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Stash Maintenance \\ Very Shannon

I added to my stash. There. I admit it. I'm not ashamed. Ok, maybe I am a wee tad. 

I have enough yarn but sometimes a gal's gotta treat herself to some new lovelies just....well....just because. Our local LYS Beehive Wool Shop had a big boxing day sale on and I just couldn't pass on a good sale. There were too many new babies that wanted to come home with me. I am proud of myself though for not purchasing the gorgeous selection of Brooklyn Tweed they have in stock. It wasn't on sale so my weird though process meant that it wasn't ok to splurge on it but after seeing the new BT Winter 2014 Collection I'm glad I didn't buy any because now it means I can go in and get yarn for my favorite pattern from the collection. I'm all over that Channel Cardigan by Jared Flood. Dreamy! I need that on my body asap!

I also find it more fun to by yarn when you are with friends (ahem...enablers). I get a shopping high off of just watching them buy yarn. I love seeing us all go nuts over skeins and skeins of yummy yarn feeling content in the fact that I am not crazy and not the only one who can get THIS excited over yarn. We all spent a nice of chunk of time there and all came home with bags of new goodies. It was a lovely afternoon after all the xmas craziness. Yarn is good for the soul but what does that mean to our stash?

Madelinetoshdk - Stash Maintenance \\ Very Shannon

Well....I try to limit myself. I have one shelf that is just for yarn. Once it is full I'm cut off. On that shelf I have one level for yarn to just be stacked so I can see it. These are the ones I'm hoping to use in the near future and want to be inspired by. Then on 2 other levels I have 2 pretty turquoise baskets that I keep my WIP's in and other miscellaneous knitting goodies like my scale, sock blocker etc...and then on the bottom shelf I have 2 small plastic tubs. 1 tub is for all the leftover bits of yarn from projects that I want to keep (don't ask me why because I don't know yet. I just find it horribly hard to get rid of madelinetosh even if it's only a little poof of it left..haha) and the other tub is for skeins that I've had in my stash for longer that I haven't used yet. These I'm hoping to swap or maybe sell sometime so I can make room for more new stash. See how that

I do try to remember though that I live in a condo. I don't have tons of room and my yarn is mostly in the open so I can't easily hide it from my eyes and well, I just start to get all fidgety if I have too much yarn staring at me all the time. I already don't have enough time in the day to get my work done never mind yarn making me feel guilty for not loving it enough ;) So this year I'm planning on trying to knit from the stash I now have (new babies included) and as I work through stash I can reward myself with new skeins (plus I have to save up for Vogue Knitting Live in March!!!!) Sounds like a doable plan and one I hope to stick too. Just don't ask me about my fabric....that is a whole other can of worms (hangs head in shame).

So in honor of the new year I'm going into phase "Stash Maintenance". Not a yarn diet, but maintenance. Anyone care to join me? C'mon know you want to (ummm...need to). Don't make me do it alone...lmao. And after asking you so very nicely to suffer alongside me and not buy tons of new yarn till we use what we have I'm now going to show you my new lovelies....I know...twisted. But they are soooooo purdy. I had to show them all to you. It wouldn't be fair to hide them from the world in my dark bedroom.

Swan's Island - Stash Maintenance \\ Very Shannon
- Swan's Island has been on my to knit with list for ages now. I finally caved in and scooped on this gorgeous skein of 100% organic merino (light fingering) yarn in the most lovely grey/green color. It was one of my new year's resolutions to knit with this company's gorgeous yarns! I could not put this skein down and literally refused to leave the store without it. And let me tell you  - the swatch I'm working on now is sooooo delicious. Like dreamy soft and so pretty! I can't wait to knit with it!

Madelinetoshdk - Stash Maintenance \\ Very Shannon
- Uhhh..hello...I  never go into the beehive and leave without some Madelinetosh. It's like an addiction. I've been wanting to add this colorway into my stash for ages and am so glad I did. I'm obsessed with this color - Dr. Zhivago's Sky! It's so pretty!

Madelinetosh Vintage & Indigo Dragonfly - Stash Maintenance \\ Very Shannon
-- These lovelies were gifted to me for my stash! Lucky me! The light turquoise which is Madelinetosh Vintage was a gift from my dear friend Hannah of Ummashin and the other 2 skeins from Indigo Dragonfly were from my parents :) Both are gorgeous and I'm happy to give them a new home.

Patons Classic Wool Worsted - Stash Maintenance \\ Very Shannon
- remember my French Press Felted Slippers I showed on the blog on Monday? These skeins of Patons Classic Wool Worsted yarn are going to be a pair for a gift this month :)

Patons Classic Wool Roving - Stash Maintenance \\ Very Shannon
- These 2 skeins of Patons Classic Wool Roving are going to be KEATON hats for the hubs and for my oldest. They were both requested at xmas time.

Here's some other helpful posts we've done in regards to stash and WIP's to stay organized! 



Now it's your turn to spill the beans! What have you added to your stash lately? What yarns are you dying to get your hands on this year? Any tips for stash maintenance? Will you join me? 

P.S. You can get a sneaky peeky at my stash here on my instagram.


Happy Holidays ||

Wishing you all a wonderful and lovely happy holiday season!

I'm so excited for this Christmas! I'm looking forward to spending some much needed time with my hubby and kiddos and family & friends! I hope your holiday season is filled with love, laughter and lots of handmade goodness!

I'll be taking a break (yay!) from now until Jan. 6th. It's the longest holiday time my hubby and I have had off together in years so we are very excited! I'll miss you guys but I'll be popping in here and there on social media so you can follow me along on there - especially instagram.

Much love to you all for being the most awesome readers ever! Thank you for everything this year and for all your continued support and love. You guys are the best and you mean so much to me!

Merry Christmas and see you all in 2014!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

P.s. I'll be announcing our Handmade Winter Winner & Very Shannon Pattern Giveaway Winners when I'm back! Thanks for your patience!


Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon

I'm so excited for today's book review of Sew Classic Clothes for Girls!
I am so gosh darn proud of the author of this gorgeous book - Lindsay Wilkes (from the blog The Cottage Mama)! She's a dear and special friend of mine and I'm beyond thrilled with all of her successes over the past few years. She's hardworking, loving, kind and a genuinely lovely and special woman. She deserves so much success and I'm just over the moon with her new book!!!!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
Lindsay and I first started chatting years ago when she first started blogging and I've been a loyal and dedicated fan of her style and aesthetic ever since! She's got a special flair for fabric combinations, notions, design, and a style that has such a strong voice! She's also great at teaching and explaining techniques and how to's. So when Lindsay told me the news about her book Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from the Cottage Mama I just knew it was going to be awesome! Now we all get to share in her wisdom and tricks & techniques!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
Lindsay's patterns are just like the book says - classic. They are timeless styles that any little girl would be happy to have in their closet and any momma would be lucky to sew. The patterns in Sew Classic Clothes for Girls result in professional and clean finished garments - the kind I love! I love a gal who pays attention to finishing and the little details. Makes me happy.

The book is laid out so nicely as well. Let me walk you through it:

Fabric Selection \\ Pairing Patterned Fabrics \\ Trims & Embellishments \\ Patterns & Size Selections \\ Tools of the Trade \\ Techniques
This section is always my favorite part in sewing books! I learn something new from everyone and Lindsay did a fabulous job teaching me a few new tricks! She covers some wonderful techniques and does it well! 
Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon

Patterns for a top, frock, smock, a dress and a skirt.

Patterns for multiple capris & shorts and knickers!

2 Adorable coat patterns!

3 patterns for a-line dresses & 1 top.

Patterns for 3 gorgeous dresses.

Learn how to embellish a bib shirt, make a fabric covered headband, embellish a ruffle shirt & make a vintage style hair accessory!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
This patterns in the book are accompanied by clear and colored photographs as well as well written instructions. I've made Lindsay's patterns before and her fit and instructions are always spot on.  She also gives you little hints and options for each pattern called "make it just sew". I really enjoyed these little boxes of info.

I highly recommend this book to any sewer looking to add to their collection some wonderful, lovely, classic and timeless patterns. The patterns in this book are so versatile and easy to customize to your taste and fabric choices. I'm so happy to have one on my shelf :) I can't wait to sew from it! First I have to get the girls to stop fighting over it! They love looking at it and trying to choose their favorites!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon

Thank you so much for having me along on your tour Lindsay. I adore you and from the bottom of my heart I am so proud and happy for you girl! It's been such a gift to be your friend and to be able to watch your dreams come true!! Love ya lots! xoxoxox

You can find Sew Classic Clothes for Girls here on amazon. It's also for sale directly on Lindsay's site here. You can find all things Lindsay and the Cottage Mama below:

BookTour The Cottage Mama Nancy Zieman Pat Sloan I Am Momma Hear Me Roar See Kate Sew The Sewing Rabbit Girl. Inspired. Craftiness is Not Optional Made Melly Sews Kojo Designs Craft Gossip The Sewing Loft U-Create The Train to Crazy Luvinthemommyhood Sew Classic Clothes for Girls


Rapture by Pat Bravo for #artgalleryfabrics || Very Shannon

I don't know about you but I've been feeling pretty cold lately. 

Winter is definitely here but that doesn't mean our fabric choices have to reflect the grey weather! I finally got my hands on the lovely Pat Bravo's new line for Art Gallery Fabrics - Rapture, and boy do I need myself a pina colada! This cheerful, colorful and yet soothing palette of prints just hit the spot for me during the endless days of rainy gloom we've been having. I swear I can feel the Miami breeze blowing! I love that Pat's prints always make me feel happy and that I can escape merrily into my imagination and create with them! They make me feel so creative and inspired! If you pop by AGF to check out Rapture make sure you don't miss the free Blissful Quilt Pattern Pat released as well. So pretty!

Rapture by Pat Bravo for #artgalleryfabrics || Very Shannon

I was so excited when I saw my Patricia Cowl (named after Pat) in the Rapture Look Book shown above (you can also see it in the pics below)! Doesn't it look so awesome! The Patricia Cowl is a free tutorial I did for Art Gallery Fabrics this year and you can find it here. It is seriously one of my favorite go-to gifts to sew.
Rapture by Pat Bravo for #artgalleryfabrics || Very Shannon
Img Src - Art Gallery Fabrics
Want to see some of the prints close up?

Rapture by Pat Bravo for #artgalleryfabrics || Very Shannon
 You can find all things Rapture and Pat Bravo below:

I'm gearing up for a lovely and long winter break this year and can't wait to get sewing with this pretty bundle! This is the first year in a very long time (and I mean like years time) that the hubs has had 14 days home in a row with us! We are so very excited! So after this week I won't be popping up in this space until January 6th. 2 week vacay for me! I can't wait!!! Wahoo!

I plan on filling it with family, fun, fabric, yarn, sleep, coffee, yummies, friends and more! But don't worry - there is still this week! Make sure to pop by our facebook page today for a fun surprise and also for an awesome book review, giveaway winners and more this week on the blog!

And did you notice anything new around here? That's right!!! We got a new look!!! I've been working madly away in the background updating and revamping the blog! You may have noticed that the "luvinthemommyhood" banner is gone. I'll chat more about that and what to expect for 2014 this week on the blog. I can't wait to share it all with you guys! I hope you like the new look as much as I do! I'm loving it!

But wait, before you go, tell me which which print you love from Rapture! Are you loving this line as much as I do? What would you make with Rapture?


Yesterday I released my new hat pattern KEATON and couldn't resist showing some pics of my little one wearing her KEATON hat! My heart just melts. There is something so adorable about a kid in a chunky slouch hat! Adorable!!!!

KEATON is available in 6 sizes - baby, toddler, child/teen, adult s, adult m & adult l! Wahoo! You can make one for every one in your family & all your friends too!

Tons of colors, stripe 'em, color block 'em, add a pom pom or make one without - doesn't matter - they are all fun! Plus this is an awesome beginner pattern and so quick to make it's ideal for gift knitting!

This is the first hat my husband and both kids have ever asked me for. It's a Christmas miracle! Now if you are a knitter you will understand how much this means. I was so excited that I have at least 2-3 more KEATON's ready to go over holiday break! I think I may need to get a family portrait with us all wearing them...that would be so dorky but also hilariously cool...lmao.


