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Mini Confetti Dots by Dear Stella ||

I've got some new yummies to show you! Mmmmmm....

To me, new yarn, fabric..etc are just as good, if not better, than food. So yes...this stuff is YUMMY! When they show up at the door I get all giddy and run around my condo like a fool. Now my kids join me. They don't know why I'm excited they just know when the delivery person comes mommy is gonna be in one good mood! It's like Christmas when I make orders. I'm sure you other die hard makers can agree and relate.

This month I'm crushing on......

Mini Confetti Dots by Dear Stella ||

Mini Confetti Dots in ALL COLORS from Dear Stella. 

Seriously, how could this not brighten one's day? I get all giddy and smiley just looking at it which is exactly why I haven't cut into it yet. It's just so darn purdy.  That big FQ bundle? That's gonna be 2 quilts for my girlies. Can't wait. And the yardage you will have to wait and see....hehe.

Knits from ||

Yes, more knits from Girl Charlee! How can I resist right? 

I have been having so much fun sewing with knits and have plans for tons more! I've already cut into that adorable penguin print on the top for some baby leggings for a friends new arrival! So freaking cute!!!! I can't wait to sew up the rest! Not sure what it will all be but most is for clothes for the girls and one is a for a top for me :) I finally bought the Renfrew Top from Sewaholic Patterns. Tasia is such a sweetheart and lives in Vancouver so I'm lucky to get to see her when we're over for Knit City and other fun events. I highly recommend her patterns.

Sweet Fiber Yarns ||
Sweet Fiber Yarns ||
Oh cashmere, how I love thee.

Recently while at Knit City I managed to snag these 2 new additions to my Sweet Fiber stash. Oh my gosh...I seriously cannot resist the lure of Cashmere. It's taken over my It's just so soft and glorious to work with. I grabbed 1 skein of Cashmerino Worsted in Spanish Coin and 1 skein of Merino Twist DK in Bloom. Melissa's yarns are seriously amazing. If you have a chance to try some take it.

Quilt Pieces ||

I'm also working on a few secret projects. 

The pictures above and below are all in the works. I can't wait to show you more! There will be a special weekend post this Sunday as I join in on the Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour! Can't wait to show you! So make sure you pop by on Sunday and Monday to see what I whipped up for the girls!
sneak peek projects ||
Ok, so you know what's next right? My favorite part! I loooove to hear what new yarns/fabrics etc you're crushing on this month!!!! Fill me in. Spill the beans gals!


black & white triangle shoes on

momma got some new shoes. target is finally here in the city i live (wahoo!!) and i couldn't resist picking up these cute black and white slip on shoes last time i was there.  when i spotted the triangles i had to have them. i've been crushing big time on triangles for almost a year now and i just couldn't pass on a pair of shoes with triangles on them.  i've always been inspired by geometrics and prints and bringing them into my designing and especially into textural elements in my knitting (aka dreiecke hat) so it seemed natural to have them on my feet too.

i've also been drawn lately to the cleanliness of black and white. i love the crisp feel and how well they pair with the neon's that are coming back right now. at first i felt old seeing neon's back on the store shelves again. i have many a memory of neon's in ahem....younger years. but i quickly got inspired. i decided to try to make neon feel fresh in my life again.  i recently got a bright neon pink running top and you know what - it didn't feel 80's it felt fresh and new and since i don't feel really old i decided to just work it and run with it. embrace the color and at the same time embrace the black/white. i am a gemini after's in my sign to love two of everything.

black & white triangle shoes on

what colors are you crushing on right now? are you embracing the neon's? the black and white? any new crushes? it's wednesday let's chat!!! join in the conversation below! do you have a fun neon photo or a shot with something black and white you're crushing on? share it below or tag it #crushing on instagram/twitter/facebook so we can all see!


