Can I live on Melrose?

Ok, so I have found the answer to the lack of Murder She Wrote on tv. I have now sunk to an even lower level of desperation and have downloaded the entire first season of Melrose Place. Yep. Good ol scandalous Melrose Place. I loved that show when I was younger and I still love it now. Nothing better than sitting down with a good cup of coffee, a smiling baby on the boob and a drama filled episode of Melrose.

I cannot wait for the second season to finish downloading as I only have a few episodes left of the first one. Jeremy thinks I am nuts for being so excited about a tv show, but even he is getting hooked! So long desperate housewives, hello melrose. Even 2 of the cast members on Desperate Housewives are from Melrose.

I figure a little scandal in our lives is never a bad it??? :)