:: clear and easy to understand instructions

:: bright & colorful photography

:: 6 sizes - Baby, Toddler, Child/Teen, Adult S, Adult M & Adult L

:: 2 page color PDF pattern

:: a great knitting experience

KEATON is available to purchase at the following:

  2.  ETSY 

I'm dying to see some of your kidlet KEATON's pop up! Make sure you share pics when you are done making yours!!!!

What yarn would you make your KEATON in? Color? For who? Let's chat knitting! It's Friday!!! Wishing you all a wonderful, fun, hug, snuggles, laughs - filled kind of weekend topped off with coffee, tea and lots of making :)


I've found my new favorite hat. You know the one that you want to make in 10 colors and actually find yourself hoping the weather stays cold so you can wear all the time? That's the one.


The KEATON hat is here! And guess what - this bulky weight ribbed hat comes in sizes Baby, Toddler, Child/Teen, Adult S, Adult M & Adult L!!! Wahoo! Now you can make one for all your friends and family and just in time for xmas cause this hat is quick, fast and super easy! Takes 120yds or less (including pom pom) and knits up with so much squish I have it on word that one of my testers even slept in hers!!! 

I've been thinking for a while now that my Mallory Cowl needed a hat to go with it. I have so many sewers wanting to learn how to knit and other new knitters needing a great easy hat to make that I just knew KEATON would be a great go to pattern for them.

The pattern is written in an easy format, with technique options, a great cast on to learn, links to helpful videos and more! Plus it's ONLY $1.99! Can't go wrong! I mean really....who doesn't love a pom pom right? And a pom pom on a slouch hat is a win win in my book. I suck at making pom pom's but I still love 'em. 

I really want new knitters to feel brave and embrace learning new techniques. Don't be scared - just jump in! That's how we all learn and I'm still learning too! It's fun, I promise and I'll be there cheering you on! Plus if you are a more experienced knitter this is a great hat to whip up for kicks and style. You can easily make it more/less slouchy, mix up colors, stripe it...and more! 

I used Quince and Co.'s Puffin (shown in Clay) for the one without the pom pom (adult sized) (you all know how much I adore Quince and Co!) and the others were both in Patons Classic Wool Roving (shown in Taupe and Plum) which has the exact same gauge for me! Wahoo! You seriously can't go wrong with either of these yarns! Both are great bulky, super soft and squishy yarns! But don't worry, KEATON looks great on other types of bulky too! My testers tried a variety of bulky yarns and they all looked just as good!


:: clear and easy to understand instructions

:: bright & colorful photography

:: 6 sizes - Baby, Toddler, Child/Teen, Adult S, Adult M & Adult L

:: 2 page color PDF pattern

:: a great knitting experience

KEATON is available to purchase at the following:

  2.  ETSY 

But wait...aren't my models just so darn purdy? I owe them so bad. It was freeeeeeeeezing cold when we did our photo shoot and Carly of the blog "Style Snapshot" and Kate of "Victoria's Wardrobe" so kindly agreed to come out and brave the weather for me. These 2 stylish gals are friends and fashion bloggers in the city I live. I loooovvve the KEATON on them. I asked them to wear what they would wear with the hat and I love how the overall look turned out! So fun! Plus I have to admit I want to steal Carly's boots and Kate's jacket....heck I want both their outfits. I owe ya one ladies - you're both stunning! Be sure to check out both of their blogs for upcoming posts on what they wore with the hats.


Want to see the smaller version? You can see pics of the child version here. You can also see more pics on I've already gotten a request from the girls for 2 more and 1 for the hubby and another for me. I see lots and lots of ribbing in my future. Good thing they are fast to make :)

Keaton PDF Knitting Pattern
Add To Cart

I hope you enjoy the pattern and I cannot wait to see some KEATON's pop up! If you make one please share your pics with  me! I would love to see them! Happy knitting and thank you for all of your support! xoxoxo


Aviator Hat Pattern by See Kate Sew || Sewn by

I had so much fun making the outfits for yesterdays post I couldn't resist making a few more pieces!

When I spotted See Kate Sew's Pilot & Trapper Hats in the Winter Wonderland Collection from Pattern Anthology I just knew I had to whip up a few for the girls! And what better print to girly up the Aviator Style than Briar Rose by Heather Ross. My girls love the prints from this line! I lined the hats with a super soft white fleece to up the cozy factor! I mean seriously - how cute are these? I already have another one cut out for my nephew as well!

Aviator Hat Pattern by See Kate Sew || Sewn by

The Pilot Pattern is soooo fast! Once you do the first one it's bing, bang, boom - new hat done. Quick, easy and a super awesome look! The pattern even comes with bow instructions & pieces so you can add one if you'd like as well! The Trapper Hat is as equally adorable and I can't wait to try making a few of them too! Kate's instructions are clear, concise, and her diagrams are clear and easy to follow. 

Aviator Hat Pattern by See Kate Sew || Sewn by

Because they are so cute and I looooove this pattern so much I can't resist showing some more adorable pics!

Aviator Hat Pattern by See Kate Sew || Sewn by
Aviator Hat Pattern by See Kate Sew || Sewn by
Aviator Hat Pattern by See Kate Sew || Sewn by
Aviator Hat Pattern by See Kate Sew || Sewn by
Aviator Hat Pattern by See Kate Sew || Sewn by
Aviator Hat Pattern by See Kate Sew || Sewn by

You can still purchase the Winter Wonderland Collection from Pattern Anthology - today is the last day! 

You can find all the information on all the patterns here and you can see my reviews of the Sweet Bonnie Top by Shwin Designs and also the Holly Trousers by Go To Patterns here.

Aviator Hat Pattern by See Kate Sew || Sewn by

Have you sewn a hat pattern before? What fabric would you use to make the Aviator or Trapper Hat from See Kate Sew? Which one would you make first? Let's chat ladies!


Sweet Bonnie Top & Holly Trousers from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour || sewn by

I'm so excited to be part of the Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour today!!!! 

