desire to create bracelet by c. johanesen studio
custom leather bracelet by c. johanesen studio (stay tuned to see more about my new bracelet this month & find out what the full quote is!)
sooooo...whatcha making this week? clothes? quilts? a baby (j/k!!!)? what are you creating? sewing? knitting? crocheting? cooking? embroidering? spill the beans! we want to know!

i know we do this almost weekly on our facebook page and it's always so fun for me to see what projects you are all working on so i thought why not try it over here in our hood too? i mean who wants to make something and then NOT hear anyone say how awesome it is!? right! it feeeeellllssss good to hear how awesome your mad skills are! you just made something with your own two hands! you rock!

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i also find it so inspiring to feel the creative energy and the buzz when we all get chatting about we're making or planning on making.  i also think this is a great way for all of us to find the time each week to spend being creative for ourselves. to take that time to nurture ourselves and our creative sides. to help remind ourselves to make that part of our lives a priority.

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you with me? head on down to the comments and fill us in. don't be shy. spill the beans & share your pics. tell us what you're working on this week and tell us the details. what fabric? which yarn? what pattern? did you blog about it? show us! link up your blog post in the comments below and let's get cheering each other on! stuck and need help with your project? ask us your questions & share your opinions. i'd love to get the convo going.

not in the mood to post about your project? so excited with it you can't wait to fb or blog your new lovely? share it with us on instagram! i heart instagram! use the hashtag #whatcha so we can see your pics!!! fun, fun fun!!! you can find me on instagram under "luvinthemommyhood".

so c'mon...join in with me - you so know you wanna..hehe. ready, set, go - whatcha making?