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Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon

I'm so excited for today's book review of Sew Classic Clothes for Girls!
I am so gosh darn proud of the author of this gorgeous book - Lindsay Wilkes (from the blog The Cottage Mama)! She's a dear and special friend of mine and I'm beyond thrilled with all of her successes over the past few years. She's hardworking, loving, kind and a genuinely lovely and special woman. She deserves so much success and I'm just over the moon with her new book!!!!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
Lindsay and I first started chatting years ago when she first started blogging and I've been a loyal and dedicated fan of her style and aesthetic ever since! She's got a special flair for fabric combinations, notions, design, and a style that has such a strong voice! She's also great at teaching and explaining techniques and how to's. So when Lindsay told me the news about her book Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from the Cottage Mama I just knew it was going to be awesome! Now we all get to share in her wisdom and tricks & techniques!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
Lindsay's patterns are just like the book says - classic. They are timeless styles that any little girl would be happy to have in their closet and any momma would be lucky to sew. The patterns in Sew Classic Clothes for Girls result in professional and clean finished garments - the kind I love! I love a gal who pays attention to finishing and the little details. Makes me happy.

The book is laid out so nicely as well. Let me walk you through it:

Fabric Selection \\ Pairing Patterned Fabrics \\ Trims & Embellishments \\ Patterns & Size Selections \\ Tools of the Trade \\ Techniques
This section is always my favorite part in sewing books! I learn something new from everyone and Lindsay did a fabulous job teaching me a few new tricks! She covers some wonderful techniques and does it well! 
Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon

Patterns for a top, frock, smock, a dress and a skirt.

Patterns for multiple capris & shorts and knickers!

2 Adorable coat patterns!

3 patterns for a-line dresses & 1 top.

Patterns for 3 gorgeous dresses.

Learn how to embellish a bib shirt, make a fabric covered headband, embellish a ruffle shirt & make a vintage style hair accessory!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
This patterns in the book are accompanied by clear and colored photographs as well as well written instructions. I've made Lindsay's patterns before and her fit and instructions are always spot on.  She also gives you little hints and options for each pattern called "make it just sew". I really enjoyed these little boxes of info.

I highly recommend this book to any sewer looking to add to their collection some wonderful, lovely, classic and timeless patterns. The patterns in this book are so versatile and easy to customize to your taste and fabric choices. I'm so happy to have one on my shelf :) I can't wait to sew from it! First I have to get the girls to stop fighting over it! They love looking at it and trying to choose their favorites!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon
Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Book Review \\ Very Shannon

Thank you so much for having me along on your tour Lindsay. I adore you and from the bottom of my heart I am so proud and happy for you girl! It's been such a gift to be your friend and to be able to watch your dreams come true!! Love ya lots! xoxoxox

You can find Sew Classic Clothes for Girls here on amazon. It's also for sale directly on Lindsay's site here. You can find all things Lindsay and the Cottage Mama below:

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You all ready for some more JOURNEY Blog Tour fun today? I am!!! I hope you've all been enjoying the tour so far!

First up today is Jeni from the blog In Color Order. I positively adore Jeni. I started reading her blog eons ago drooling over her massive collection and knowledge of pyrex and vintage lovelies! Since then she's become an amazing pattern and fabric designer! Drool worthy for sure. I've been so happy to have gotten to know her and I'm so thankful that she joined in today! I squealed with delight when I spotted her Swift hat this morning! I love it on her! Does my heart good! Make sure you go by In Color Order and visit and be inspired!

You can find all things In Color Order here.

Next we have one of the most fun knitters I know - Melissa of Miso Crafty Knits. I'm so lucky to live in the same city as Melissa and get to see her regularly! She's a dear and special friend. She's also got some CRAZY knitting skills and this girl could get you excited about ice if you lived in an igloo. I love hearing about what things she's currently loving because I know I'm about to find something new to obsess over too! It's fun. I love this girl to bits and if you haven't already been to her blog go pop by. You'll love it!

You can find all things Miso Crafty Knits here.

And last but definitely not least we are stopping at the home of the amazing podcast A Playful Day. I love to listen to knitting podcasts and have recently become addicted this year. When I'm out and about waiting on the kids or their classes I plug my earphones in my ipad, whip out my knitting and get lost in a podcast. It's like always having a knitting buddy to knit with. And this podcast doesn't dissapoint either. A Playful Day is doing a review and giveaway today but stay tuned for next week when she will review the book as well on her podcast.

