Like any knitter I love my notions, supplies and bags. I can't resist adding to my stash of lovely supplies and when I heard the talented Pam Allen (of Quince & Co.) had started a new project -  TWIG & HORN, I just swooned! She's created a needlerarts accessories company based in Portland, Maine that strives to bring you the best tools for your craft sourced from the finest American Makers! So fresh & modern! I was beyond excited to get a chance to review their gorgeous Wool Project Tote and Wool Soap for you guys today!

Twig + Horn Review on
Twig + Horn Review on


First off let me just say that this bag is divine!!! Seriously. This tote makes both my knitter and sewer heart happy! Made of the prettiest wool (made in the USA), 100% cotton duck lining (finished in the USA) and American Bison Handles this handy tote can carry your small to big size knitting projects or any other pretties you want to put in it! It's also cut + sewn in Maine too!

"The Wool Project Tote is the utility bag for knitters and other needle crafters. Big and sturdy enough for your largest project, and even a grocery run, but not so big that your just-started sock gets lost."

The Wool Project Tote also features a utility pocket perfect for holding your scissors, markers & a small notebook handy as well as a needle pocket to keep your straights in! The size is great too! It measures 9.5" x 7.5" x 7.5" and is comfy to carry. The workmanship is spot on and the entire bag is very well-made. It would be one special gift under the xmas tree this year for any knitter! 

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Twig & Horn Product Review on
Twig + Horn Review on

TWIG & HORN WOOL SOAP with lanolin

The Twig & Horn Wool Soap is equally as fabulous! That scent........mmmmmmm! I love it! I have White Grapefruit and it's so refreshing! I really liked the idea of trying out something different than my normal wool wash so the idea that this is a bar of soap just piqued my curiosity even further! Such a fun idea to truly give your wool a bath ;) 

"Our Wool Soap Bar was built from the ground up, ingredient by ingredient, to naturally bring the most out of your wooden garments."

There are 4 soaps to choose from - Unscented, Rosewood, Lemongrass and White Grapefruit. Can we say delish?! Each bar is packed to the brim with the highest-grade lanolin for restoring and optimizing your wool garments. The Wool Soap is made with natural and gentle ingredients like jojoba, hemp seed & avocado oil, & organic essential oils (in scented only) that leave your items clean & refreshed! 

I recently used mine to block some fingerless mitts and I loved using it and was happy with the results!


How to wash your wool garments with Twig & Horn

Simply follow Twig & Horn's instructions on how to clean your hand knits with their wool soap:

Directions: Fill wash basin with 2-3" cold or lukewarm water, or enough to cover garment. Immerse garment. Lather your hands and gently squeeze the suds through your garment, or softly run the soap bar over its surface and work in gently. Add more soap as needed. Soak 15 minutes. Rinse lightly, if desired (rinse not necessary). Block. Dry. Enjoy. 

Have the liquid wool soap instead? 

Curious about how to use Twig & Horn wools liquid soaps? Check out there handy blog post showing you how to block your knit items with Twig & Horn products. 


1/ Wool Soap 2/ Gauge Ruler 3/ Notions Dish 4/ Stitch Markers 5/ Needle Vase

1/ Wool Soap 2/ Gauge Ruler 3/ Notions Dish 4/ Stitch Markers 5/ Needle Vase


Would you like to try some Twig & Horn? Pop on by their shop and get ready to treat yourself!!! You can find all things Twig & Horn on their website & follow them on Instagram! They've got new products in the works so I say this is one fab company to watch! I will definitely be a loyal customer!

Which Twig & Horn products have you tried? Which ones would you love to treat yourself too? I'm adding the Notions Dish and Gauge Ruler to my wishlist!