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want to know more about luvinthemommyhood and lil' ol me? here's the lowdown on how i became a part of the mommyhood!

luvinthemommyhood is a fun, friendly neighbourhood where crafty, creative moms can come to connect, enjoy a cup of coffee & some girl chat and share in all the fabulous, scary, hilarious & inspiring things that come along with living life in the mommyhood.

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who's behind luvinthemommyhood?

a fun loving, chatty momma who loves her family and her friends and lives to laugh.  my name is shannon and i’m a blogger, wife and also a stay-at-home mom to my 4 1/2 year old daughter & soon to be 2 year old baby girl, who is happily living near the ocean on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. i’m always sewing & knitting (and showing you how too), figuring out html (yuck - can we say headache!), crafting & drawing (whenever i have time), attempting to parent & stay sane (a girl can dream right? ), cooking (when i'm not sewing or knitting), keeping the dreaded laundry pile down (don't you just love laundry...not) and coffee in my system (definitely a necessity) all while sharing it with the world.

how did luvinthemommyhood begin?

well...let's just say i was lonely. if any of you know me, you know i love to chat. i am a big fan of the run on sentence and just live for a great gabfest. suddenly, in the spring of 2007 my first daughter was born and i was stuck at home, with nobody to talk to. yep, my worst nightmare. did i sit around and cry about it? a bit. did i whine to the hubs? a bit. what did i end up doing? i picked my sorry, post baby butt off the couch and started a blog. a personal blog.

originally luvinthemommyhood was for family and friends eyes only. i ranted about my poor boobs and the fear of the dreaded "rock in sock" look after breastfeeding, my addiction to coffee, old melrose place & murder she wrote episodes and all things mommy. i posted pics of my little girl and just talked........then suddenly people started reading. eeek!!! they know i wear spanx!

at first it was weird knowing people i didn't know were reading, but then the addiction started. y'all know what i mean. this wonderful blogging community is so warm and inviting, it's like a giant hug from your bestest friend. i started to think about turning the blog into more than just my thoughts on my daughter and make my little dream come true of creating my own "neighbourhood" where moms can come and enjoy a cup of coffee and some girl chat (it also prevents you from boring your hubby to death with endless girl chatter that they care nothing about).

you see i grew up in a small town where my friends could just pop on over in 5 minutes (no phone calls needed) to their bff's house down the road and have some laughs while the toddlers played. while i had a reality check. i was living in vancouver, bc and let me tell you - you can't get anywhere in 5 minutes unless it's down your elevator and even that is a feat. so luvinthemommyhood is my way to connect moms and to recreate that feeling of having somewhere to go for all things mommy. to share in the hardships that nobody talks about (like when your kid poops on the floor), the fears we all have (are we good enough?), the joys we experience (that first smile from your new baby) and all the other fun things that come along with being a crafty, creative mommy living in the mommyhood.

so why not come by for a visit. there's no need to call, just stop on by. i promise it's a warm, friendly neighbourhood that mr. rogers doesn't frequent. there's lots of goodies for everyone in the mommyhood and the real estate is free! won't you be my neighbour...haha, ok...that was lame, but i couldn't help myself.

what can you find on the mommyhood?

moments in the mommyhood
you can find snapshots of my life called "moments in the mommyhood" where i give you a sneak peek into my "real life" dealing with being a mom to 2 girls and still trying to find time to sew and knit.

tutorials & patterns
fun, easy sewing & knitting tutorials and patterns for beginners/intermediates like me with a focus on creative construction.

roundups are one of my fave things to do in the mommyhood. these are the things that i would either call, email, tweet, or chat with friends about. lovely, little goodies i find around the blogosphere that i can't possibly keep all to myself. 

moms in the mommyhood
we like moms to get to know each other here. i interview a mom who runs her own business while balancing being a mommy at the same time and not losing her mind.

weekend wishes
every friday i post about what things i'm wishing for that weekend and what i'm up to.....and then you all join in - it's fun!  it's even fondly been called "a brain latte" for moms :) (thanks amy!)

go explore the neighbourhood!

thanks to all of you for being part of the mommyhood and for being my neighbours and friends. you all help keep me sane and loving the mommyhood :)