It's Tolt Icelandic Wool Month and I'm super excited! Ever since I missed out on last year's I knew I was going to do my best to join in for 2017! Knitting with Icelandic Wool and making a sweater a lopapeysa has been on my to do list for eons so I'm super excited to make that happen this year! 

Skógafjall by Dianna Walla

SKOGAFJALL by Dianna Walla

I'll be knitting my first Lopapeysa and making Dianna Walla's stunning pattern for Tolt Yarn & Wool (one of my fave knitting shops) - the Skogafjall. As soon as I first set eyes on this gorgeous sweater I knew I needed it! I fell head over heels for those trees on the yoke. So perfect! Dianna always has such a good eye and is one of my favourite designers. 


I've been stuck for a week or so toying with color ideas for my yarn. I'll be knitting my Skogafjall with Istex Lettlopi. I originally bought this palette to make a Riddari of my own (4 color palette) but had to put that aside and cast on the Skogafjall immediately instead. So I've now got to get my palette down to 3 colors instead of 4. The only color I "have" to use is the light brown/beige/grey tone. It's the body of the sweater. Which palette is your favourite? 

I cast on my sweater over the weekend and am just over 1/2 way done my first sleeve. I'm leaning towards doing the sweater in combo 2 - which is the one without the mustard. I adore the mustard but find myself drawn to the neutrals since I know I will wear them the most with my current wardrobe. But you never know....once I get to the yoke I may change my

What about you? Are you joining along with Icelandic Wool Month? Which pattern/yarn are you using?