You can find all things A Playful Day here.

A HUGE thank you to all the ladies above for joining in! I have loved reading each and every one of your posts today!!! Thank you so much!

Follow along with the whole tour at this link and find more information on JOURNEY here on! Thanks for reading everyone!  We've got more to come so stay tuned!


JOURNEY Blog Tour ||

I'm sooooo excited for today's stops on the JOURNEY Blog Tour! 

The 3 ladies joining in today are some of my favorite bloggers! 2 of which primarily sew and are new to knitting. I love that they are part of the tour today and hope you will hop on over to all 3 of their blogs and give them a warm hello! I know you will love all 3 of them!

First up is one of my long time bloggy friends Anna of the blog Noodlehead. I adore Anna and I equally adore over everything she makes. Her patterns, blog and work are all amazing plus she is a genuinely kind and awesome friend! Pop by Noodlehead today to read her review (she's been knitting for almost a year) and check out the JOURNEY project she has in the works!

You can find all things Noodlehead here.

Next up is Amanda from Hey Porkchop. First off be warned, I drool and get lost in Amanda's site every time I visit it. The yarn shots, the handmade socks, the adorable embroidery - this girl is one of my fave blogs to kill an hour at :) She's one half of the awesome biz The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - seriously cute cross stitch patterns!

You can find all things Hey Porkchop here.

And last, but not least, the lovely Kristin of Skirt as Top. I heart Kristin. A brand new knitter who's braving the world of knitting - I'm so proud of her! She's a die hard sewer and has some seriously mad skills so I'm so proud to see her finally jump into some knitting too. You all know how much I love to convert people...hehe. I just know in a few months she'll be knitting up a storm! Make sure you go on by and cheer her on.

You can find all things Skirt as Top here.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart ladies - so excited you all joined in!!!!

Follow along with the whole tour at this link and find more information on JOURNEY here on! Thanks for reading everyone!  We've got more to come so stay tuned!


Are you ready for another stop on the JOURNEY Blog Tour? Yay! I am!

Next up is uber talented Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts! You all know how much we LOVE her yarns!!! She's also a seriously amazing designer herself so make sure you drop by her site and check out the yarns (one of my top faves) and her patterns! You won't be disappointed!

You can also enter to win an eBook of JOURNEY on her blog today too! You can find all things Tanis Fiber Arts here:

 Thanks so much for joining in Tanis!!!! So thrilled you loved the book!

Follow along with the whole tour at this link and find more information on JOURNEY here on! Thanks for reading everyone!  We've got more to come so stay tuned!


We're on day two of the JOURNEY Blog Tour! Yay!

So excited for today's stops! First up is one of my fave designers and friend Hilary of The Yarniad! She's one of the sweetest gals I know and I just adore her designs and work as well! So excited to have her on board with us today! Make sure you pop by her blog today and show her some luv! You can also enter to win an eBook of JOURNEY!

You can find all things The Yarniad on her website here.
We also have the wonderful Libby of the blog Truly Myrtle on the tour today! A regular member of the luvinthemommyhood Ravlery group and one of my fave knit bloggers she's sharing which patterns are her faves from JOURNEY today and also giving away a copy of the eBook! Libby is funny, sweet and so talented so make sure you visit her too!

You can find all things Truly Myrtle on her website here.

Thank you so much for joining in Hilary and Libby! You guys are awesome!

Follow along with the whole tour at this link and find more information on JOURNEY here on! Thanks for reading everyone!  We've got more to come so stay tuned!


JOURNEY Blog Tour ||

Today is the first stop on our JOURNEY Book Blog Tour! 

Jane and I have been so excited for this tour! There will be lots of giveaways all week, tons of fun and a great surprise at the end of the week on Saturday! You DO NOT want to miss it! The tour kicks off today and will run until this upcoming Saturday.  Here's all the awesome bloggers!


But wait - we want you to join in too! Share and chat along with the tour on social media this week! 

Use hashtag #journeyknits and tweet/instagram/fb your progress & FO pics!!!!! We are dying to see some of the JOURNEY knits in action!

First up to kick off the tour is our lovely friend Kelly from the blog Celtic Cast On! We love Kelly and are so happy to send you over her way to read her post today!

