Over the last few months our first home underwent a kitchen reno. It's been a fun, sometimes stressful and very educational If you've ever renovated I'm sure you know what I mean. While l I haven't yet shared the finished renovation on the blog yet (I plan to in Sept) I have been having a wonderful time sourcing accessories & decor items for our main floor. So when I got an email from my awesomely talented and sweet friend Dana of MADE EVERYDAY to join in on her Boardwalk Delight fabric blog party I just knew I HAD to have the Eat It All print all over! I mean c'mon people - kitchen + black/white + eat it all = Shannon needs! Lol! So instead of going out and buying some of my fave style of potholders I decided to sew some up and share the FREE PATTERN for my POCKET POTHOLDERS with you too! 

Now we can all have adorable pocket potholders (my fave kind) and sew them up in all sorts of fun fabric combos! The options to style and customize these bad boys is endless! While I kept my print the same on both sides you could totally do the pockets one print and the main potholder in two other prints or solids or linen etc....and the binding...well you get to make that too! So add in some more fun! I get super excited just thinking about the next 5 sets I just must have! I hope you will have fun with them too! 

The fun thing about making items like these is they are fast to make, are great stash busters, make awesome gifts (for others or yourself), and are wonderful for practicing upping your sewing skill set with techniques like quilting and making bias binding (and sewing it on). I love gifting items like these or just freshening up a space with some custom made accessories. So don't be scared - they aren't hard and I promise you can totally rock out in your kitchen with these! My hubby loves them too! So don't think you have to go girly - you can totally do gender neutral like I did or go with more organic/nautural tones/fibers as well! 

Pocket Potholders Free Pattern by #pocketpotholders #free #sewing #pattern #potholders
Pocket Potholders Free Pattern by #pocketpotholders #free #sewing #pattern #potholders
Pocket Potholders Free Pattern by #pocketpotholders #free #sewing #pattern #potholders


You can get the FREE pattern for my POCKET POTHOLDERS below. It's a PDF so you can just download, print and go! Boom! Potholders in your kitchen! Yep - it's that easy! Woot woot! 


You can also find our POCKET POTHOLDERS PATTERN in our shop HERE. You can find all the info in regards to fabric requirements etc on that page as well. Feel free to download it there or above in this post. Totally up to you :) 


Here's important safety info about what you'll need to make the Pocket Potholders safely:

  • FABRIC. Please use only cotton, quilting cotton, linen or lightweight canvas. Do NOT use any synthetic fabrics like polyester etc as they can't be near the heat - they will melt. 
  • THERMAL BATTING. Please use at least one layer of thermal batting. This is super important! I don't want any of you burning yourselves! Regular batting is not the same as thermal batting like Insul-Bright. Thermal batting is heat resistant.
  • COTTON BATTING. Make sure you use only 100% cotton batting and not poly blend batting. Same thing as above - it will melt. And this layer of batting is to go along with the thermal batting. Do NOT use just cotton batting without the thermal batting. 
  • BIAS BINDING. Make sure to use only 100% cotton bias binding. This usually means making your binding yourself. Most pre-made packs of binding are made with polyester and poly blends and they will melt. Dana has a great tutorial here all about making your bias binding and I highly recommend it.

These are all very important things to follow if you are going to sew up potholders or any other kitchen accessory that will be used to touch hot items.


  • You can make one Pocket Potholder from a fat quarter.Two Pocket Potholders can be made from 1/2 yard of fabric. 
  • The finished Pocket Potholder measures 6.5" wide x 10" high and the pockets themselves measure 6.5" wide x 4.5" high. 
  • You will also need 1 piece of thermal batting and 1 piece of cotton batting measuring 6.5" wide x 10" high to make ONE pocket potholder. 
  • To make ONE Pocket Potholder you will also need to make your own bias binding. One potholder requires 2 1/2" x 44" long strip of cotton bias binding. Do not use synthetic fiber for your bias binding or it will melt.

Pocket Potholders Free Pattern by #pocketpotholders #free #sewing #pattern #potholders
Pocket Potholders Free Pattern by #pocketpotholders #free #sewing #pattern #potholders


I have to share a special congrats to Dana and tell you a wee story. So Dana, of Made Everyday, is one of my longest blogging pals. She is one of the first bloggers I ever became friends with when I started blogging almost 9 years ago (I cannot believe it's been that long - where has time gone??!). She's been a HUGE source of inspiration to me, she always makes me laugh and she is beyond talented! 

So when I finally got to meet Dana in person last summer can I just say I just about passed out from excitement. I mean she's DANA! She's got her own youtube channel for gosh sake! She's uber talented, gorgeous, a great momma/wife and is beyond hilarious. So just getting to hang with her over lunch was a definite "pinch me now" moment for me. It felt surreal. One of the most fun parts of our lunch was getting to hear Dana talk about how she'd LOVE to have a fabric line! So it's been especially fabulous to see my every deserving friend do jus that! I love seeing people go after their dreams/goals and make them a reality! I'm so proud of you sweetie and you did AMAZING!

Her new line - Boardwalk Delight - is out now from one of my fave companies - Art Gallery Fabrics! And you guys know how much I love AGF! Such a great place for Dana! Her fun, bold and bright prints will be so at home with AGF! 

Thank you so much for having me be a part of the Boardwalk Delight Blog Party Dana!!! I love the fabrics and my new potholders :) 

To follow along with the rest of the tour check out Dana's website - MADE EVERYDAY, and on social media with hashtag #boardwalkdelightblogparty

These prints are all so fun and I've got more kitchen goodies planned so stay tuned! Oven mitts may be in the near future!

What have you been sewing lately? Do you love potholders as much as I do? Isn't adding new custom accessories to your space so fun!!! I hope you enjoy the Pocket Potholders Pattern!