Are you all ready for our SUMMER SWEATER KNIT ALONG STARRING YOU post? Wahoo! So sorry for the delay on this. As mentioned in my ravelry group my computer - aka the d*m# Sierra update - is wreaking havoc with my computer. I've had nothing but issues and it's caused a delay in all things computer related. But the post is up now and this is my fave part of the KAL! Getting to see all your awesome projects! It's inspiring and just makes me so darn happy! As usual you guys have made some amazing and stunning projects! 

Reindeer   knit by Mamatronic

Reindeer knit by Mamatronic

This year's SSKAL was filled with lots of variations of styles! I love when there is a good mix of everything and also varieties of colors being used! Some years one color will dominate but this year there was a solid mix of everything! I also noticed a fair amount of kids patterns this year! I love the cute pics you guys got of your wee knits!

Reindeer   knit by Mamatronic

Reindeer knit by Mamatronic

Scroll below to see some of the finished projects from our Summer Sweater Knit Along - starring you!!! I hope you enjoy it! 

I adore our knit along community and it fills my heart to see such a loving and fun group of knitters embrace each other, cheer each other on, learn/teach one another and overall just have a fun time!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to our moderators who help keep the KAL's running smoothly for me. They play such a big role in keeping our KAL's a success! So thank you to KCmomof2, Mamatronic, Trishknits, Fionafae, Ummashin, Mootastic1, & Sdurank. And of course thank you to all of YOU! Without you all we wouldn't have our knit alongs so thank you for continuing to knit along with me each and every year!

And we can't forget the Summer Sweater Knit Along Giveaway winners! Woot woot! You'll find those below!

And now here's.....YOU!

Bermondsey Cardigan   knit by dwj1978

Bermondsey Cardigan knit by dwj1978

#sskal16 starring you

1) Improv Sweater knit by DiannaWalla 2) Breckon knit by theaterkind 3) Market Cardigan knit by madgiddy 4) North Shore knit by SpiritTrail

#sskal16 blue collage

1) Silversmith Hoodie knit by KatColorado2 2) Antonine knit by KnitBugVal 3) White Pine knit by knitsandsews 4) Pink Memories knit by tatiealexe 5) Beacon Hill knit by Calliopesmom 6) Velma knit by Jentober

Silversmith Hoodie   knit by kaitlandros

Silversmith Hoodie knit by kaitlandros

1) Bray knit by Cdnknitchick 2) Orne Cardigan knit by tamtar 3) Flaum knit by tamtar 4) Knit by lovadia1 5) Knit by Class5Knits 6) Japan Sleeves knit by tatiealexe 7) Boothbay knit by yoTX 8) Light Rain knit by culabrat

1) Featherweight Cardigan knit by dominique69 2) Lush knit by Helenmalone 3) Oatmeal Pullover knit by jentober 4) Solace knit by DanaRae19 5) Sundottir knit by sewknittystar 6) Wolf River knit by theknitpicky

1) Keera knit by tatiealexe 2) Reine knit by vasiliasophia 3) Wispy Cardi knit by brynnebrew 4) West Coast Cardigan knit by Trishknits 5) Portulaca Cardigan knit by purls-and-lace

1) Knit by HalfCrystalline 2) Chimney Fire knit by sierrak2010 3) Wickerwork knit by SelfPreservation

#sskal16 baby and kids collage

1) Playdate knit by KatColorado2 2) Knit by Mettosaurus 3) Flax knit by Peanutshell 4) Sweetest Thing Cardigan knit by hipstamama 5) Gramps knit by sarahknitsalot 6) Boy Sweater knit by isavallee 7) Leksak knit by Knitsandsews 8) Knit by Mettosaurus 9) Chandail pour Eliane knit by dominique69


And these are just some of the many amazing projects that were completed in this year's SSKAL! You can see even more images in our hashtag #sskal and #sskal16 feed on Instagram and in our FO Thread for the SSKAL in our Ravelry Group! You can find all the SSKALL posts, instagram feed, helpful information and more on our Summer Sweater Knit Along Homepage!

Now, I know you're all dying to know about the winner's from the huge giveaway! Read below for the winner's of our sweet prize packages!!! A giant HUGE thank you again to all of our amazing and generous sponsors who spoil you guys! Make sure to show them some love! <3



WINNER: Dana Rav Id: dwj1978


WINNER: Norine Rav ID: Fivebahtelephant 


WINNER: Brittney Rav ID: brittneyel 

Congratulations ladies!!!!! Such great prizes!!!! I'll be in touch over the next few days to arrange your prize packages!!! 

Don't be sad the SSKAL16 is over! Stick around our Ravelry Group and join in some of the other threads we chat in and watch for something knit along related coming soon. Hint - it may have to do with tv ;) ;) 

What knit along's would you like to see in the next few months? We'd love to hear what fun themes you'd like to see! Let us know in the comments below!

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