I had so much fun sewing the patterns I made from the Winter Wonderland Collection! I cannot say enough how much I loved both of these pieces. If you're a reader of my blog you know how picky and clothing sensitive my girl is. She seriously lives in leggings and that's it and even those bug her sometimes. So to see her in pants - real pants - just made me soooo darn happy. And a top with a zipper?? It's a miracle! And she loves them!

Sweet Bonnie Top & Holly Trousers from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour || sewn by
Sweet Bonnie Top & Holly Trousers from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour || sewn by

I made the Holly Trousers by Andrea Pannell of Go To Patterns. I did the elastic waist version and made a Size 5. Those adorable front pleats are so darling! I have a soft spot for the pleats paired with the modern slim leg. You can even do belt loops and a zipper if you like too! They also come with an equally awesome shorts variation too! Andrea's patterns always leave you with a professional finish and excellent fit. I really enjoy her patterns. I sewed my Holly Trousers using Robert Kaufman's Yarn-Dyed Essex Linen in Denim (one of my all time fave fabrics) with some soft pink thread used for the entire garment.

Sweet Bonnie Top & Holly Trousers from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour || sewn by
Next up is the Sweet Bonnie Top by Shwin Designs! Swoon. Peter Pan Collar. Nuff said. Sold. 

I really liked the construction Shauna used for this top. First thing I have mention is that my kid hates zippers. Like she won't wear anything with zippers but she really liked this top and felt comfortable in it. The zipper has a facing as does the collar and I think that makes a huge difference for clothing sensitve kids. She can hardly feel it and let me tell you that to even get her in something with a zipper is a huge feat in itself so that speaks volumes about this pattern. I mean how cute is this top? I made a Size 5 for this and used Playful Fox in Pink from Timber and Leaf from Sarah Watts because I was feeling I added a little pieced detail to the pocket to break up the fox print but highlight the collar color and also a fun bright yellow zipper! 

Sweet Bonnie Top & Holly Trousers from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour || sewn by
Sweet Bonnie Top & Holly Trousers from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour || sewn by
Sweet Bonnie Top & Holly Trousers from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour || sewn by
Sweet Bonnie Top & Holly Trousers from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour || sewn by

Together they create one of my favorite new outfits for her. 

M was such a trooper for this shoot. It was freezing cold and very windy and she rocked it with no complaints! We even paired up the outfit with my Mallory Cowl Pattern (child and adult size available for only $1.99 - 2 for 1!) and I just LOVE it! Seriously can't resist a kid in a rockin' cowl!

Sweet Bonnie Top & Holly Trousers from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour || sewn by
Sweet Bonnie Top & Holly Trousers from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour || sewn by

Overall every piece in the Winter Wonderland Collection is a great addition to your pattern arsenal for both boys and girls! There are great unisex patterns in this bundle ranging from tops, pants, shorts, capes and hats! Make sure you check out all the tutorials, remizes and style posts for the whole tour! There is some AWESOME clothes being made! I even plan on making more.

In fact tomorrow I will have be reviewing another pattern from the collection so stick around for that! 

You can get the Pattern Anthology bundle for Winter Wonderland through till the 18th of this month!

Have you been following along with the tour? Have you sewn one of the patterns? Which one would you make first? Faves? It's Sunday...and it's a special treat for me to have a weekend blog post some come say hi! Coffee's on.... />


Mini Confetti Dots by Dear Stella ||

I've got some new yummies to show you! Mmmmmm....

To me, new yarn, fabric..etc are just as good, if not better, than food. So yes...this stuff is YUMMY! When they show up at the door I get all giddy and run around my condo like a fool. Now my kids join me. They don't know why I'm excited they just know when the delivery person comes mommy is gonna be in one good mood! It's like Christmas when I make orders. I'm sure you other die hard makers can agree and relate.

This month I'm crushing on......

Mini Confetti Dots by Dear Stella ||

Mini Confetti Dots in ALL COLORS from Dear Stella. 

Seriously, how could this not brighten one's day? I get all giddy and smiley just looking at it which is exactly why I haven't cut into it yet. It's just so darn purdy.  That big FQ bundle? That's gonna be 2 quilts for my girlies. Can't wait. And the yardage you will have to wait and see....hehe.

Knits from ||

Yes, more knits from Girl Charlee! How can I resist right? 

I have been having so much fun sewing with knits and have plans for tons more! I've already cut into that adorable penguin print on the top for some baby leggings for a friends new arrival! So freaking cute!!!! I can't wait to sew up the rest! Not sure what it will all be but most is for clothes for the girls and one is a for a top for me :) I finally bought the Renfrew Top from Sewaholic Patterns. Tasia is such a sweetheart and lives in Vancouver so I'm lucky to get to see her when we're over for Knit City and other fun events. I highly recommend her patterns.

Sweet Fiber Yarns ||
Sweet Fiber Yarns ||
Oh cashmere, how I love thee.

Recently while at Knit City I managed to snag these 2 new additions to my Sweet Fiber stash. Oh my gosh...I seriously cannot resist the lure of Cashmere. It's taken over my It's just so soft and glorious to work with. I grabbed 1 skein of Cashmerino Worsted in Spanish Coin and 1 skein of Merino Twist DK in Bloom. Melissa's yarns are seriously amazing. If you have a chance to try some take it.

Quilt Pieces ||

I'm also working on a few secret projects. 

The pictures above and below are all in the works. I can't wait to show you more! There will be a special weekend post this Sunday as I join in on the Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour! Can't wait to show you! So make sure you pop by on Sunday and Monday to see what I whipped up for the girls!
sneak peek projects ||
Ok, so you know what's next right? My favorite part! I loooove to hear what new yarns/fabrics etc you're crushing on this month!!!! Fill me in. Spill the beans gals!


moments in the mommyhood ||
do you ever wake up in the morning, take one look at your child and just know they grew from the night before?

since i'm starting to come out a bit from the haze of publishing and co-authoring a new book (JOURNEY) i realized it's been a while since i posted pics of my girlies and did a moments in the mommyhood post.  i'm still knee deep in work but i promise i've got lots of sewing coming your way (and maybe a new pattern) as well as a few new knitting patterns up my sleeve too! sneak peeks are coming! yay!!!

