Our Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along deadline is just around the corner which  means it's time for our vote for an extension to the deadline! It's where you get to choose if you'd like another week or so to finish up your garment!

There have been so many gorgeous WIP's and FO's and the chat thread has been alive with games and friendly chatter - I love it! We really want to encourage you in a non-stressful way to successfully finish and photograph (remember we may show off your pic on our Starring You Post) your finished item.  

Feel free to cast your vote in the poll for the deadline you'd prefer. I'll let you all know the results this Friday :) 

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Deadline You'd Prefer *
Please choose the deadline you'd like for the for this year's Tops, Tanks & Tees KAL.

Thank you all for knitting along with me! Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun giveaway! 

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