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This shawl is meant to soothe your soul. Designed during a time in my life that I needed to have courage, it’s a project that you can get lost in, but also express your emotions and personality through. The mosaic knitting technique creates a gorgeous pattern while still letting your mind relax, so whether it’s knit during your happiest or most challenging time, Courage will bring you solace and joy. Choose colors that inspire you, and wear this shawl bravely as a symbol of your own personal journey.

COURAGE is knit using two solids and one multi-color worsted yarn, this triangular shawl is worked top down using mosaic knitting. Courage is comprised of all knit and purl stitches and uses only one color per row, creating a stunning colorwork effect that’s much easier than it looks. Play with your palette! Whether you go bold or use neutrals, be you. 

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Curly haired woman wearing multi coloured mosaic knit triangular shawl on boulder in front of ocean in various poses.


Exhale FEAR

I’ve thought a lot the last few weeks about what I wanted to write to explain how therapeutic designing and knitting this shawl has been for me but the right words have continued to elude me. I’ve now started to think that maybe that’s ok and that maybe not all things need to be fully explained. Maybe it’s ok to just keep those emotions and feelings what they are - private. But as a person who loves to write and also to share the meaning behind my creative design process I found this hard so I’ve tried to share a bit - instead of all - about the process and meaning behind the Courage shawl. A happy medium so to speak. A balance.

I designed Courage over the end of December and early January and honestly, this shawl is one of my most favourite designs I’ve ever worked on. I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute and stitch. I bared my soul to the stitches in this one. Whispered to it my secrets, knit away some of my anxiety and fears, told it stories of both my hurt & loneliness, and also my joy & happiness. I didn’t plan this one - I just let it become what the yarn/stitches and my heart wanted it to. It was creative therapy & so freeing to me and I love this shawl more than I can type. It truly helped me to put myself out there and mend some issues that I’ve been struggling with in my life privately. I will always hold it near to my heart and see both my bravery and my vulnerability in it. It was the most fun I’ve had designing in years and I truly hope you’ll all love this one as much as I do. 

Be you, Bravely.”

2019 has not been what I thought it would be but that’s also not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes things happen to force you to make a change, swerve in another direction, grow and keep on learning. Doing these things can be damn frightening, hard and exhausting. I’ve been working on a lot of things behind the scenes that I’ve been putting off for years. Taking care of myself being one of them. Both mentally and physically. I had already started the physical part years ago - prioritizing exercise and healthy eating etc. but the mental health - not so much. It’s scary and anxiety inducing when you realize enough is enough and you need to find the courage to ask for help. Things finally caught up to me. This shawl though….it helped sparked a bravery within me. It lit up the drive to finally start on the journey to find my way back to myself again.

 2019 Commercial

“Real courage is being afraid but doing it anyway.” Oprah Winfrey

My hope is that no matter what is going on in your life that you find this shawl a way to both rest and stimulate your mind. A conundrum that I find weirdly helpful and a way to escape and heal within. Know that you are never alone and let the stitches comfort your soul. I cannot wait to see your Courage colour palettes and hear your stories if Courage resonates with you as well. Feel free to share on social media with #courageshawl or to send me an email anytime at

 2019 Commercial
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Thank you so much for your support and I hope this shawl brings you solace and joy to your life.

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