I love coffee and I love Gilmore Girls.

Put the two together and you have one of my favorite quotes. This is one is me in a nutshell. I need coffee to survive. Seriously. I just don't function without coffee. You all know I've been loving watching Gilmore Girls all over again now that it's on Netflix here in Canada and I've been binge watching for weeks. I have to confess it has upped my caffeine intake. Seeing them talk about coffee, drink coffee and talk about coffee more just makes me want more coffee.

Since we moved into our first house this past summer I've been slowly curating things for my new office. Once I heard Lorelai speak these lines (Season 4, Episode 20) I knew I needed it in a printable form so I could hang that bad boy up in my office. It makes me smile. I thought you all may like it too. So I've created a free printable for you (yay!) to sport too! Download your free copy at the bottom of the post.

I've had to slow down my GG watching since I'm in Season 5 now. I don't want it to end. I know I'm going to bawl like a baby. I know some of you will too when you reach the end. I may just start watching them all over again, you know....just to see what I missed for the 3rd time round and to freak my hubby out (he doesn't get my GG obsession). There can never be enough GG's in my opinion.

Alrighty....who else is a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan? Do you love Luke as much as I do (shhh...don't tell my hubby)? Are you a serious coffee addict? Enjoy the printable and come chat! I've missed you all over the xmas break! Pour guessed it....a cup of coffee and let's catch up!


~ Free Gilmore Girls Printable PDF

~ Free Gilmore Girls Printable JPG

~ Free Gilmore Girls Printable PNG (has transparent background so you cut put on any color background you would like) White Font / Black Font

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