but now, to the fun stuff! my girlies! these kiddos have been so patient and understanding with a mommy who is "always working". i'm tired it's been a crazy roller coaster of a year and i'm so looking forward to this winter when i can curl up and nest with my babies. i am in desperate need of some quality time with them. crafting, playing, laughing...just being with my special little ones. they just seem to be getting so big so quickly. this year has just flown by!

moments in the mommyhood ||

m is in grade 1 now and h just started preschool in sept. my little one was doing awesome at preschool - no crying, no issues and now in the last few weeks has reverted to not wanting mom to go and crying...a lot when i leave. any ideas as to why the change? all of a sudden she doesn't want to go to any of her classes etc. poor little thing :(

m is doing awesome. she's still as strong willed as ever (any tips on dealing with strong willed children are always welcome for my sanity). she's smart as a whip that one and reading up a storm of books like her mama. i love that she can read chapter books to me now and i can just lay and listen. it's one of my favorite things.

it's been a hard 6 months trying to find the balance to make, create and still be mom (i fail at it most days...haha) and if you'd like to know more about how i attempt (attempt being the key word) to do it on a daily basis you can read a recent interview i did over on the fab yarn shop's blog - stash local. you can read the interview on "making & mothering" here. thanks again sonia!

moments in the mommyhood ||

so i'm typing this staring at 5 loads of laundry that need to be folded, a load that needs to go in, a horribly messy workspace of mine, dirty dishes from last night, unvacuumed carpet, and more - but the kiddos are at school so help me procrastinate :) let's chat! it's way more fun than cleaning!

what do you do to maintain creative balance? have you chosen creative time over chores some days? what are you currently working on? how do you incorporate your kiddos into your creative time?

p.s. check out my friends from the awesome e-mag Crafting Connections: A creative e-Mag for Little Ones & Their Grown Ups new online e-course called "Craft to Connect: Turn Creating with your Little Ones into an Enjoyable Habit"! Such an awesome idea!


The Onward Shawl - modern texture!

This modern shawl pattern showcases a lovely, textured, reversible pattern that is sure to catch your eye. It’s knit in worsted-weight yarn that’s perfect to cozy up in when the weather is cool. You’ll find this pattern (and the easy-to-memorize format) a fun knit!

The JOURNEY pre-order

is open till November 17th and when you buy the pre-order you get an INSTANT download of the e-book so you can start making right away! Yay!!! Plus they ship just in time for xmas! Books will go out on December 6th :) JOURNEY would make a lovely gift for the knitter in your life or even to treat yourself!


hard copy + e-book only $26.95

individual pattern $6.95 ||

Onward is a project that is very near and dear to me. I seriously have been dreaming of this project for over a year. I swatched and sketched etc until finally everything came together with one of my favorite worsted weight yarns

Lark from Quince and Co. The stitch definition in Lark is AMAZING. Like it makes me drool. I am a big fan of texture (in case  you haven't noticed...haha) and for this shawl you really need a yarn that will make those stitches pop! Once blocked this baby has a great wingspan, can be worn in several ways and is definitely a conversation piece! It's a pattern that doesn't require a chart, is quick to memorize, easy to read your work and a GREAT beginner shawl pattern! It's a fun one! Trust me on that!

ON.WARD: Moving or tending forward.

Onward also knits up quick. Using worsted weight for a shawl is fun people! It's warm, cozy but not so thick you can't layer it all throughout the year. I had so much fun styling it on our lovely model Rylee for the shoot. We wanted you to see the shawl in an everyday setting that is relaxed and casual. It's one of my favorite pieces to curl up with and I so hope you will enjoy it too.

If you have been wanting to jump into shawl knitting I think you would really enjoy Onward. If you know how to cast on, knit, purl, yarn over, and read directions you are good to go!

Want to see some more pics? Yay!!!!! Isn't our photographer Nicholas Kupiak amazing!

I can't wait to see your


pop up on Ravelry! I really did design this shawl with a beginner knitter in mind so if you're a sewer (which I know a lot of you are) and you've gotten a few knitting projects under your belt please don't be scared to try it out! I think you'll enjoy it! The JOURNEY pre-order is open till November 17th and when you buy the pre-order you get an INSTANT download of the e-book so you can start making right away! Yay!!! Plus they ship just in time for xmas! Books will go out on December 6th :)


hard copy + e-book only $26.95

individual pattern $6.95 ||

You can find more pattern details and specifics for ONWARD here on it's ravelry project page as well as on our website Marian Rae Publications.

Ok, so spill the beans....what yarn would you make Onward in? What color? Have you made a worsted weight shawl before? I've got coffee, pull up a seat and let's chat :)


JOURNEY: A Collaboration by Jane Richmond & Shannon Cook
hard copy + e-book only $26.95


JOURNEY is now open for pre-order!!! for only $26.95 you get a hard copy, e-book and the individual digital pattern pdf's! yay! when you pre-order a hard copy of the book you will recieve the e-book immediately. the book is available for pre-order from nov. 4th-17th & books will ship dec. 6th.

A collaboration of hand knits from designers Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook (that's me - yay!) inspired by the journey of self-discovery, independence and the path back to yourself. this gorgeous collection of garment and accessory patterns forms a special book filled with beautiful photography by Nicholas Kupiak -  let the pages take you away on your own JOURNEY. this book is a must have for your knitting book collection - it includes patterns to make 2 garments, 1 pair of socks, 1 shawl, a hat and a pair of fingerless mitts. 

i'm so insanely proud of this book that jane and i wrote and published together! we love it and hope you all do as well! 

my 3 patterns are antrorse (pullover), onward (shawl) and swift (hat) and jane's are inland (cardigan), spate (fingerless mitts) and climb (socks). i cannot wait to see your projects pop up on ravelry! it feels like i've been dreaming and working on these designs for so long that it will be surreal to see you all enjoying making and wearing them! and that's the best part of JOURNEY's patterns - they are all staple pieces that are fun and not difficult to knit! we want you to enjoy yourself and relax with this collection!

you can see all the pics, watch the promo video and get info on the book on our website here - and also view more detailed pattern information on ravelry here -

JOURNEY: A Collaboration by Jane Richmond & Shannon Cook


Paperback: 8 1/2 x 8 1/2, 128 pages, full color images throughout.
Publisher: Marian Rae Publications
Published: October 2013
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0991728912
ISBN-13: 978-0-9917289-1-6

