mason jars blue cuppow recap

i'm crushing big time this month on mason jars. this isn't a new crush to me, i'm always loving mason jars, but this month i got some new beauties. ohhhhh....i'm so excited to show you them. some people will get my love and some will wonder what all the fuss is about but that's ok :)  us mason jar junkies get it. we love the love.

hertiage blue mason jars
heritage blue mason jars

i mean how could one resist the lure of the infamous blue jars? how stunning is the color on these beauties? fo'realsies. gorgeous. i don't even want to drink out of them yet they are so gosh darn pretty. and the lids? i know you wanna know about the lids on the other jars too. last year sometime i got a cuppow.  i love it.  just in case you haven't seen or heard of it a cuppow is an awesome sippy cup sort of lid you can put on mason jars so you can drink out of them. i use it for my coffee, my water, my everything when i'm home and when i'm out and about. it's awesome.

but recently my friends and i got in on an order to get our newest crush - the wide mouth tumbler size mason jar. the PERFECT size for green smoothies (hehe), frappucinos, and other yummy concoctions. it's also great for water with cucumbers/lemons and other detox wonders.  i just got mine (i got 2) and have already used them on numerous occasions. love it.  i picked up a fun reCAP mason jar lid as well to use for the wide mouth tumbler. perfection! newest water bottle! so fun!

cuppow and reCAP lids for mason jars

cuppow lid for mason jars
reCAP lid for mason jars
cuppow lid for mason jars
reCAP lid for mason jars

and what's on order?  they were out of stock when we ordered but we all were wanting this cool lid that also goes on the wide mouth tumbler for straws etc. awesome. i cannot wait to get it as well. my green smoothie drinking process will be i know, i'm a dork :P

wide mouth tumbler mason jar lid

but i love them all.  of course my hubby thinks i'm nuts because i already own a flat of mason jars when he saw my new loot he was like "what the? what?". he doesn't get it. but that's ok. i do and i enjoy drinking out of them and if it means there are less spills in my house and i drink way more green smoothies it's all good in my book.


*all products shown (except clear regular size mason jars) from
- blue heritage mason jars
- wide mouth tumbler mason jar
- cuppow lid
- reCAP mason jar lid
- widemouth mason jar tumbler lid 

what are you crushing on this month? do you have a fondness for mason jars and all the cool lids and goodies to go with them? have you found a cool one lately? share! i want to hear about it. i know my pals and i aren't the only ones out there.  coffee's on and i'm wishing you all a happy mason jar sippin' weekend. hugs <3