You all ready for some more JOURNEY Blog Tour fun today? I am!!! I hope you've all been enjoying the tour so far!

First up today is Jeni from the blog In Color Order. I positively adore Jeni. I started reading her blog eons ago drooling over her massive collection and knowledge of pyrex and vintage lovelies! Since then she's become an amazing pattern and fabric designer! Drool worthy for sure. I've been so happy to have gotten to know her and I'm so thankful that she joined in today! I squealed with delight when I spotted her Swift hat this morning! I love it on her! Does my heart good! Make sure you go by In Color Order and visit and be inspired!

You can find all things In Color Order here.

Next we have one of the most fun knitters I know - Melissa of Miso Crafty Knits. I'm so lucky to live in the same city as Melissa and get to see her regularly! She's a dear and special friend. She's also got some CRAZY knitting skills and this girl could get you excited about ice if you lived in an igloo. I love hearing about what things she's currently loving because I know I'm about to find something new to obsess over too! It's fun. I love this girl to bits and if you haven't already been to her blog go pop by. You'll love it!

You can find all things Miso Crafty Knits here.

And last but definitely not least we are stopping at the home of the amazing podcast A Playful Day. I love to listen to knitting podcasts and have recently become addicted this year. When I'm out and about waiting on the kids or their classes I plug my earphones in my ipad, whip out my knitting and get lost in a podcast. It's like always having a knitting buddy to knit with. And this podcast doesn't dissapoint either. A Playful Day is doing a review and giveaway today but stay tuned for next week when she will review the book as well on her podcast.

You can find all things A Playful Day here.

A HUGE thank you to all the ladies above for joining in! I have loved reading each and every one of your posts today!!! Thank you so much!

Follow along with the whole tour at this link and find more information on JOURNEY here on! Thanks for reading everyone!  We've got more to come so stay tuned!