Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon

I'm so excited for today's book review of Sew Classic Clothes for Girls!
I am so gosh darn proud of the author of this gorgeous book - Lindsay Wilkes (from the blog The Cottage Mama)! She's a dear and special friend of mine and I'm beyond thrilled with all of her successes over the past few years. She's hardworking, loving, kind and a genuinely lovely and special woman. She deserves so much success and I'm just over the moon with her new book!!!!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
Lindsay and I first started chatting years ago when she first started blogging and I've been a loyal and dedicated fan of her style and aesthetic ever since! She's got a special flair for fabric combinations, notions, design, and a style that has such a strong voice! She's also great at teaching and explaining techniques and how to's. So when Lindsay told me the news about her book Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from the Cottage Mama I just knew it was going to be awesome! Now we all get to share in her wisdom and tricks & techniques!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
Lindsay's patterns are just like the book says - classic. They are timeless styles that any little girl would be happy to have in their closet and any momma would be lucky to sew. The patterns in Sew Classic Clothes for Girls result in professional and clean finished garments - the kind I love! I love a gal who pays attention to finishing and the little details. Makes me happy.

The book is laid out so nicely as well. Let me walk you through it:

Fabric Selection \\ Pairing Patterned Fabrics \\ Trims & Embellishments \\ Patterns & Size Selections \\ Tools of the Trade \\ Techniques
This section is always my favorite part in sewing books! I learn something new from everyone and Lindsay did a fabulous job teaching me a few new tricks! She covers some wonderful techniques and does it well! 
Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon

Patterns for a top, frock, smock, a dress and a skirt.

Patterns for multiple capris & shorts and knickers!

2 Adorable coat patterns!

3 patterns for a-line dresses & 1 top.

Patterns for 3 gorgeous dresses.

Learn how to embellish a bib shirt, make a fabric covered headband, embellish a ruffle shirt & make a vintage style hair accessory!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
This patterns in the book are accompanied by clear and colored photographs as well as well written instructions. I've made Lindsay's patterns before and her fit and instructions are always spot on.  She also gives you little hints and options for each pattern called "make it just sew". I really enjoyed these little boxes of info.

I highly recommend this book to any sewer looking to add to their collection some wonderful, lovely, classic and timeless patterns. The patterns in this book are so versatile and easy to customize to your taste and fabric choices. I'm so happy to have one on my shelf :) I can't wait to sew from it! First I have to get the girls to stop fighting over it! They love looking at it and trying to choose their favorites!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon

Thank you so much for having me along on your tour Lindsay. I adore you and from the bottom of my heart I am so proud and happy for you girl! It's been such a gift to be your friend and to be able to watch your dreams come true!! Love ya lots! xoxoxox

You can find Sew Classic Clothes for Girls here on amazon. It's also for sale directly on Lindsay's site here. You can find all things Lindsay and the Cottage Mama below:

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