It's here!!! It's our Summer Sweater Knit Along Kick-Off Day!!! Get those needles ready! It's time to join in and get knitting a lovely garment during the summer months so you can wear it just in time for the fall/winter! 

Our Summer Sweater Knit Along Homepage is live! So pop on over and read all the details, get signed up, get inspired and check out our homepage! It's best viewed on your desktop or laptop than a mobile device. It's pretty to look at it :) We've got our hashtag - #sskal15, our pinterest page, sponsors and more! I can't wait to start seeing all your swatches and WIP's come rolling in! 

The SSKAL thread is live in our Ravelry Group as well! This is where all the action is! Whether you just enjoy reading or want to jump feet first into the convo come join the fun! It's what makes the KAL so rewarding and special! There is a wonderful and fun loving community of knitters over there just waiting to meet you! 


I'm so thrilled to have Brooklyn Tweed back as our Official SSKAL Sponsor again this summer! Their yarn and patterns are some of my faves! There is something so special about knitting with the lovely fibres of Brooklyn Tweed. It's magical. I highly recommend this yarn for your SSKAL projects this summer. I couldn't resist sharing some pics of just a bit of my BT stash <3

Shelter (Worsted) and Loft (fingering) (shown below) are both yarns I have knit with and love. Brooklyn Tweed produces American yarns that preserve, support and sustain their belief in the tradition of U.S. textile production. 

Brooklyn Tweed yarns are spun in New Hampshire with the fleece of Wyoming-grown Targhee-Columbia sheep. Shelter and Loft are both fleece-dyed to achieve light and lofty yarns boasting 32 rich custom-blended heathers (their new colours are fabulous too!). These yarns give even the simplest fabrics depth and sophistication! They are truly a staple workhorse yarn to add to your stash and great for garment knitting.

If you haven't tried Shelter or Loft before I highly suggest using them for a garment you're looking to knit for this years Summer Sweater Knit Along. They are a joy to work with and will leave you with a treasured garment for years to come. You can see read/see some more about their yarns and our newest favourite patterns of theirs on our Summer Sweater Knit Along Home Page. (Above 2 images © Jared Flood)

You can read all about the Brooklyn Tweed Yarn Story HERE on their website.

Will you be joining in? What pattern/yarn are you using for this year's SSKAL? I can't wait to hear all about it!

This post is proudly sponsored by Brooklyn Tweed