It's here!!! Wahoo! It's time for Starring YOU - the post that shows off some of the projects from our Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along!!!! Even though, being complete honesty here, this post takes me eons to put together - I LOVE it! It brings me so much joy to go through and see all of your finished projects and all the lovely garments you now have to wear! I love seeing what patterns you choose, the colors that are most popular for the season and just how darn lovely you all look! So thank you for knitting along with me each and every year and for being such a supportive, caring and kind community! I'm so proud to have you all a part of our Tops, Tanks & Tees KAL!

Deschain   knit by dearemmarae

Deschain knit by dearemmarae


I adore our knit along community and it fills my heart to see such a loving and fun group of knitters embrace each other, cheer each other on, learn/teach one another and overall just have a fun time!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to our moderators who help keep the KAL's running smoothly for me. They play such a big role in keeping our KAL's a success! And of course thank you to all of YOU! Without you all we wouldn't have our knit alongs so thank you for continuing to knit along with me each and every year!


Dying to know who won the TTTKAL Giveaway? Scroll to bottom of the post and you'll see the lucky winners! Yay!

And now here's.....YOU!

Sparkle Up   knit by theknitpicky

Sparkle Up knit by theknitpicky

Starring You #tttkal17

1. Sous Sous knit by dearemmarae 2. Construction Zone knit by culabrat 3. Camaro knit by melissah3 4. Gilead knit by babaghanoush26 5. Lycka knit by serafinapekkala


Starring You #tttkal17

1. Red Clay Top knit by knitting-nene 2. Elfe knit by sewknittystar 3. Cancun Boxy Lace Top knit by 9crafty11 4. Sunrise Cardi knit by nben46 5. Waterrock knit by mamatronic 6. Alana knit by maplethedog 7. Pippa knit by IceBebe 8. Parachutey knit by craftycavy

Starring You #tttkal17

1. Andromeda knit by neben46 2. April knit by nestknitting 3. Sleeveless Slipover knit by sklinn 4. Edie knit by Egarnier 5. Aster knit by ninafer 6. Brandilyn Top knit by kikukat 7. Deschain knit by ebbandsew 8. Leigh Tee knit by Quiet-Zone 

Donner ,  Merrifield   and   Perkins Cove   all knit by Cinciknitti

DonnerMerrifield and Perkins Cove all knit by Cinciknitti

Starring You #tttkal17

1. Mae knit by DanaRae19 2. Etty knit by qtpieknitter 3. Equinox knit by yoTx 4. Avana knit by yoTx 5. Sunshine Coast knit by lmport 6. Kinton knit by mamatronic 7. Linum Tee knit by HeatherF14

Starring You #tttkal17

1. Pasture knit by CatReading 2. Shoals Tank knit by Chberkom

Starring You #tttkal17
Starring You #ttkal17

1. Eventide Cardi knit by woolercoaster 2. Drift knit by katriddell 3. Dubro knit by gcucinotti 4. So Faded Pint Sized knit by SamanthaCCaseres 5. Sebago Cove knit by kayler41 6. Wee Jacob knit by dearemmarae


And these are just some of the many amazing projects that were completed in this year's TTTKAL! You can see even more images in our hashtag #ttkal and #tttkal17 feed on Instagram and in our FO Thread for the TTTKAL in our Ravelry Group! You can find all the TTTKALL posts, instagram feed, helpful information and more on our Tops, Tanks & Tees KAL Homepage!

Now, I know you're all dying to know about the winner's from the huge giveaway! Read below for the winner's of our sweet prize packages!!! A giant HUGE thank you again to all of our amazing and generous sponsors who spoil you guys! Make sure to show them some love! <3


WINNER: Jessika Rav ID: greyowlcreates


WINNER: Kate Rav ID: katereynolds


WINNER: Jessica Rav ID: gardenstitch

Congratulations ladies! Such amazing prize packages! I'll be in touch near the end of the week to arrange your prize packages! This momma is taking a few days off first ;) 

Sad the KAL is over? Don't fret - our biggest KAL of the year - Summer Sweater - is staring up near the end of next month so get ready! Yay!!!! 

Thanks for knitting along with me!