mason jars blue cuppow recap

i'm crushing big time this month on mason jars. this isn't a new crush to me, i'm always loving mason jars, but this month i got some new beauties. ohhhhh....i'm so excited to show you them. some people will get my love and some will wonder what all the fuss is about but that's ok :)  us mason jar junkies get it. we love the love.

hertiage blue mason jars
heritage blue mason jars

i mean how could one resist the lure of the infamous blue jars? how stunning is the color on these beauties? fo'realsies. gorgeous. i don't even want to drink out of them yet they are so gosh darn pretty. and the lids? i know you wanna know about the lids on the other jars too. last year sometime i got a cuppow.  i love it.  just in case you haven't seen or heard of it a cuppow is an awesome sippy cup sort of lid you can put on mason jars so you can drink out of them. i use it for my coffee, my water, my everything when i'm home and when i'm out and about. it's awesome.

but recently my friends and i got in on an order to get our newest crush - the wide mouth tumbler size mason jar. the PERFECT size for green smoothies (hehe), frappucinos, and other yummy concoctions. it's also great for water with cucumbers/lemons and other detox wonders.  i just got mine (i got 2) and have already used them on numerous occasions. love it.  i picked up a fun reCAP mason jar lid as well to use for the wide mouth tumbler. perfection! newest water bottle! so fun!

cuppow and reCAP lids for mason jars

cuppow lid for mason jars
reCAP lid for mason jars
cuppow lid for mason jars
reCAP lid for mason jars

and what's on order?  they were out of stock when we ordered but we all were wanting this cool lid that also goes on the wide mouth tumbler for straws etc. awesome. i cannot wait to get it as well. my green smoothie drinking process will be i know, i'm a dork :P

wide mouth tumbler mason jar lid

but i love them all.  of course my hubby thinks i'm nuts because i already own a flat of mason jars when he saw my new loot he was like "what the? what?". he doesn't get it. but that's ok. i do and i enjoy drinking out of them and if it means there are less spills in my house and i drink way more green smoothies it's all good in my book.


*all products shown (except clear regular size mason jars) from
- blue heritage mason jars
- wide mouth tumbler mason jar
- cuppow lid
- reCAP mason jar lid
- widemouth mason jar tumbler lid 

what are you crushing on this month? do you have a fondness for mason jars and all the cool lids and goodies to go with them? have you found a cool one lately? share! i want to hear about it. i know my pals and i aren't the only ones out there.  coffee's on and i'm wishing you all a happy mason jar sippin' weekend. hugs <3


crushes on
celadon & earl grey madelinetosh tosh sock
it's crushes time!  i finally got a chance to take some pics of my newest yarn and fabric lovelies! yummy all of them! i can't even decide which ones i love the most!  i indulged big time recently on my first 2 skeins ever of madelinetosh tosh sock! i cannot wait to knit with these skeins.  i knew when my lys - the beehive wool shop, got their big shipment of madtosh in that i absolutely had to get a skein of earl grey. i needed it. i didnt' even think twice.  the extra skein of celadon was a welcome addition and because it's so hard to get madtosh where i love in such a wide array of colors i spoiled myself and got 2 and it was worth it.  so gorg!  i didn't even realized how nicely they match with each other until i got outside and into my car.  a happy coincidence since now i think i may knit them in the same project. not sure what yet but my wheels are happily spinning.

crushes on
crushes on

one of my other favorite yarn companies - quince and co, recently released a new yarn!  owl is here!  and it doesn't disappoint!  a gorgeous blend of american wool and american alpaca these are a more than welcome addition to my stash.  a group of us where i live all went in on a big order to scoop up some of there lovely colorways. i can't wait to wind these up and get swatching!!!

crushes on
crushes on
quince and co owl in colorways - cilantro, sokoke, and cerulean
as for fabric i hit up a big pink castle fabrics sale a while back and got some beautiful new fabrics for a steal of a price!!!!  i had been waiting to try the liberty lifestyle prints for some time and so i didn't hesitate when i spotted the gorgeous mix of blues and corals in cranston. love it!  and then when i spotted the double gauze from kokka on the right i just about fainted! i got such a good deal i thought my eyes were seeing things wrong!  needless to say i got enough of both the liberty and kokka prints to make new dresses for myself.

