Featuring a geometric lace pattern with textural details and fun angular lines,the Swift hat is as enjoyable to knit as it is to wear!

The JOURNEY pre-order is open till November 17th and when you buy the pre-order you get an INSTANT download of the e-book so you can start making right away! Yay!!! Plus they ship just in time for xmas! Books will go out on December 6th :) JOURNEY would make a lovely gift for the knitter in your life or even to treat yourself!


hard copy + e-book only $26.95

individual pattern $4.95 ||

Ohhh...Swift...I heart you. This hat pattern is so darn fun. 

You see when I knit I can tend to get bored really easy. Now don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean I always want to knit super complicated things but I like to have a bit of interest to keep me satisfied.

Swift fills all my requirements. A few easy rounds and then one fun one, easy rounds, then a fun one...and repeat...till you're done! It's easy to memorize and before you know it - you're done! Love it!

SWIFT: Moving or capable of moving with great speed

The texture on Swift really shines thanks to Quince and Co.'s lovely sport weight yarn - Chickadee. It takes less than 2 skeins so for under $15 you get a brand new rockin' hat! Yay! This soft and springy yarn works perfect for this hat pattern! It makes my heart happy to see the movement in the stitch pattern! You know how I love me some movement and texture. Even the ribbing moves ever so slightly ♥ And don't be fooled - this hat is way easier than it looks! If you can knit, purl, and do an increase you can make it! Don't let the lace scare you away!

I had so much fun with the photoshoot for Swift too! I got to ride in an awesome vintage car (that belongs to Jane's mom and was driven by her) along with the model and photographer as we drove up and down the prettiest road! It was a riot and so fun!!! And our photographer (Nicholas Kupiak) did an amazing job. These shots are some of my faves from the book. The expression on our model Rylee's face in the shots just does me in every time.

So you know I have to show you more pics right? Yay!

It was so fun to see all the Swift hat's made by my testers! Some even made more than 1 they enjoyed it so much! I'm knitting a 2nd one for myself in the colorway Honey right now to go with my sized Antrorse! I can't wait to show you pics of it as well and I soooo cannot wait to see your Ravelry projects pop up too! So grab some Chickadee and pic your fave color and let's get knitting together! So thankful for all of your support ♥


hard copy + e-book only $26.95

individual pattern $4.95 ||

You can find more pattern details and specifics for SWIFT here on it's ravelry project page as well as on our website Marian Rae Publications.

You know what I'm going to ask right? Which yarn /color would you make Swift in? Have you gotten a copy of JOURNEY yet? What did you think? I love hearing your comments so come chat!

p.s. for all those wondering the e-book and individual patterns will be available when the pre-order is over.