Something I'm very excited about is happening! I've waited a very long time to do this and I'm beyond thrilled to say we are FINALLY moving the blog over to my full website at!

The blog will be under construction from Sunday, March 15th through Monday, March 16th. We thank you for your patience during this time.

Lorelai Shawl Pattern   by Shannon Cook, Image © Betsy Jo Photography

Lorelai Shawl Pattern by Shannon Cook, Image © Betsy Jo Photography

Now you will find everything in one spot and the url - won't confuse you all anymore. Don't get me wrong, my days with luvinthemommyhood were so special and it was an amazing part of my life, but like all things, we grow, change and evolve. When we rebranded to Very Shannon a while a go I thought I would migrate right away but it was beyond my scope of technical knowledge. So I finally found someone I trusted to move the blog over so all your old links won't be messed up and things should hopefully run smoothly (fingers & toes triple crossed).

I'm very excited for the blog and hope you will all enjoy it as well! I've been so happy using Squarespace where my website is and I can't wait to be able to blog using it now as well. It allows me so much more freedom for formatting my posts and showing you guys more information and images in a fresh format.

If you haven't already visited me at please pop by and say hi! You can find our shop on there as well as lots of other fun pages such as well as all of our Knit Alongs, a Tips & Techniques page for them, FREE Tutorials, Roundups and more!

In the meantime happy making & creating and we'll be back soon!