JOURNEY from luvinthemommyhood on Vimeo.

today is a very special day. today i get to reveal to you all a very fun and exciting secret project i've been working on! i'm so thrilled to announce the upcoming release of jane and i's newest book - JOURNEY: a collaboration!!!

JOURNEY is a collaboration of hand knits from designers jane richmond and shannon cook (that's me! wahoo!) inspired by the journey of self-discovery, independence and the path back to yourself. this gorgeous collection of garment and accessory patterns forms a special book filled with beautiful photography by nicholas kupiak -  let the pages take you away on your own JOURNEY.

we have been working so very hard on designing and self-publishing JOURNEY since the spring and we hope you will all love it as much as we do! it's very special to both jane and i and it's been such a crazy and amazing journey to get here today! nicholas kupiak did a magical job with our photos and our simply stunning model rylee brought our handmade items to life! so grab a cup of coffee or hot tea, curl up and watch the special sneak peek video of JOURNEY!!!

i cannot wait to show you all the book and guess what - i won't have to wait long!!!
JOURNEY will be available exclusively this upcoming weekend (october 26th & 27th) at knit city!!!  we'll have copies available to purchase and samples on display! you can find us at Booth #4. jane and i will both be there excited to see you all!

not able to make knit city? don't worry - the book will be available for pre-order shortly after our return from the event and more details will come so stay tuned! i have lots more fun information, pictures and posts to show you! you don't want to miss it! 

and if you get a chance you can pop on over to our brand new marian rae publications website and get more information/see pics about JOURNEY and our previous release ISLAND.