Swift || Onward || Antrorse from the new knitting book JOURNEY by Shannon Cook & Jane Richmond
The indies are here! If you've been waiting to get your hands on certain patterns from our new book JOURNEY the wait is over!

You can now buy all the patterns in JOURNEY individually as well as just the eBook on it's own. The hard copy is still available on pre-order and will start shipping approximately Dec. 6th and will be up on in about 2 weeks (we'll keep you posted). If you purchase the hard copy you will still receive the eBook and individual pattern Pdf's with it. Yay!

We have an upcoming JOURNEY Blog Tour (with giveaways galore) coming soon with some awesomely talented ladies as well as podcast reviews (you even get to hear Jane and I chat too..hehe) and more fun things along the way!

I cannot express in words how much all of your love and support towards JOURNEY means to me.

This book is so special to us and it means the world to see you all embrace it just as much as we have. To hear from knitters that non-knitters are loving the book as much as they do is AMAZING!  The photography alone tells its own story and the whole team who worked on the book wanted you to feel like you could step inside the journey yourself - knitter or not :)

This book has been a dream come true for me. To have such a wonderful business partner and co-author in Jane is special in itself. But to be able to have a book come to life with my name and designs on it has been something I have dreamed of since I was a little girl sitting in the library surrounded by stacks of books. The icing on the cake was for Jane and I to have complete creative control and our design aesthetics clearly represented on the pages as well. Creating Marian Rae Publications was born from a want of being able to achieve our creative goals, express our visions, tell our stories, and to showcase a more modern style of knitting book. One that can be left out on your coffee table that is both a conversation piece and creatively inspiring.

Antrorse pattern by Shannon Cook || JOURNEY: A Collaboration

I'm getting all teared up just writing this post...thank you again, and it won't be the last time I write this for I owe all of you for the days, weeks, months and years..yes...years of reading. For supporting. For caring. For being along for the ride with me. I love you guys and I can't wait to see what's coming next and the best part is getting to share it with each and every one of you.

Sometimes the laundry, the chores, the lovely chaos of life can wait....for if you seize those precious moments and claim them your own creativity can happen. You ARE worth the time to make your dreams come true. 

Take those 5, 10, 15mins - whatever you can get and own them. Make them yours. Start with a stitch, or a sketch, or a seam and reach for them. Sometimes those dreams aren't as far away from reality as you think. Your babies will thank you. We all need to see dreams come true. No matter how old we are. As women, as mothers, we deserve it - YOU deserve it.

Now go take your own JOURNEY. And share it with me :)

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Last week I chatted about each of my patterns from JOURNEY. You can read those posts below:

Have you started making a project from JOURNEY? What's on your needles? Yarn you're drooling over? I've got a new coffee cup with your name on it! Do come on by and visit for a chat!