For more information about the patterns in JOURNEY please visit our Ravelry Shop

i'll be sharing posts this week and next on my 3 patterns and some behind the scenes of the book so stay tuned for that! after keeping JOURNEY a secret all year i can't wait to chat all about it so i hope you'll join me! thank you so much to all of you for your support and all the lovely and kind comments so many have already shared to us about JOURNEY! we ♥ you guys!

do you have a copy of JOURNEY yet? what pattern are you dreaming of making first? yarn crushes? share away! i'd love to hear all about it!!! xoxoxo 

*Please Note: If you purchased a hard copy of JOURNEY at Knit City last weekend you should have a coupon code in the back of your book to redeem a free copy of the eBook. This coupon code will be activated AFTER the pre-order has ended.  


pumpkin and fanfare flannel on

i'm back from knit city 2013 (it was so fun!) but i've been under the weather since i got home :( but i couldn't resist quickly popping in to let you know who won the fat quarter shop fanfare flannel fabric giveaway!!!

and our winner is......commenter #9 - rebecca! 

congratulations rebecca! you've won a fat quarter bundle of fanfare flannel from fat quarter shop! we'll be in touch soon!

thank you to all who entered and to the fat quarter shop for the awesome giveaway!

i hope you've all been having a great week and i'll be back as soon as i can :) until then come chat with me! i could use the company ♥


Tova Tunic pattern by Wiksten | Sewn by Very Shannon

knit city is this weekend and i needed a new dress! 

i decided that with my limited sewing time that i would whip up a pattern that i had already done before to save on tracing/cutting time. i've got a stack of new patterns just waiting to be sewn up for me but when time is of the essence i went straight for the tova tunic by wiksten.

i wear my first tova all the time. i love it and it was my wearable muslin and the fabric was like $2/yd on so i figured it was time to make myself a tova in a fabric i adore. i LOVE the line luxe in bloom by sarah watson for art gallery fabrics and knew as soon as i saw extravagarden bold that it had to be a dress. art gallery fabrics are made from 100% pima cotton and the drape/hand is just lovely! if i do use a quilting cotton for a garment - it's one of my favorite to sew with and so soft to wear!

Tova Tunic pattern by Wiksten | Sewn by Very Shannon

i love that the items of sewn garments for me is growing in my closet. i go to them before anything else now when getting dressed. 

a tunic/dress with leggings/boots is my staple outfit for the fall/winter. throw in a cute bag and you're all set! i can't wait to wear this on the weekend! comfort when you're working a booth for 2 days is key and i just love the pop of colors this outfit has! so pretty!

Tova Tunic pattern by Wiksten | Sewn by Very Shannon
Tova Tunic pattern by Wiksten | Sewn by Very Shannon

Tova Tunic pattern by Wiksten | Sewn by Very Shannon
Tova Tunic pattern by Wiksten | Sewn by Very Shannon
Tova Tunic pattern by Wiksten | Sewn by Very Shannon in Luxe in Bloom

i can't wait to get sewing the rest of the "must makes" on my list! what sewing have you been doing for yourself? do you have a favorite pattern out right now that is your staple dress/tunic to make? i'd love to see or hear about it! come chat!

- pattern used: tova tunic by wiksten
- fabric used: extravagarden bold (LIB-8025) from luxe in bloom by sarah watson for art gallery fabrics
- modifications: i like to stitch the neckline flap opening shut an inch or 2 so that the cleavage isn't too wide if i only wear a tank under it.
- size made: xl
- boots: old navy (almost 2 years ago)
- purse: hautelook


Fanfare Flannel Lounge Robes by for Made by Rae Fanfare Tour

who is in the mood to win some GORGEOUS new fabric? yay! i'm so beyond excited for the release of rae hoekstra's (made by rae) new line of organic flannels called fanfare flannel from cloud 9 fabrics!

so excited in fact that our awesome sponsor fat quarter shop is hosting a giveaway today! woot woot! so yep - that means that one of you will get to win some fanfare flannel to sew with! i'm also beyond thrilled to be part of my friend rae's blog tour of fanfare flannel! we're lounging it up on this tour! i mean seriously, when i got these flannel's i did not want to share with the kids. i wanted them for myself - sheets, jammies, pillows, blankets, robes - you name it, i wanted it.

Fanfare Flannel Lounge Robes by for Made by Rae Fanfare Tour

but when my kids spotted it (and boy did they spot it) they immediately began fighting over who got which print and what they would be. i had to hold back from taking all of it and hiding it in my bedroom for myself..haha..cause that would just be mean...right? lol...well good thing i didn't. my girls and i all agreed that these begged to be robes. not just any robes though but pretty girly lounging robes! we wanted pleats! pretty pleats that added a bit of a vintage dress style to their modern robes!

Fanfare Flannel Lounge Robes by for Made by Rae Fanfare Tour

the robes have a 3/4 length sleeve, a simple neckline (although i would love to make a few more with collars or hoods just for fun), belts complete with belt loops and pretty, pretty box pleats all along the front and back of the robe. i'm so happy the girls loved how they turned out as much as i did. they each played a role in designing the robe (what they wanted/didn't want) and choosing their own fabrics. for example we did 3/4 length sleeves because they don't like washing their hands or brushing their teeth with long sleeves cause they get all wet in the sink or they have to roll them up. now they can wear their robes and not worry! so adorable and so perfectly girly!

i had such a gret time making these! only downside was that now i need more fanfare flannel to make myself one...haha! mom needs in on the lounging fun too now! it's just so darn soft and comfy and i'm still swooning over those foxes! i hope you all like the fanfare flannel robes. would anyone be interested in seeing these as a pattern of sorts? 

i know you'll absolutely love rae's fanfare flannel! it's luxuriously soft and so great to sew with. i promised myself i wasn't going to gush too much about rae but i can't help but say how proud of her i am. she's been a friend of mine since i started blogging and she's an amazingly talented, funny and sweet gal. i'm beyond thrilled for all her successes! yay rae - love ya girl! if you'd like to know more about rae and her new fabric line be sure to check out this interview:

and now i cannot resist showing some more pics :)

Fanfare Flannel Lounge Robes by for Made by Rae Fanfare Tour
Fanfare Flannel Lounge Robes by for Made by Rae Fanfare Tour
Fanfare Flannel Lounge Robes by for Made by Rae Fanfare Tour
Fanfare Flannel Lounge Robes by for Made by Rae Fanfare Tour
Fanfare Flannel Lounge Robes by for Made by Rae Fanfare Tour back to the giveaway! i know you're all dying to win some! here's the deets:

\\ the prize \\
- one lucky winner will win a fat quarter bundle of fanfare flannel from fat quarter shop

\\ how to enter \\
- simply leave me a comment letting me know what you'd make with the prize
- bonus entry: like made by rae and/or luvinthemommyhood on facebook and leave us another comment letting us know you did that too.

