her sweatshirt is bought and mine was handmade (the Linden). Ummm...can we say great minds think alike? No wonder we're best We both have our Tolt Bags on, white cowls, same exact jeans, our blundstones...etc...I'm still laughing. Heck the staff at Starbucks was even making fun of us!

PATTERN: Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline

FABRIC: Sweatshirt Knit from local fabric shop (Cloth Castle)

SIZE MADE: Large graded out to XL in hips.


OUTFIT: Leggings (Stride Leggings from Aritzia), Socks (Joe Fresh), Tank (Old Navy), Mug (Tolt Yarn & Wool).

Have you made a Linden Sweatshirt yet? What fabric/color would you make yours in? Are you a homebody during the holidays too?