Since I've started re-organizing my office and workspace (stash included) I also quickly realized my needles needed a much needed overhaul as well. I have two sets of interchangeable needles (Hiya Hiyas & Knit Picks Nickel Plated Interchangeables) and they were both in separate cases that weren't working and both overflowing. It was starting to get hard to find the right tips and cables and I knew I needed a new solution. Enter the brand new Knit Picks Interchangeable Case!

I really wanted to be able to store both of my sets of interchangeables in one case neatly and when I spotted the new case Knit Picks came out with I was sold! I honestly didn't realize how much it could fit until it arrived. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I could get in the case and how easy it was to keep both brands of my needles in the same case but still separated. 

Thanks to the middle divider section that holds your needles (it's double sided) I can keep my Hiya Hiya Tips on one side along with their coordinating accessories & cables in the zippered pocket facing it. Then on the opposite side of the divider I have my Knit Picks Nickel Plated Interchangeable tips and all of their accessories and cables in the zippered pocket facing them. Can I say woot woot!

Here's a peek of what the inside of the Knit Picks cases look like and the colours it's available in. I bought the black. I love that it's sleek and modern and I really like the outer material they used.

I'm still on the hunt to find a  place to store my oversized tips (10mm and larger) and my fixed circulars. I didn't want to overfill my new case so I'm still trying to decide how I'm going to keep all those bad boys under control as well. I asked on Instagram how you guys store your needles and there were some great ideas so I knew I had to ask you all on here as well. do you store your needles? What interchangeables do you use? How do you keep them organized? 

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