\\ the rules \\
- you must leave a valid email address in your comment or you will be disqualified
- giveaway is open until oct. 13th, 2013, midnight, pst.

be sure to check out all the other fab gals along the tour! so many gorgeous projects! you can see them all here:

- fafare for the little ones at skirt as top
- lounge pants at noodlehead
- comfy, cozy nightgowns at craftiness is not optional
- lounge pants in fanfare flannel at whipstitch
- quick release scarf at whipstitch
- lounging in fanfare at probably actually

Fanfare is printed on 100% organic flannels from Cloud9 Fabrics and is being sold in shops now. For a list of shops that have stocked the line, see this post.


Bimaa Sweater pattern by Loubee Clothing sewn by

yep, i made another bimaa. i couldn't resist. i also made more go to leggings to go with. my excuse is that my heather ross jersey needed (yes, needed) to be a bimaa. it told me...i swear ;) 

my little one loved her first bimaa sweater (click here to read our pattern review) so much she asked me for another. i happily obliged. who could resist that sweet face asking me to sew her some more clothes? both of these items whip up so quickly they are very rewarding projects to sew and practice your sewing with knits skills with.

Bimaa Sweater pattern by Loubee Clothing sewn by

i really enjoyed sewing with the heather ross briar rose jersey. it's a nice thick knit that still has lots of stretch and drape. it's gorgeous and i have some of the strawberry print too! can't wait to sew with it as well! the leggings are a fun coral toned stretch from it's been so fun this week sewing for the sew fab e-pattern bundle sale. it really got my butt in gear to make some new clothes for my girls and also support other independent pattern designers. i have more on my list to make from the bundle. i really want to get a greenpoint cardigan whipped up as well. we'll see how the weekend goes :)

Bimaa Sweater pattern by Loubee Clothing sewn by

Bimaa Sweater pattern by Loubee Clothing sewn by
Bimaa Sweater pattern by Loubee Clothing sewn by

i now need to order some more heather ross "briar rose" jersey (from windham fabrics) to make myself an adult sized bimaa! you can get the renfrew top from sewaholic patterns that looks just like it. sweet!!! i'm going to order one asap so i can be twinsies with my girlies! lol!

want to know more about the awesome sew fab bundle? click below to find out more! or click HERE to buy it now!

what have you sewn from the sew fab e-pattern bundle? i want to see!!!! share your links and pics so we can see what you've been sewing!


Ananda Pants pattern by Chopstix Patterns sewn by

i think i've finally found the perfect pants to satisfy my very clothing sensitive girl! 

the ananda pants from chopstix patterns (aka jenny from the southern institute) are part of the awesome sew fab e-pattern bundle that's on sale right now! you can grab 26 rockin' patterns for the special one week only price of $29.95 (click HERE to buy now)! woot woot!

Ananda Pants pattern by Chopstix Patterns sewn by

i've been having a fab time sewing the patterns and the ananda pants didn't let me down. they are sooooo fast! like really fast! no hemming, a simple waistband, i swear it took me longer to cut them out than to sew! now that's my kind of pant!

bonus is my girly has not taken them off! she loves both the pairs i have made her! she even wanted to wear them to bed! that's a great thing in our house! no tears over getting dressed makes me a happy momma! she's got her ananda pants on with our recently made bateau top from aesthetic nest! you can read our review about that pattern here.
 Ananda Pants pattern by Chopstix Patterns sewn by

Ananda Pants pattern by Chopstix Patterns sewn by
Ananda Pants pattern by Chopstix Patterns sewn by

all the knits in this post are from if you use the coupon code "LUVMOMMY" you can get 10% through till 10/31. so stock up! i've been over the moon happy with my knits from there and the shipping is so reasonable to canada.

want to know more about the awesome sew fab bundle? click below to find out more! or click HERE to buy it now!

have you started sewing from the sew fab e-pattern bundle yet? have you made the ananda pants? what's your fave knit to sew with at the moment? leave me a comment - i love hearing from you!


Bimaa Top Pattern by LouBee sewn by

ok, seriously, i am so addicted to this pattern.  it's the bimaa sweater pattern from lou bee clothing! i have already made 2. i can't stop. i want to make more. 

i want my girly to wear this everyday...haha. that's how much i love sewing it and love her wearing it. sarah (of the blog emmyloubeedoo) has designed such a fun sew that's also a great intro to sewing with knits. it's easy, fast and you get such a fabulous and professional looking result. all my fave things in one pattern!!!

Bimaa Top Pattern by LouBee sewn by

it's also part of the sew fab e-pattern bundle that's on for this week only! you can grab the bimaa sweater along with 25 other fab patterns for the awesome deal of only $29.95! it's a steal if you ask me. you can read more about the bundle sale here.

now...back to the cuteness that is the bimaa top on my girly!

i used this fun print called bunny rabbit silhouette from girl charlee that my little one specifically requested. she loves purple so the bimaa top paired with some newly sewn leggings - the go to patterns leggings from go to patterns in a tribal print from girl charlee (sorry - sold out) made her month. she adores them both and the fits were both spot on. don't look too closely at the leggings though...i know the prints don't perfectly align but so i was having so much fun sewing them and was on such a roll i couldn't bear to be finicky that day :) i had a blast and she loves them so it's a win/win. i also really enjoyed the go to leggings as well. so many options! they will be a well  used pattern in our house for sure!

