I've got a special giveaway for you all today! Why is it special you may ask? It's special because I love nothing more than seeing a talented and sweet friend make a dream come true! Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts , had a goal last year and she went after it! She set out to create an eco-friendly, organic, WASHABLE wool and boy did she hit a home run! At the end of June she launched her newest yarn - PureWash. I'm so proud of her and her accomplishment that I thought it would be fun to celebrate it's launch during the SSKAL with a giveaway! 

Tanis Fiber Arts PureWash Yarn Giveaway on #sskal16

When Tanis first told me about TFA PureWash I was beyond excited and thrilled. There is most definitely a need for this type of yarn on the market and I was extremely excited to watch Tanis make it happen. PureWash is beyond fabulous! The squish factor, bounce and colors are amazing! I also really love the feel of this new base! It's like Tanis says - it's soft yet wooly at the same time. So lovely! You can see a pic of my fave TFA colorway - Frost - in the new worsted base below! I'm happily swatching away with these two lovelies as I write this! So smitten.

I also really love knowing the what/where/who of the fibers I work with. There's something so magical in knowing the special story behind a particular yarn + fiber. It's important to me personally to try to know how a yarn is made and where it comes from. I love that I can then continue to tell it's story and transform it by the shape it takes after I knit with it. I really enjoy this process and find a deeper connection within my design process and the knits that come from them. 

If you're interested in learning more about why these types of yarns are so important you can read a great post on Woolful HERE that discusses this with some links at the bottom of the post. There is also a great sequel post HERE with more detail. Tanis also shares the link to this post in her blog post about PureWash.

Tanis Fiber Arts PureWash Worsted on

I thought you all may have some questions about TFA PureWash as well so here's some info below all about what makes PureWash so special :)

TANIS FIBER ARTS PUREWASH - Organic, Eco-Friendly & Washable!

Tanis Fiber Arts PureWash Giveaway on #sskal16

What makes Tanis Fiber Arts PureWash so special? 

"The fiber is sourced from organic farmers and is then treated with a GOTS certified organic process to make it washable without coating it in chemicals and polymers. PureWash is then spun into a "beautifully soft, bouncy and wooly worsted and DK weight yarn" by a company local to them.

How does PureWash differ from what's on the market?

"The yarn differs from other superwash yarns on the market in a few ways. First off there is the obvious environmental difference that I've already discussed, but secondly the feel and hand of the yarn is much truer to it's origins than the smooth and shiny superwash yarns we've become accustomed to. And let me just put this out there, I love knitting with our superwash yarns! This is not to knock other yarns, but there is no way to explain the difference between our TFA PureWash line and most other superwash yarns available on the market today without, well, highlighting the differences! Because the Hercosett 125 process essentially coats the merino fibers in a polymer coating in order to prevent felting during washing the resulting yarn has a very smooth and shiny finish. Because our PureWash yarns are not coated in this way but are gently treated in a descaling process they retain their incredibly soft sheepy-ness. And in case you're worried about softness, because sometimes sheepy-ness or wooly-ness can be confused with scratchy-ness or roughness, let me assure you, these yarns are incredibly soft. I would even go as far as to say that they are softer than what I'm used to."

Is PureWash still great for using for hand knits for babies & children?

"Our line of PureWash yarns are obvious choices for baby and kid knits - because who doesn't want the most gentle, pure and washable(!) option out there when knitting for kiddos? - they are equally ideal for larger adult garments because the merino retains it's loftiness and lightness since it isn't weighed down by a polymer coating. One comment I often hear about superwash yarns is that they have a tendency to stretch and grow, sometimes uncontrollably, during blocking. Our PureWash yarns retain their merino memory and your knitting will bounce back to it's original shape and won't be as weighed down." 

What are TFA PureWash yarns made from?

Here's what Tanis had to say....."TFA PureWash yarns are made from the softest organic merino which has been gently treated with a GOTS certified process to allow the fibers to be machine washable. Spun to our custom specifications by a local-to-us company and then dyed lovingly by us at TFA. Truly a labour of love!" 

Where and when can you find PureWash?

Tanis will be adding these yarns to her permanent collection on her website by late fall. She also has plans to expand the PureWash line to include other bases in the future. In the meantime you can find the PureWash yarns exclusively available in Etsy Updates. To stay update and be notified when Tanis updates her Etsy shop feel free to sign up for her free newsletter HERE.

You can read more about Tanis's process and the inspiration behind PureWash on her blog HERE

Are you all ready to find out what you can win and hot to enter? Yay! Good luck! All the details are below!


HOW TO ENTER - Prize #1

To enter to win Prize #1 (shown on the right) simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below. 

The winner of Prize #1 will receive 2 skeins of TFA PureWash DK in Bisou! 

Prize #1 - TFA PureWash DK in Bisou

Prize #1 - TFA PureWash DK in Bisou

Prize #2 - TFA PureWash DK in colorway Hummingbird

Prize #2 - TFA PureWash DK in colorway Hummingbird

HOW TO ENTER - Prize #2

To enter to win Prize #2 head on over to my VeryShannon Instagram profile HERE and enter to win! 

Instructions on how to enter on Instagram are given on that IG post.

The winner will receive 2 skeins of TFA PureWash DK in Hummingbird!

Giveaway for Prize #2 open until Monday, August 15th, midnight PST. 

Good luck to all who entered and a huge thank you to Tanis for being so inspiring and creating such an important yarn and also for her generous prize! All the feels m'dear <3 xoxo

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