You can find all things Celtic Cast On below:

Yay! Don't forget to join in too! We want to see your JOURNEY knits! What have you been knitting or hoping to cast on for? Yarn choices? Let's chat!


Swift || Onward || Antrorse from the new knitting book JOURNEY by Shannon Cook & Jane Richmond
The indies are here! If you've been waiting to get your hands on certain patterns from our new book JOURNEY the wait is over!

You can now buy all the patterns in JOURNEY individually as well as just the eBook on it's own. The hard copy is still available on pre-order and will start shipping approximately Dec. 6th and will be up on in about 2 weeks (we'll keep you posted). If you purchase the hard copy you will still receive the eBook and individual pattern Pdf's with it. Yay!

We have an upcoming JOURNEY Blog Tour (with giveaways galore) coming soon with some awesomely talented ladies as well as podcast reviews (you even get to hear Jane and I chat too..hehe) and more fun things along the way!

I cannot express in words how much all of your love and support towards JOURNEY means to me.

This book is so special to us and it means the world to see you all embrace it just as much as we have. To hear from knitters that non-knitters are loving the book as much as they do is AMAZING!  The photography alone tells its own story and the whole team who worked on the book wanted you to feel like you could step inside the journey yourself - knitter or not :)

This book has been a dream come true for me. To have such a wonderful business partner and co-author in Jane is special in itself. But to be able to have a book come to life with my name and designs on it has been something I have dreamed of since I was a little girl sitting in the library surrounded by stacks of books. The icing on the cake was for Jane and I to have complete creative control and our design aesthetics clearly represented on the pages as well. Creating Marian Rae Publications was born from a want of being able to achieve our creative goals, express our visions, tell our stories, and to showcase a more modern style of knitting book. One that can be left out on your coffee table that is both a conversation piece and creatively inspiring.

Antrorse pattern by Shannon Cook || JOURNEY: A Collaboration

I'm getting all teared up just writing this post...thank you again, and it won't be the last time I write this for I owe all of you for the days, weeks, months and years..yes...years of reading. For supporting. For caring. For being along for the ride with me. I love you guys and I can't wait to see what's coming next and the best part is getting to share it with each and every one of you.

Sometimes the laundry, the chores, the lovely chaos of life can wait....for if you seize those precious moments and claim them your own creativity can happen. You ARE worth the time to make your dreams come true. 

Take those 5, 10, 15mins - whatever you can get and own them. Make them yours. Start with a stitch, or a sketch, or a seam and reach for them. Sometimes those dreams aren't as far away from reality as you think. Your babies will thank you. We all need to see dreams come true. No matter how old we are. As women, as mothers, we deserve it - YOU deserve it.

Now go take your own JOURNEY. And share it with me :)

---> to purchase JOURNEY now click here.
---> to see all the pattern info from JOURNEY click here.
---> watch the video and read more about the book on our website
---> link to buy ANTRORSE
---> link to buy ONWARD
---> link to buy SWIFT
---> if you purchased your book at Knit City you can now redeem your coupon codes for your eBook and patterns. The coupon codes are located on the inside back cover of the book. You can redeem them by logging into ravelry, adding the eBook to your cart and then using the code at checkout OR if you are a non-ravelry user you can redeem here.

Last week I chatted about each of my patterns from JOURNEY. You can read those posts below:

Have you started making a project from JOURNEY? What's on your needles? Yarn you're drooling over? I've got a new coffee cup with your name on it! Do come on by and visit for a chat!



Featuring a geometric lace pattern with textural details and fun angular lines,the Swift hat is as enjoyable to knit as it is to wear!

The JOURNEY pre-order is open till November 17th and when you buy the pre-order you get an INSTANT download of the e-book so you can start making right away! Yay!!! Plus they ship just in time for xmas! Books will go out on December 6th :) JOURNEY would make a lovely gift for the knitter in your life or even to treat yourself!


hard copy + e-book only $26.95

individual pattern $4.95 ||

Ohhh...Swift...I heart you. This hat pattern is so darn fun. 

You see when I knit I can tend to get bored really easy. Now don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean I always want to knit super complicated things but I like to have a bit of interest to keep me satisfied.

Swift fills all my requirements. A few easy rounds and then one fun one, easy rounds, then a fun one...and repeat...till you're done! It's easy to memorize and before you know it - you're done! Love it!

SWIFT: Moving or capable of moving with great speed

The texture on Swift really shines thanks to Quince and Co.'s lovely sport weight yarn - Chickadee. It takes less than 2 skeins so for under $15 you get a brand new rockin' hat! Yay! This soft and springy yarn works perfect for this hat pattern! It makes my heart happy to see the movement in the stitch pattern! You know how I love me some movement and texture. Even the ribbing moves ever so slightly ♥ And don't be fooled - this hat is way easier than it looks! If you can knit, purl, and do an increase you can make it! Don't let the lace scare you away!

I had so much fun with the photoshoot for Swift too! I got to ride in an awesome vintage car (that belongs to Jane's mom and was driven by her) along with the model and photographer as we drove up and down the prettiest road! It was a riot and so fun!!! And our photographer (Nicholas Kupiak) did an amazing job. These shots are some of my faves from the book. The expression on our model Rylee's face in the shots just does me in every time.

So you know I have to show you more pics right? Yay!

It was so fun to see all the Swift hat's made by my testers! Some even made more than 1 they enjoyed it so much! I'm knitting a 2nd one for myself in the colorway Honey right now to go with my sized Antrorse! I can't wait to show you pics of it as well and I soooo cannot wait to see your Ravelry projects pop up too! So grab some Chickadee and pic your fave color and let's get knitting together! So thankful for all of your support ♥


hard copy + e-book only $26.95

individual pattern $4.95 ||

You can find more pattern details and specifics for SWIFT here on it's ravelry project page as well as on our website Marian Rae Publications.

You know what I'm going to ask right? Which yarn /color would you make Swift in? Have you gotten a copy of JOURNEY yet? What did you think? I love hearing your comments so come chat!

p.s. for all those wondering the e-book and individual patterns will be available when the pre-order is over.


The Onward Shawl - modern texture!

This modern shawl pattern showcases a lovely, textured, reversible pattern that is sure to catch your eye. It’s knit in worsted-weight yarn that’s perfect to cozy up in when the weather is cool. You’ll find this pattern (and the easy-to-memorize format) a fun knit!

The JOURNEY pre-order

is open till November 17th and when you buy the pre-order you get an INSTANT download of the e-book so you can start making right away! Yay!!! Plus they ship just in time for xmas! Books will go out on December 6th :) JOURNEY would make a lovely gift for the knitter in your life or even to treat yourself!


hard copy + e-book only $26.95

individual pattern $6.95 ||

Onward is a project that is very near and dear to me. I seriously have been dreaming of this project for over a year. I swatched and sketched etc until finally everything came together with one of my favorite worsted weight yarns

Lark from Quince and Co. The stitch definition in Lark is AMAZING. Like it makes me drool. I am a big fan of texture (in case  you haven't noticed...haha) and for this shawl you really need a yarn that will make those stitches pop! Once blocked this baby has a great wingspan, can be worn in several ways and is definitely a conversation piece! It's a pattern that doesn't require a chart, is quick to memorize, easy to read your work and a GREAT beginner shawl pattern! It's a fun one! Trust me on that!

ON.WARD: Moving or tending forward.

Onward also knits up quick. Using worsted weight for a shawl is fun people! It's warm, cozy but not so thick you can't layer it all throughout the year. I had so much fun styling it on our lovely model Rylee for the shoot. We wanted you to see the shawl in an everyday setting that is relaxed and casual. It's one of my favorite pieces to curl up with and I so hope you will enjoy it too.

If you have been wanting to jump into shawl knitting I think you would really enjoy Onward. If you know how to cast on, knit, purl, yarn over, and read directions you are good to go!

Want to see some more pics? Yay!!!!! Isn't our photographer Nicholas Kupiak amazing!

I can't wait to see your


pop up on Ravelry! I really did design this shawl with a beginner knitter in mind so if you're a sewer (which I know a lot of you are) and you've gotten a few knitting projects under your belt please don't be scared to try it out! I think you'll enjoy it! The JOURNEY pre-order is open till November 17th and when you buy the pre-order you get an INSTANT download of the e-book so you can start making right away! Yay!!! Plus they ship just in time for xmas! Books will go out on December 6th :)


hard copy + e-book only $26.95

individual pattern $6.95 ||

You can find more pattern details and specifics for ONWARD here on it's ravelry project page as well as on our website Marian Rae Publications.

Ok, so spill the beans....what yarn would you make Onward in? What color? Have you made a worsted weight shawl before? I've got coffee, pull up a seat and let's chat :)


Antrorse is your new favorite pullover. 

Featuring a cozy reversible funnel neck that can be worn open or buttoned, this pullover delivers comfort with a modern edge. The center panel adds a fun detail that draws the eye upward - it’s slimming and fun to knit!

Antrorse is so very special to me. I'm so smitten with the ease and comfy factor with this pullover! I feel like it just shouts Shannon in a sweater and that makes me so very happy! The funnel neck is my favorite part. Who doesn't love a great funnel? So flattering and also super stylish. And the center panel is me loving my textures and plays on movement. I just can't get Some people have called it a chevron but what's funny is I never saw that. I drew out my sketches of a dash or arrowhead movement pointing upward - thus the name. Call it what you will - I'm crushing on it. I'm just beyond thrilled to see my sketches come to life!

Hard copy + e-book only $26.95
Individual pattern $6.95


The JOURNEY pre-order is open till November 17th and when you buy the pre-order you get an INSTANT download of the e-book so you can start making right away! Yay!!! Plus they ship just in time for xmas! Books will go out on December 6th :) JOURNEY would make a lovely gift for the knitter in your life or even to treat yourself!

An.trorse: Directed forward and upward

Knit up in the cushy aran weight Osprey from Quince and Co. Antrorse knits up super quick on 6mm needles.

The funnel is knit flat and then joined in the round and the rest of the pullover is knit top down. The sweater is designed with 2in of positive ease and is meant to be worn semi-fitted so it's perfect for layering! Pair with your fave top/tank underneath or over your new go-to dress with leggings and boots for fall. 

I've finished one up in my size (42") and just need to block it. I can't wait to show you all! I've got curves all over the place and let me tell you - I feel fab in my Antrorse! Hides all the bits I don't want that's important when you've had 2 kiddos. Taller than the average gal? No worries, the center panel repeat is so easy to keep going to any length you'd like. I made the one in my size a tunic length for fun! I simply did 2 times more the repeats than the pattern calls for.  

And now for some more pics! You all know I just can't resist! The awesome

Nicholas Kupiak did our photos for JOURNEY as well and I think they are stunning.

I hope you will all enjoy Antrorse as much as I do! Grab your new fave aran weight yarn, some gorgeous buttons, pour a hot cup of coffee and let's knit together! The JOURNEY pre-order is open till November 17th and when you buy the pre-order you get an INSTANT download of the e-book so you can start making right away! Yay!!! Plus they ship just in time for xmas! Books will go out on December 6th :)


hard copy + e-book only $26.95

individual pattern $6.95 ||


You can find more pattern details and specifics for Antrorse here on it's ravelry project page as well as on our website Marian Rae Publications.

Thank you so much for all the love you guys have already shown. Seriously, it means the world to me and I'm just so thrilled that JOURNEY is here - it's a dream come true! xoxoxo

.......stay tuned for ONWARD up next tomorrow!

Now - what yarn would you make Antrorse in? What buttons would  you use? I'm dying to know!


JOURNEY: A Collaboration by Jane Richmond & Shannon Cook
hard copy + e-book only $26.95


JOURNEY is now open for pre-order!!! for only $26.95 you get a hard copy, e-book and the individual digital pattern pdf's! yay! when you pre-order a hard copy of the book you will recieve the e-book immediately. the book is available for pre-order from nov. 4th-17th & books will ship dec. 6th.

A collaboration of hand knits from designers Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook (that's me - yay!) inspired by the journey of self-discovery, independence and the path back to yourself. this gorgeous collection of garment and accessory patterns forms a special book filled with beautiful photography by Nicholas Kupiak -  let the pages take you away on your own JOURNEY. this book is a must have for your knitting book collection - it includes patterns to make 2 garments, 1 pair of socks, 1 shawl, a hat and a pair of fingerless mitts. 

i'm so insanely proud of this book that jane and i wrote and published together! we love it and hope you all do as well! 

my 3 patterns are antrorse (pullover), onward (shawl) and swift (hat) and jane's are inland (cardigan), spate (fingerless mitts) and climb (socks). i cannot wait to see your projects pop up on ravelry! it feels like i've been dreaming and working on these designs for so long that it will be surreal to see you all enjoying making and wearing them! and that's the best part of JOURNEY's patterns - they are all staple pieces that are fun and not difficult to knit! we want you to enjoy yourself and relax with this collection!

you can see all the pics, watch the promo video and get info on the book on our website here - and also view more detailed pattern information on ravelry here -

JOURNEY: A Collaboration by Jane Richmond & Shannon Cook


Paperback: 8 1/2 x 8 1/2, 128 pages, full color images throughout.
Publisher: Marian Rae Publications
Published: October 2013
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0991728912
ISBN-13: 978-0-9917289-1-6

For more information about the patterns in JOURNEY please visit our Ravelry Shop

i'll be sharing posts this week and next on my 3 patterns and some behind the scenes of the book so stay tuned for that! after keeping JOURNEY a secret all year i can't wait to chat all about it so i hope you'll join me! thank you so much to all of you for your support and all the lovely and kind comments so many have already shared to us about JOURNEY! we ♥ you guys!

do you have a copy of JOURNEY yet? what pattern are you dreaming of making first? yarn crushes? share away! i'd love to hear all about it!!! xoxoxo 

*Please Note: If you purchased a hard copy of JOURNEY at Knit City last weekend you should have a coupon code in the back of your book to redeem a free copy of the eBook. This coupon code will be activated AFTER the pre-order has ended.  


JOURNEY from luvinthemommyhood on Vimeo.

today is a very special day. today i get to reveal to you all a very fun and exciting secret project i've been working on! i'm so thrilled to announce the upcoming release of jane and i's newest book - JOURNEY: a collaboration!!!

JOURNEY is a collaboration of hand knits from designers jane richmond and shannon cook (that's me! wahoo!) inspired by the journey of self-discovery, independence and the path back to yourself. this gorgeous collection of garment and accessory patterns forms a special book filled with beautiful photography by nicholas kupiak -  let the pages take you away on your own JOURNEY.

we have been working so very hard on designing and self-publishing JOURNEY since the spring and we hope you will all love it as much as we do! it's very special to both jane and i and it's been such a crazy and amazing journey to get here today! nicholas kupiak did a magical job with our photos and our simply stunning model rylee brought our handmade items to life! so grab a cup of coffee or hot tea, curl up and watch the special sneak peek video of JOURNEY!!!

i cannot wait to show you all the book and guess what - i won't have to wait long!!!
JOURNEY will be available exclusively this upcoming weekend (october 26th & 27th) at knit city!!!  we'll have copies available to purchase and samples on display! you can find us at Booth #4. jane and i will both be there excited to see you all!

not able to make knit city? don't worry - the book will be available for pre-order shortly after our return from the event and more details will come so stay tuned! i have lots more fun information, pictures and posts to show you! you don't want to miss it! 

and if you get a chance you can pop on over to our brand new marian rae publications website and get more information/see pics about JOURNEY and our previous release ISLAND. 

ISLAND Book Tour Awesomeness!

if i could post one picture to sum up jane and i's mini book tour this past weekend for ISLAND this would be it.  ahhhh the joys of being overtired but also having awesome fun that makes it worth every minute.  it also rocks to get to share such wonderful and special moments with one of your closest friends. jane - thanks for being the best partner in crime evah and one of my most fave people on the planet. i love ya to bits and bits! now on to the juicy stuff...

this is what happens when you get a group of knitters together at an event.....

it starts all friendly and professional and then bam! turns into this!  muahaha!  oh darn...we just don't look as gorgeous and effortless as you do caitlin french ;p

we had such a fabulous and wonderful time on our journey. the pics above and the collage below were taking by the lovely and talented photographer and designer herself sylvia mcfadden.  you can find her on her blog here, ravelry here and on flickr as well. thanks for taking these pics sylvia! we had such a great evening with all of you at baaad anna's in vancouver.  thank you anna for hosting us and making it such a special night.  you did such a fabulous job and we luv your shop. we can't wait to visit again!

i thought it would be fun to just do a post highlighting some special moments from our book tour.  jane will be doing a post as well so watch for that and she'll be showing you the shops and writing more about what we did and where we were.  trust me that there's a lot more pics! lol! so in the meantime here's some shots that were some of my personal faves.