Bimaa Top Pattern by LouBee sewn by

Bimaa Top Pattern by LouBee sewn by
Bimaa Top Pattern by LouBee sewn by
Bimaa Top Pattern by LouBee sewn by
Bimaa Top Pattern by LouBee sewn by

i highly recommend this pattern if you're looking for a great wardrobe staple for both a boy and a girl. the bimaa sweater comes in a hood/shawl and cowl neck version! adorbs! 

- fabrics used: top made with bunny rabbit silhouette by, leggings made with black ethnic on purple cotton jersey (sold out) from
- patterns used: sweater made using the bimaa sweater by loubee clothing, go to leggings from go to patterns.
- modifications: none

looking for some fun knits to use for all the patterns from the sew fab bundle?

use code "LUVMOMMY" for 10% off at girl charlee fabrics till oct. 31st!!!

you can get the bimaa sweater as part of the SEW FAB E-PATTERN BUNDLE on THIS WEEK ONLY! 26 patterns for only $29.95!! wowsa! have fun with it!

have you sewn the bimaa sweater? do you like sewing with knits? let's chat sewing ladies! fill me in on what you've been sewing! coffee's on!


Stitched Blooms Book Review & Giveaway

today's book review is for the new release "stitched blooms: 300 floral, leaf & border motifs to embroider" by author carina envoldsen-harris of the awesome blog "carina's craftblog". this lovely gem of a book is a great addition to any embroidery lovers collection.

i love to sew and knit but i also love to do embroidery! i don't get to do it as much as i'd like to but when i do i really enjoy it! if you're looking for a new embroidery book that is classic and has a good amount of technique and patterns in it this book is for you. from tea towels & luminaries to pincushions and sewing kits there is a project for everyone in it.
Stitched Blooms Book Review & Giveaway
my favorite thing about stitched blooms is the beginning. i adored carina's section on color. i think a lot of people get intimidated by color palettes, how to choose them & why and i thought this was a wonderful part of the book. she addresses the following in the beginning of the book:

- basics of color theory, color schemes, and even color exploration exercises! 
- fabrics & thread (caring for your pieces, types of thread, how to use floss etc)
- embroidery tools (love the bit on pattern transfer pieces)
- working with motifs
- embroidery techniques
- great stitch glossary (so cute!) 

i learned a lot and will use this book as a refresher whenever i get some lovely time to pick up my needles and thread. what about you? would you like to win a copy of  "stitched blooms"?

Stitched Blooms Book Review & Giveaway image by lark crafts
img courtesy of lark crafts
- one lucky winner will win a copy of "stitched blooms" and a set (7-8) of the author's favorite floss color combos!

- simply leave me a comment telling me why you love embroidery.

- you must leave a valid email address in your comment or you will be disqualified.
- giveaway is open until 10/02/2013, midnight, pst.

you can also see the rest of the pretty stitched blooms blog book tour below! there are lots of great posts and chances to win! thanks for having me carina!

 Sept. 16th – Amanda Carestio -
Sept. 17th - Lynne -
Sept. 17th - Sara Lawson -
Sept. 18th - Alicia Rosello -
Sept. 19th - Jessica Crapo -
Sept. 19th - Diane Gilleland -
Sept. 20th - Mollie Johanson -
Sept. 21st - Aina Crescimbeni -
Sept. 21st  - Beth Wilson -
Sept. 22nd  - APL Creations -
Sept. 23rd  - Jo Stafferton & Floresita -
Sept. 23rd - Rachel Hobson -
Sept. 24th - John Adams -
Sept. 24th - Aimee Ray -
Sept. 25th - Jenny Doh -
Sept. 26th - Hanna Andersson -
Sept. 26th - Abby Glassenberg -
Sept. 27th – Susie Stubbs -
Sept. 27th - Lynne -

*i am an amazon affiliate. all opinions are my own. thank you for your support.


Bateau Top & Dress pattern by Wee Muses sewn by

OH MY....this is one of my fave new patterns! the bateau neck top & dress pattern from wee muses is a must have for any wardrobe!

anneliese from the aesthetic nest (and wee muses) is one of my fave online pals. we started chatting when my oldest was a baby and her girlies were still babies too! it's so amazing to be able to still have her as a friend and i was so excited when i saw her newest pattern and got to be a part of the bateau back to school pattern tour!

Bateau Top & Dress pattern by Wee Muses sewn by

the first thing i have to say about this pattern is that my VERY picky 6 year old loooooves it. like she's been begging to wear it everyday kind of love it!!! i'm over the moon to see her connect with a piece of clothing like this. i, being the blogger mommy i am, didn't let her wear it until the photos were done, i mean this girl is a big time stainer so i couldn't risk it.. but after a week of bad weather we finally had to take them inside and she woke up soooo excited to finally be able to wear her bateau top.

Bateau Top & Dress pattern by Wee Muses sewn by

the wee muses pattern for the bateau top is easy to follow has TONS of options, clean finishes, details, and clear instructions - all my fave things about a good sewing pattern.  anneliese walks you through all the steps to make many a beautiful knit garment. bonus is you can now even get the extension for the bateau top to make dress versions too! yay!!!! seriously, you could make a wardrobe of bateau's easily!!! i can't wait to make more.

we used a really fun neon pink solid from girl! my oldest just loves this color and i'm all over a fun bright so it was a happy combo to add to her wardrobe that you can see already has tons of color! her favorite chevron skirt from old navy just matched up way to perfectly! i know the top doesn't look too neon in our pics (darn rainy weather) but it really is a true neon pink! love it! if you pop on by girl charlee enter the coupon code "LUVMOMMY" to save 10%!!!

Bateau Top & Dress pattern by Wee Muses sewn by
Bateau Top & Dress pattern by Wee Muses sewn by

and guess what? you can enter to win a copy of the bateau neck top pattern and the dress extension pack!

- simply leave me a comment below letting me know if you'd make a bateau top or a dress.
- you must leave a valid email address in your comment or you will be disqualified.
- giveaway is open until saturday, sept 28, 2013, midnight, pst.

thank you for having me on your tour anneliese! big hugs m'dear and congrats on an amazing pattern!

you can find all lovely things wee muses and aesthetic nest below: