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If you've read my blog or follow me on social media you know I love books. And by love - I mean loooooove. I truly enjoy holding a book in my hands and slowly savouring and relishing in each page. I'm a total bookworm and will happily always be that way. Even though I'm a knitwear designer I still grab any chance to read. Whether it be while knitting or after hours, I've always got at least a few books on the go ranging from fiction to health/nonfiction. You know that feeling you get when reading a fiction book you're beyond excited to dive into? It's sooo good right? Well, I also get that feeling when I find fabulous knitting books. What's even better is when that fabulous knitting book is written by your equally as fabulous friend.

Before I get into the nitty gritty about Alterknit Stitch Dictionary (which is freaking fantastic by the way) I cannot help but gush over Andrea Rangel. She's a dear friend of mine whom I've gotten to know the last few years. I'm constantly and continually amazed by her kindness, talents, skills and overall zest for life. She's been such a huge support to me and I've just so gosh darn proud of her and this book. As soon as Andrea showed me a proof one of the first things I said was "bestseller"...and true to that Alterknit is just that - a bestseller. Andrea has a gift for explaining and teaching techniques and methods with such grace and patience. Aside from buying her awesome books (she also authored Rugged Knits) I highly recommend taking a class from her in person. She's truly one of those special people who touches your life and exudes joy. I love her dearly and I think her husband Sean (he did all the charts etc) and her did an amazing and spectacular job with Alterknit. I mean c'mon....she seriously hand knit each and every swatch you see in this must have stitch dictionary! Andrea - thank you for being you and for being my friend. Love ya girl. 

Now....enough of my gushing...I  know...I guys want to hear about the giveaway and the book right? Lol! 

"These non-traditional colorwork charts are perfect for the creative knitter looking to break away from the ordinary. Derived from graphic design elements, these fresh motifs include everything from geometric mountains, waves, and spirals to modern bikes, skulls and sheep."

Alterknit Stitch Dictionary "takes an unexpected look at stranded colorwork with 200 new motifs!" This beautiful hardcover stitch dictionary is truly a must have for every knitter's bookshelf. Filled to the brim with fun motifs that range from geometrics to the unexpected - every knitter is sure to find joy out of this wonderful knitting book! Along with the refreshing motifs are 5 stunning projects as well as chapters/instructions on how to use motifs in projects as well as how to do colorwork and topics like steeking, color dominance, swatching, charts and more!.

Andrea Rangel has put together a book that elevates a stitch dictionary to new heights and makes it fresh and fun again! I highly recommend this book for any fans of colorwork or those looking to jump in and get learning! 


Knitters who love colorwork or who are interested in learning a new technique/skill and having fun while doing it.


You It's that good.


Aside from the fabulous motifs in it, I like the chapters Andrea provides on colorwork, color dominance, steeking and a range of other helpful techniques and topics. She makes what can be intimidating skills to knitters seem approachable and doable. 

Alterknit #alterknitstitchdictionary


Head on over to our Instagram page HERE to enter to win a copy of your own! Giveaway is open until Dec. 8, 2017, midnight, PST. 

Good luck friends! I hope if you decide to purchase Alterknit you love it as much as I do! 

Andrea Rangel is a knitwear designer and teacher. She's the author of Rugged Knits (Interweave), and her patterns have been published in Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Brooklyn Tweed Wool People, Twist Collective, and other publications, as well as independently. She lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

You can find more about Andrea on her website here: