FRANKIE coming soon!

This is what's on my desk right now. I'd show you the rest but then I'd be ruining some upcoming surprises...hehe.

I've been working so hard on getting FRANKIE ready for testing and out for release. I love this little dress so much and there are so many options/variations I think you guys will all dig it too. I'm sewing up the last draft this weekend and will hopefully have a call for testers out soon...very soon (fingers crossed). FRANKIE will be available in sizes 2T - 10. I've been staying up late and working so hard to get this fun dress ready for you all!

For those of you who live in BC in Canada who have kiddos I'm sure you are all struggling to find balance at an unexpected time. We've had a teacher strike ongoing here throughout most of June and it cut our kids school year short with no final report cards either. I'm so thankful that I work full time from home so I could switch my schedule to work more evenings right now since I've got both kids home from school way earlier than expected. Needless to say it's delayed some of my time lines but that's life right?

We've been trying to keep busy with fun activities, sunshine, and lots of playing! I think this has been my fave summer with them so far if you minus the I think it's the age. The kids are 7 and 4 now and going to the playground allows mom a bit more time to sit and knit while they play. I picked up a funky new picnic blanket and have been happily lounging while watching the kiddos play. And if you've been reading this blog for a long time you know how much I hate the playground. (Don't judge It's a huge statement coming from me that I've actually enjoyed the last few outings I've had with the kids at the park.

Kids Crafts - Summer Fun Calendar //

Our budget doesn't allow for me to put the kids in summer camps so we have to be creative and come up with ideas to keep busy on our own. We decided to do the same activity we did last summer that we enjoyed so much! You can find the link HERE for our Summer Fun Calendar Craft. We plan on making ours today for July. I can't wait to hear what ideas the kids have for each days activities. It's hilarious the things their little minds come up with and the drawings they do to accompany them. It's definitely a hit in our house!

What are some of your favorite things to do with the kids in the summer? What have you been busy making and creating this week? I hope you all have a wonderful and sunshine filled weekend!


I've got some fun new books to show you all today! You ready to get making?

I love books and I love adding new ones to my collection. I also enjoy sharing them here and reviewing some of my faves for you all! I've decided it would be fun to keep a new series running on the blog called "books on the table". I've done a few now and have enjoyed them as I hope you all do too.

Today I've got some good ones! Not all sewing either which I think is fun! The current books on my table are:

MAKE YOUR MARK by Lark Books
NEVER BEEN STITCHED by Amanda Carestio

For the reviews & to see more pics keep reading!

Make Your Mark: Creative Ideas using Markers, Paint Pens, Bleach Pens & More is so fun! Seriously! I adore this book! And it comes with a pen!!!! The projects in it are all great fun! My favorite ones are the modern and geometric ones for dishware and more! I can't wait to try this out! It's right up my alley and something I've been wanting to try for a long time!

The book has clear pictures, great instructions and includes 50+ templates as well! If this is something you've been wanting to try I highly recommend Make Your Mark!

Next up is Never Been Stitched: 45 No-Sew & Lo-Sew Projects by Amanda Carestio! This book is filled with projects that are easy to make, involve little or no sewing and range from accessories to clothing & toys! If you are new to sewing or looking to try your hand at it you may find some fun projects in Never Been Stitched!

Sew Quick Sew Cute by Fiona Goble is filled with projects just perfect for any project you're craving! They are all quick sews and like the book says - cute! I really love the wide range of projects included in this book and can see myself sewing up more than a few of them! How cute are those underwear drawer sachets below! Adorable!

Also, don't forget to check out Fabric Blooms: 42 Flowers to Make, Wear & Adorn Your Life by Megan Hunt! A pretty book filled with instructions on how to make blooms with lovely fabrics, felt and using stitched embellishments.

Which books are you currently reading? Do you have any new faves you added to your collection? I'd love to hear about them!


~ video by the talented Dave Cooper ~

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Have you got a copy of Handmade Winter yet? What have you made from it? What would you make first? Let's all get making together!