I went on a bit of a sewing frenzy last week! With the warm weather starting here already I've been amping up my spring/summer handmade wardrobe! I recently made a new Linden sweatshirt, Wiksten tank and a pair of City Gym Shorts!



Throughout the year the Wiksten tank is by far one of my go to items in my wardrobe. The ones I have made previously are all literally worn out. I knew I needed to make at least 2-3 more to rotate throughout this year. It's such a great layering piece and goes with so many things.

I've made the Wiksten out of both wovens and knits and love both. I ordered some of Leah Duncan's new line Morning Walk from Art Gallery Fabrics in the print "Wispy Daybreak Aura" to make my Wiksten in. I'm really head over heels for this print. So gorgeous! I'm smitten with AGF knits so much! They are great to sew with and have the perfect amount of stretch recovery. I highly recommend them if you haven't tried them before.


I made this Wiksten off my old size, but since I've been exercising and eating right since Christmas this is a new wearable muslin in a smaller size (yay!). I need to do a small back adjustment next time just to take in the back gape a bit (and a slight front armhole gape) but other than that I'm pretty happy with the fit.  Have you made a Wiksten in knit yet?



Now, if you haven't made a Linden from Grainline Patterns before, I say go for it! This is the type of top you seriously just live in. They are soooo comfy & highly addictive!!! Super fast to sew and one of those projects that has a high rotation in your closet.


I first made a Linden a few months ago but had to drop a size down on this one too. So again, here's me with yet another wearable I need to make a few tweaks to the next one I do but even so I've hardly taken this one off.

I want to take in my raglan seam about 1/2". I've got really small shoulders/back compared to my bust/hip size and they are always causing me fit issues. I'm super happy with the fit everywhere else and even without the raglan seam adjustment it's still wearable. I adore the longer sleeve length on the Linden. You can adjust the sleeves with the pattern to your liking, Grainline patterns are wonderful for adjustments shown on the pattern pieces, but I'm a sucker for loooong sleeves. I like to tuck be able to tuck my hands in on my sleeves. It's weird, but I like it cozy y'all. I'm always cold.

This is also Art Gallery Knits. This print is from Bonnie Christine's line Winged and it's called "Flyaway Petalums Sky". The binding was made from some Girl Charlee stash I had kicking around. I really wanted to bind in the print I used but alas I didn't have enough fabric. I'm happy with the pretty pops of that light coral/pink hue though and glad I went with it. Have you made a Linden yet? Also don't miss Jen's new pattern out today - The Morris Blazer! I just bought one and cannot wait to sew it up!!!



The last item I made was the free pattern from The Purl Bee - the City Gym Shorts. I've seen these all over the web for ages and figured it was finally time to make some. Can we say fun? I really enjoyed making these and can definitely see myself making more in some different fabrics and also some for the girls too!


I plan to sew up some in knit, and hopefully in some lawn. I also would love to get some more atheltic type fabric and try them up in that as well for working out in. I'm also going to try out the Indie Sew tutorial for a better waistband HERE next time as well.

But for now I used one of my fave prints of the year from Carolyn Friedlander's new line DOE, called "Blue". I adore this line but this print has me crushing big time. I knew it would look fab with the Robert Kaufman Chambray I used for the trim, waistband and back of the shorts.

I made no mods to this when sewing and made the L/XL size. When I make another pair though I need to do some tweaks. I want to try lowering the waistband. I've got a really high waist so these hit me in a horrible spot. I also have small legs compared to my hip ratio so the legs are a tad too big on me. I think I'll take those in a bit as well. Overall though these are a fun sew and are a great addition to any summer closet

What have you all been sewing? Are you working on any new patterns for your spring/summer handmade wardrobe? 



Size Made/Modifications Made: Hybrid L/XL, made armhole slightly smaller.

Fabric Used: Wispy Daybreak Aura from Morning Walk by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics


Size Made/Modifications Made: Size 14, 1/2" extra taken in along raglan front seam lines.

Fabric Used: Flyaway Petalums Sky from Winged by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics


Size Made/Modifications Made: L/XL, no modifications.

Fabric Used: Blue from DOE by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman