I've got a thing for triangles at the moment.  They have seemed to occupy my mind since my zig zag quilt. In the fall i started sketching a hat that had triangles on it. But not any kind of triangle...some that resembled hst's.  Then the DREIECKE hat was born. I really love that I am inspired by sewing in my knitting and inspired by my knitting in my sewing.  They seem to go hand in hand like that...must be the gemini in me.

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I've got a new knitting pattern out for you all today! I'm so in love with this one you guys and guess what? That's's a freebie!!!  In honor of some special news I've got to share and a new yarn I've been crushing on, the YARNSTER hat is here!!! 


Named & designed after my sweet friend arika, the YARNSTER hat is your new go to slouch hat!  Featuring a lovely openwork mesh stitch, the YARNSTER shows off the gorgeous, subtle colorways of that fave yarn you're crushing on! 

Made with malabrigo's new yarn - rastita, a super soft, slightly felted, dk weight with tons of yardage (you could maybe squeeze out 2 of these from 1 skein if you unravel your gauge swatch) this hat is comfy, stylish and fun to wear.  It's also a quick knit which makes it a lovely gift for that special person in your life or as a special treat for yourself. it makes a great beginner/intermediate pattern for those of you who are looking to learn how to increase/decrease throughout a pattern and to knit in the round.


:: clear and easy to understand step by step instructions

:: bright & colorful photography

:: 1 page color PDF pattern

::  a great knitting experience

Yarnster is available for FREE at the following:


I hope you guys like it as much as I do! So you all ready to hear my special news? Yay! But wait...oops, you're going to have to wait till tomorrow!!! Hehe....thought I would tease ya just a little bit.  I can give you a hint'll see a bit of it & a big hint if you download the pattern for YARNSTER.


Special thanks to my gorgeous sister Camille for modelling for me!  Isn't she stunning? Have you tried rastita yet?  Isn't it fab! Do you have a fave yarn that would work perfect for the YARNSTER?  Do you love slouch hats as much as I do? I swear I wear a hat almost everyday. I'm definitely addicted :)

Get those needles revved up, grab some coffee, put on a good movie and let's get knitting! Come chat!


To say I love this hat is an understatement.  Since the night I whipped the Hannah Hat up it's been on my head non-stop.  Made from the scrumptious and lovely malabrigo rasta this hat is warm, cozy and sooooo soft and chunky! It's a dream to knit and wear. Living in a coastal city we are always getting wind storms and this hat keeps my ears and head warm while still being cute and stylish.


This yarn has a special spot in my heart.  Gifted to me last xmas from my dear friend Hannah (ummashin) the color is one of my faves.  I fell so in love with this yarn that I have held on to it for a full year until i found the perfect project for it.  So to say a lovely thank you to one of the most lovely people i have met online i have named this hat for hannah.  I hope she likes it as much as I do.


Quick and easy hannah knits up in one night.  a few hours and bam - you've got yourself a lovely new accessory.  Knit on a US12/9mm it works up fast and it's simple to customize to your desired slouch/length.  and helloo....that pom pom just melts my heart.  Love it.  Pom poms and I have had a love/hate relationship because I can never seem to make a good one but I have broken my curse (I like to use my pal jane richmond's pom pom tutorial). 

Making pom poms with rasta is actually fun! I love the added touch of fun the pom pom adds to this hat. I also love the coziness the 2x2 rib that goes to mid crown adds to keep your ears warm.  That extra bit of depth just feels so right on the part of my head that gets the coldest while waiting for school pick up. 

Best part is hannah only takes (1) skein of malabrigo rasta! Plus the pattern is only $1.99!!! That's it - time to treat yourself! Just remember that if you alter the pattern or choose to NOT unravel your gauge swatch you will need another skein to be able to finish the hat and the pom pom.  I seriously used every last inch of my skein. There were no leftovers..not even one 



:: clear and easy to understand step by step instructions

:: bright & colorful photography

:: 2 page color PDF pattern

::  a great knitting experience

The Hannah Hat Pattern is available for purchase at the following:

  1. ravelry
  2. Etsy
  3. Very Shannon Shop

If you make a hannah please let me know and share your pics! I love to see the projects you guys make. Feel free to add any pics to our flickr groupand also our ravelry group.

I hope you enjoy hannah as much as I do!  It's a great beginner pattern to practice knitting in the round and making pom poms :)  Happy knitting from my home to yours!  

p.s. To all you sewers...don't worry, I promise there will be sewing goodies coming soon too!  


It gets pretty darn windy where I live.  Wind storms blow regularly and I swear it chills me to the bone.  It also rains a lot so being a coastal gal we dress in layers and we love our accessories.  Since my oldest started kindergarten I do a lot of standing around outside for pick up and drop off.  Most of the time I curse the fact that I don't have a hood.  Sometimes I like to wear my fave leather jacket with a yummy cowl and then wouldn't you know it - bye bye sun, hello rain.  There goes mommas hair. 


Being a bit of a scattered mom at times (aren't we all here and there) I never seem to have an umbrella and I find myself longing for a hooded cowl.  It would solve all my issues.  Be quick to make, suit many different weights of yarn, be warm, squishy and look great with all my layers :)  Best of all it keeps my hair in tact and my ears toasty.  Bring it on mother nature.


Knit up in delicious madelinetosh chunky yarn in colorway tern (love) on a big needle this is a quick 1-2 kind of evening project.

camille is a cozy & oh so comfy hooded double wrap infinity cowl knit in a lofty oblique rib pattern with warm chunky yarn.  It also would look equally lovely in a super bulky, aran, or worsted.  Quick to knit, with a fun construction this cowl involves no picking up of stitches. Camille is knit in the round and knit flat with a simple seamed hood.

