My apologies that it's been awfully quiet around here. The back that I've spent years trying to gain strength back in gave out on me after I caught a bad cough. One wrong cough and whoops - thar she went. Sprained joint.

I'm on the mend though. It's hard to sit though and that means no computer work for me (or sewing) - boo urns. I'm trying to remain optimistic though and look at the bright side. If I hadn't started exercising and being more healthy these last 3 mths my back would be way worse right now. I can walk, so I'm thankful for that and I'm super excited to get back to my work out routine. I'm missing it and so is my mind/body.

I hope to be back online next week but in the meantime cheer me up with what you've been busy making! I would love to hear about what you've got on the go - sewing, knitting, drawing - you name it, I want to hear and see it! Leave a comment below or tag your projects with #veryshannon online so I can see them.