the lovely amanda and fiona from knit social (and knit city) - we wished you ladies lived on the island! we want more time to hang with you!!!  urban yarns hosted us on our first stop friday night and it was a fab evening with wine, sushi and more.  we got to see some great friends and stayed up just a tad too late having lots of fun.  thanks for having us urban yarns!  we love stopping in to see you ladies!
we had such a blast at 88 stitches - we got so spoiled by melissa of one of  our fave yarns - sweet fiber and her mom sue who owns 88 stitches and all the fab ladies who worked there.  it was a such wonderful way to spend our afternoon. thank you for your kindness and generosity.

we headed over to baaad anna's saturday night for a fun event that anna had set up.  with island decor, candles and lovely refreshments and homemade goodies we were in heaven.  we definitely had a great time and were sad the event had to end.  so much fun!
we then jumped on the ferry sunday morning to head on over to gibsons, bc to unwind knit & fibre lounge!  what a pretty city and kim and her lovely staff made us feel at home.  we had lots of laughs, yummy tea and a great time showing off jane's lovely patterns.  i wish we had more time to explore it was so gorgeous over there and if you are ever in gibsons be sure to check out kim's lovely shop. thanks for having us kim!

i of course couldn't resist posting a shot of my instagram feed from the trip.  i have to rely on free wifi on my ipad so there isn't a lot but they all have special little memories attached to them.  overall we had a fabulous time, got spoiled, had a lot of laughs, tried to be as organized as possible (which is, set up and took down our little "shop" 4 times (phew!), shopped (2 stores in 2 hours..we need, paid a HUGE price for parking (ouch! $16.75 for 2 hours!!! it still hurts), forgot to pay parking (hahaha, we really are Islanders now Jane, who charges for parking after 6pm right? LOL!), took 4 ferries (cheered really loudly when we made the last one home), ate delicious food, ate some not so good food, slept in a gorgeous home (thank you to jane's aunt!), enjoyed the quiet, stayed up way too late at night giggling, knit, drank coffee and overall had a special little journey filled with wonderful people who were all so kind to us both.

image source - 88 stitches
so from us to all of you - thank you so very much for making this book what it has become and for showing us both so much love and support for jane's collection.  it means so very much to both of us and we can't wait to see you all again! thanks so much to every single person who came out to see us and showed off their ISLAND lovelies! big hugs and lots of luvs!!!! xoxoxo!!!


jane and i will be packing up our samples and hitting the road for a mini book tour this weekend for ISLAND!!!  woot woot!  we're heading over to vancouver and to lovely gibsons, bc! 

here are the stops on our mini tour :

Friday, January 25th from 7 pm - 9 pm
4437 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
. . . 

Saturday, January 26th from 1 pm - 3 pm
#602-21183 88th Avenue, Langley, BC

. . . 

Saturday, January 26th from 7 pm - 9 pm
2667 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

. . . 

Sunday, January 27th from 1 pm - 4 pm
8-1161 Sunshine Coast Highway, Gibsons, BC

Event Page on Facebook

. . .

...if you are local to the Lower Mainland or the Sunshine Coast, come on out and see us at one of these stops! we can't wait to say hi & for you all to see the lovely knitted items from the book in person!  be sure to come up and say hello and if you are a ravelry friend let us know both your rav id name and your real name!  it's funny how many people we know only by ravid's! funny but true!

we're looking forward to the tour and hope you all are too!  see you this weekend!  

p.s. if you can't make it out you can also follow along with us on instagram.  follow jane at "janerichmond"  and myself at "luvinthemommyhood" we'll be using the hashtag #islandtour.

