It's time for this month's Making Ourselves! Our new monthly series focused on finding and creating more time to nurture and prioritize ourselves, our passions, hobbies & health. Be sure to follow along on social media & tag your own pics with #makingourselves!

When starting to write + plan the new series "Making Ourselves" for the blog I quickly realized how long it has really and truly been since I had prioritized some of my other hobbies and passions in life. I decided that it was time to carve out some special moments each week to allow myself a few indulgences.

Now the hobbies that may make you excited and happy could be totally different from mine and that's ok. This isn't about us having the same hobbies. It's about us all making the effort and taking the time to enjoy what hobbies make us truly happy. I'm lucky enough to get to have some of my hobbies that I love be my career. But aside from the obvious ones like knitting and sewing (photography, writing etc) I also love to draw. My background my whole life has always been art.

I was the kid in school who spent 80% of my school days in the art class and the dark room or knitting/sketching in the hallways. I would hole up in my bedroom and draw for hours. I love it. My favorite things have always been to draw the human form and portraits. I get captivated by gestures, movement and the nuances of a person. And now that my girls are both showing a huge interest in learning to sketch and draw realistically, I realized that my art supplies and I had been separated for way too long.

There was a time that I would actually draw out by hand my tutorial diagrams and also our buttons etc for our knit alongs. I even got a special tablet to start doing more artwork in illustrator etc. But then life happened and designing patterns and publishing left no time for the kind of art I've been missing. So I'm bringing it back. I'm slotting it in because I miss it and it's a part of me and who I am. I want to find time to draw and sketch again, as well as journal more.

I'm keeping my new supplies easily in reach and accessible. I really want to make it easy to slip in a few minutes here and there each week to do some sketching and drawing. I may even show you a few things along the way. So during the last few months I've treated myself to a few new supplies and boy has it felt good! They are listed below and all the pics are above.

Here are the current faves that I'm using....

/// DOANE PAPER - Grid + Lines

- I love these little Doane notebooks that combine graph paper and lined paper into one adorable notebook. Since I'm obsessed with having notebooks and journals around me wherever I am this one was a must have. I got a set of 3 for xmas from the wonderful shop Fringe Supply Co.


- One thing I love doing is sketching out new ideas for designs. I love figure drawing and when I spotted the Fashionary over on Fringe Supply Co. it was a no brainer for me. A book filled with tons of fashion info, and pages and pages of female figures for me to draw new outfits on? Yes please! Each of the pages for sketching your designs (and there are tons) feature 3 very faint female figures. It's tons of fun!


- I needed a new set of drawing pencils. Mine are ancient and will now be passed down to the kids art supplies. I asked around and so many people recommended the Blackwing from Palomino. Can we say swoon! Not only do these look so darn gorgeous they are fabulous to use as well! I ordered with mine the eraser refills as well as the special pencil sharpener. If you're in Canada like me I bought mine for a great price from an awesome shop called WonderPens located in Toronto. Highly recommend them.


- My business partner (Jane Richmond) and I are mechanical pencil users for a majority of our daily writing. This includes epic 6hr business meetings and more. So when you need a reliable and excellent mechanical pencil I knew it was time to get us some Japanese mechanical pencils. After hearing rave reviews from other designers about their amazing mechanical pencils I went on the hunt and spent wayyyyy too much time this past fall researching them. I even watched videos on them! I know...I have a Anyways, after hours of research and pricing out the best options I got Jane and myself the Uni Kurutoga Roulette and lead/eraser refills for Christmas. All I have to say is it writes as smooth as silk and it auto rotates it's own lead. Heaven in a pencil. We are happy ladies. 


- Seeing as I got pencils I knew I'd need some pens too. The ones I have already are Microns and I like them but mine were on their last legs and I only had 4. So off I went to Micheals with my 50% off coupon and brought myself a new set home. I've been using them non stop.

Aren't they pretty? I swear I did a silly happy jig when I got each one. I literally felt like a little kid. When I'm getting a bit stressed I just pull them out to look at them and I swear I feel better and calmer just knowing I'm working so hard this year to get myself back on track to a healthier life.

Next up on my list is to actually start using my drawing tablet more. It's time. I've had it for 2 years or so now and have only used it a handful of times. That's on my list to get going with in the next 2 months.

Overall sitting down and accessing what things in life I enjoy and that I'm not making time for anymore has been so helpful. It's also been eye opening. While the above things seem small to most it has been extremely exciting to be nurturing the hobbies and passions that I find fulfilling and creatively recharging to enjoy.


Now it's your turn! What are the hobbies that you'd love to find more time for again in your lives? What little things could you be doing to eek out 30mins a week to indulge in a fave passion? I'd so love to hear about it! Come chat and bring your friends too!

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