Mini Confetti Dots by Dear Stella ||

I've got some new yummies to show you! Mmmmmm....

To me, new yarn, fabric..etc are just as good, if not better, than food. So yes...this stuff is YUMMY! When they show up at the door I get all giddy and run around my condo like a fool. Now my kids join me. They don't know why I'm excited they just know when the delivery person comes mommy is gonna be in one good mood! It's like Christmas when I make orders. I'm sure you other die hard makers can agree and relate.

This month I'm crushing on......

Mini Confetti Dots by Dear Stella ||

Mini Confetti Dots in ALL COLORS from Dear Stella. 

Seriously, how could this not brighten one's day? I get all giddy and smiley just looking at it which is exactly why I haven't cut into it yet. It's just so darn purdy.  That big FQ bundle? That's gonna be 2 quilts for my girlies. Can't wait. And the yardage you will have to wait and see....hehe.

Knits from ||

Yes, more knits from Girl Charlee! How can I resist right? 

I have been having so much fun sewing with knits and have plans for tons more! I've already cut into that adorable penguin print on the top for some baby leggings for a friends new arrival! So freaking cute!!!! I can't wait to sew up the rest! Not sure what it will all be but most is for clothes for the girls and one is a for a top for me :) I finally bought the Renfrew Top from Sewaholic Patterns. Tasia is such a sweetheart and lives in Vancouver so I'm lucky to get to see her when we're over for Knit City and other fun events. I highly recommend her patterns.

Sweet Fiber Yarns ||
Sweet Fiber Yarns ||
Oh cashmere, how I love thee.

Recently while at Knit City I managed to snag these 2 new additions to my Sweet Fiber stash. Oh my gosh...I seriously cannot resist the lure of Cashmere. It's taken over my It's just so soft and glorious to work with. I grabbed 1 skein of Cashmerino Worsted in Spanish Coin and 1 skein of Merino Twist DK in Bloom. Melissa's yarns are seriously amazing. If you have a chance to try some take it.

Quilt Pieces ||

I'm also working on a few secret projects. 

The pictures above and below are all in the works. I can't wait to show you more! There will be a special weekend post this Sunday as I join in on the Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour! Can't wait to show you! So make sure you pop by on Sunday and Monday to see what I whipped up for the girls!
sneak peek projects ||
Ok, so you know what's next right? My favorite part! I loooove to hear what new yarns/fabrics etc you're crushing on this month!!!! Fill me in. Spill the beans gals!