ISLAND Book Launch Party

party time this weekend!!!  if you're on vancouver island or feel like popping over from the mainland this weekend  make sure to stop by "knotty by nature" on saturday from 6-9pm for our ISLAND Book Launch Party!!!! woot woot!!!!!  jane and i are so excited to get a chance to celebrate ISLAND and to share all the lovelies from the book with you. 

we would LOVE for you to come help us celebrate ISLAND! join us for food and drink, view all of the samples in our trunk show, pick up a book or have your copy signed and come mingle with photographer Nicholas Kupiak, model Kylee Shaw, Jane Richmond and I, and all of our knitting friends!

we thank you all so very much for all the awesome support you have all shown us and we can't wait to see some of you in person! we're very excited!

to find out more information about the event and to rsvp please check out our event facebook page:

WHAT:  ISLAND Book Launch Party
WHEN: Saturday, January 12, 2013 from 6:00-9:00pm
WHERE: Knotty by Nature, 1704 Lillian Road, Victoria, British Columbia

have a great weekend and happy knitting and sewing my friends!  i'll see you on monday with a new free pattern!!! 

p.s.  the newest season of Project Run & Play launched today so make sure to pop over and vote for your fave!  

ISLAND is here!!!

it's here!!! i'm so excited!  jane and i finally got our shipment of ISLAND in and back out to all of you who pre-ordered.  we're so excited to announce that you can now purchase your own copy direct from!!!  yahoo! it was so fun to see the book listed on amazon! what a thrill!  we would love it if you would stop by and leave a review of ISLAND on amazon.  it would make our day :)

if you purchase a print copy from amazon and would also like to receive a digital copy of the book please email jane at with a proof of purchase and she will happily send one your way.  you can also now purchase the patterns individually on ravelry as well!  just in time to whip up some lovely xmas pressies!!!

if you are local you can also find ISLAND at the following locations:




when you purchase a copy at your LYS you will receive a unique coupon code at point of purchase to redeem digital copies of the book and patterns.

we also have some other exciting news!  WE'RE HAVING A PARTY!!!! WOOT WOOT!  the ISLAND Book Launch Party will be at  Knotty by Nature in Victoria, BC, Canada on Saturday, January the 12th at 6:00pm.  we hope you can join us for food and drink, view all of the samples in our trunk show, pick up a book or have your copy signed, you can even meet the photographer! it's gonna be fun so make sure to mark it on your calendar!!! you can find out more info and details on our ISLAND Book Launch Party Facebook Page.

we cannot wait to see all of you!!!  thank you so much for all of your support and we hope you enjoy ISLAND as much as we do.  also if you live in Vancouver or on the mainland stay tuned...we will be coming over for some book signings and trunk shows in the new year!

please email jane at for all wholesale enquiries and orders.

please email myself (shannon) at for events, press and marketing inquiries.

thank you so much everyone and happy knitting!!!

ISLAND Pre-Order Book Release!!!

A collection of handknits designed by Jane Richmond and inspired by life on Vancouver Island. This book was a special artistic journey to bring Jane's patterns to life with photography by Nicholas Kupiak, modeling by Kylee Shaw, and graphic design/layout  & conception by Shannon Cook & Jane Richmond.

More than just a knitting book, ISLAND is a visual and creative experience showcasing the majestic beauty of Vancouver Island. Filled with designs & fibers that are true to Jane's classic and modern aesthetic, ISLAND not only makes you want to knit, it also inspires you to lose yourself in an adventure of your own.

Be inspired, get lost in the journey, set your imagination free, and ESCAPE to the ISLAND.

 I S L A N D - $20
Print Copy  |  Digital Version  |  Printable PDF

we are soooooo excited to announce that ISLAND is available for pre-order starting today and running for one week only!  books will ship november 30th!!!! woot woot!!!!  we've been really busy working on the sidelines to get copies available to you as quickly as possible and we hope you will all love the book and collection as much as we do.

included in your pre-order is the print copy of the book as well as the digital copy!!!  so you can get knitting before your book even gets here! bring on the holiday knitting!

you can also now view all the projects contained in the book on ravlery.  visit our ISLAND ravelry store page here for more info or to purchase the digital copy of the book ONLY.  for those of you who already have the book (yay!) please feel free to add your projects to the rav pages! we cannot wait to see them!  we will also be adding a new thread in the jane richmond ravelry group for you all to chat and share your ISLAND projects! fun!

and just cause we looooooovvvve the ISLAND video so much i'm posting it in here one more time...hehe.  can't get enough of it.  makes me well up every time. i'm so happy that you all enjoyed the video as much as i did. it was so fun to put together for you all!

thank you all sooooo much for all of your support and for such a lovely and warm response to the book!  it means the world to us! we can't wait to see all of your wonderful and inspiring projects and stay tuned...we'll both be blogging about the whole "self publishing" a book process soon! <3