You know when....

Ok, you know when you are going to the public library too much when the security guard at the door recognizes you and the librarian says your daughter is the youngest library patron to have her own card!!!!!! I know, I know, libraries are not "a cool" place to go hang out, but I love to read and want to pass that down to my daughter (it really doesn't have anything to do with the fact that they don't charge fines on kid's library cards...ok, maybe a little
I also find that, however peaceful breastfeeding is, I got sick of watching tv or staring at Mackenzie. I figure in no time at all, my little girl was going to be up and running around and I would never get to enjoy the quiet peace of reading a great book. So, alas, I now have half the libraries copies of "Chick Lit" at home. I have an evergrowing list of requests still to come and yes, even a dvd copy of the first season of Murder She Wrote is listed. And no - I am not a senior for watching it..haha. Which leads me to - you know when your child has you up all night when you memorize all the late night reruns. I am still peeved that good ol'Angela Lansbury is only on Saturday mornings at 4:ooam (occassionally they do run a double back to back episode), do they not realize people are up at this time and need other tv reruns besides Dawson's Creek and Beverly Hills 90210?
I find myself reading all I can about my little girl - her body, her mental development, games to play, places to go and my long lived hunt for mommy groups (this is a topic I will discuss on another post). I keep coming home and adding to this mountainous pile of books that is slowly taking over our tiny apartment. So yep, you know when you go to the library too much when you have too many enticing reads to choose from, you go through a book a day, and you worry that if you don't space out your visits at the central branch, they will think you are nuts. But with the amount of times I visit you would think it wouldn't be possible to ecrue overdue fines?? Yeah, right.

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