The Camille Cowl Pattern Features:

:: clear and easy to understand step by step instructions

:: bright & colorful photography

:: 2 page color PDF pattern

:: digitally drafted diagram

::  a great knitting experience

The Camille Cowl Pattern is available for purchase at the following:





One of my fave features of camille is that you never get cold back neck syndrome.  With the hood feature and the double wrap cowl your neck is always fully covered no matter if the hood is down or up.  I always get that draft between my cowl and top and this cowl keeps me nice and toasty. 

The pattern is easy to memorize and is a fun project to pop in your purse and carry with you.  It also makes a wonderful gift because it's a) awesome b) fast to knit up and c) a great project to splurge on some dream yarn without breaking the bank.  I can see many more camille's in my future. 


Named after my sister Camille who loves a hood as much as i do (which is a lot). We just love to curl up all cozy with a nice warm hood. Camille is also a good project for an experienced beginner who is looking to take on a project that's more difficult than a basic cowl but also still fun for an advanced knitter to whip up with some dream yarn.

I hope you all enjoy making and wearing this fun, squishy cowl as much as i do.  happy knitting from my home to yours!

I'd love to hear your thoughts! What do you think? Have you worn a hooded cowl before?  Let's chat yummy knits ladies!  

p.s. Thanks in advance to the lovely jane richmond for modeling for me! luv ya hun!


The COMMUTER COWL pattern is here!!!!! You guys I am so excited!!!! This cowl has been in the works for a while now and it's very close to my heart.  After releasing the twisted slouch hat tutorial I just knew the next item in my little sketchbook of goodies had to be my first sewing pattern.  

The drawings in this sketchbook all have one thing in common...a theme inspired by the leafless and twisted trees that form a halo around our island city.  They always remind me of knitted cables (which I adore) and I really have been enjoying the idea of manipulating and altering the construction of fabrics and thinking of new ways to twist, knot and move fabric to change it's appearance all while keeping it simple in it's sewing but fun on construction.  I hope you all enjoy it as well.


: : digitally drafted & professionally designed tutorial

: : 12 page full color pdf pattern complete with clear & easy to understand step by step instructions with bright photos and digitally drafted diagrams

: : instructions for a professionally finished accessory featuring 2 ways & 2 sizes to make/wear your cowl

: : fabric requirements, notions, and sewing tips/glossary to ensure a great finished product

: : a fun sewing experience :)

The Commuter Cowl Pattern is available for purchase at the following:




The Commuter Cowl Pattern can be worn 2 ways and sewn in 2 different sizes.

the commuter cowl pattern is a stylish, lightweight and versatile cowl that is fun in construction and high on style! This is a great project for beginners to advanced sewers & is made all in one piece from ½ of a yard or 3/4 of a yard of fabric with little waste leftover. 

Show off your fave print and add some flair to any outfit throughout the whole year. The idea of movement inspired from the fabric line used paired with the knots reminiscent of the leafless branches of the tress on the island I live helped to create what is now the commuter cowl.

In the commuter cowl pattern you will find clear photographs throughout this sewing tutorial as well as easy to read instructions to help make sewing the commuter cowl an enjoyable & fun experience.  So grab your fave fabric crush and come sew along with me!  


Made from a 1/2 yard, worn as a necklace style cowl (top) or as a more structural cowl (middle).


Made out of 3/4 of a yard of fabric that can also be worn 2 ways as shown above.  The 3/4 yard cowl gives you an extra dose of loft, pouf, and the movement that's reminiscent of a knit cowl.  

Besides our lovely winter tress the main inspiration for the name, styling and overall appearance of this cowl was the awesome line "commute" from birch fabrics by jay-cyn.  LOVE it!  Something about those bikes, transportation and the color palette struck me as the perfect fabric to pair with this cowl for those daily commutes. 

Who says we all can't add a bit of whimsy to our daily commutes?  Even if we're biking, driving, walking or busing we might as well look stylish right?  Plus it will keep us warm on cool days and cool on warm days :)  That's right...that's how we roll here <3  I'm a gemini - what can i

You all know how I love options! I love giving you all a great base that you can customize and wear the way that suits your style and personality!  Heck you could even adjust the size down on this cowl and whip one up for your kidlet! I plan on making one for mackenzie really soon. 

I want to give a huge thank you to all my friends/family who supported me when deciding to take the plunge into selling a sewn pattern. It's been a crazy ride and i just  You guys are the best.  I'd also like to thank all my lovely pattern testers who helped me out tons! I couldn't have done it without your help (thanks mom!).  A special thank you to Anna from noodlehead for her invaluable help and eye :) And how could I not thank my gorgeous and talented friend jane richmond for modeling for me and also for being a constant sounding board for all my crazy ideas - thank you for all of your support Jane - I luv ya girl. A thank you to Cynthia of fabricworm & birch fabrics for her awesome designs and generous use of her rockin' fabrics!

So are you all ready to sew with me?  Hop on over to my brand new etsy shop and pick up a copy of your own!  I can't wait to see what you all create!!!!  Don't forget to add your cowl pictures to our flickr group!

So we can all see how lovely you look in your commuter cowls!   What fabric line are you going to make yours in? Stay tuned for tomorrow when I'll be doing a fabric review on the Birch Fabrics I used today. Happy sewing everyone!


From commute by jay-cyn for birch fabrics - by bike, bike it, and pool ride can be purchased at fabricworm

From lark  by amy butler - chinese lanterns grass can be purchased at stitch simple