crushes on
1 & 2. floradots in gray & saffron by erin mcmorris for free spirit & 3. liberty cranston 4. free spirit designer solid in peach blush 5. commas in slate & chalk from zen chic for moda 6. muddy works currant in citron double gauze by tomotake for kokka
i haven't decided on which pattern yet but will definitely be posting something soon.  i've narrowed it down to a few and am hoping to finalize my wandering eye sooner than i bought myself an invisible zipper foot finally (no more cowboy style zipper installations for me) so i'm all ready for another laurel dress or blouse maybe or any other garment with an invisible zipper. bring it on zippers!

crushes on
crushes on

what are you crushing on this week?  any new yarns or fabric prints you've scooped on or indulged in?  what are you hoping or saving for?  i've got a few other fabric/yarn lovelies to show you next week as well as a few new project - i can't wait! so spill the beans...did you treat yourself for mothers day too?


FRECKLED FAWN crushes on

oh my gosh you guys, i have been excitedly awaiting a package that arrived on the weekend!  i recently spotted freckled fawn's washi tape on instagram the other week (i know, i've been under a rock, how have i never seen their shop before??) and instantly went over to the website and went a bit nutso. i ordered a whole bunch of lovelies and have plans for more!  i'm so freakin' excited about these little things!  it's sad really, but they just make me gosh darn smile!!!!

FRECKLED FAWN crushes on
 FRECKLED FAWN crushes on

you all know about my addiction to arrows and triangles recently. i can't get enough of them.  so when i spotted the wood chip arrows and cute sayings (and they have TONS of others too) i could not resist buying them.  i seriously wanted to cover my house in it's sad really.  don't you just dig em'? aren't they the cutest things?  i know i'm going to be using these for all sorts of fun projects in the future. i can't wait to show you where.

and the washi tapes....swoon! check out my washi tapes! weeeee!

FRECKLED FAWN crushes on
FRECKLED FAWN crushes on
FRECKLED FAWN crushes on
FRECKLED FAWN crushes on
FRECKLED FAWN crushes on

adorbs right!!!! squeal!!!!!!!!! i love them!!!!!  see that one in the middle above with the hearts on it?  that is my fave. so awesome i bought 2 of them.  i think i need more already :)  i also could not resist the lure of the arrow paper clips (see pic below). how fun are these right?  they will fit right in with my new little office redo that i can't wait to show you all!  soon - i promise!  did you notice the arrow paper and the triangle paper in the shots above? i got those too! see, i told you i went a bit nutso! i am a big time cheapskate so to splurge on little treats like this is a special thing for me.  it's almost june (my bday) right? i can buy myself an early bday's all good :)  just don't tell the (honey if you are reading this turn around and walk away from the computer).

FRECKLED FAWN crushes on
oh and just to be clear this post is by no way sponsored by freckled fawn. it is purely me showing you what little lovelies have found their way to my home this week :)  how can you not share these right?  seriously...check out their website....i don't want to be the only gal treating themselves. go know you wanna! just make sure if you buy something you come back and tell me asap. i want to drool over your picks!  i can't wait to get more (i already have a wishlist started...and it's not small) but for now i'm shopping vicariously through you gals.  have fun!!!! hehe!

what are you crushin' on this week?  are you a fan of freckeld fawn as well?  what's your fave washi tape of the moment?  come chat with me! i've missed you over the weekend and i swear i have a starbucks with your name on it!


>> colorful arrow paperclips
>> wood chips - arrows
>> wood chips - speech bubbles
>> black & white triangle washi
>> triangle line washi
>> navy triangle washi
>> freckled fawn triangle washi
>> ils paper - why not