Ok, Mackenzie has started rolling over. She first scared the crap out of me when she started to roll from her front to her back at like 1 1/2 months. Our doc was amazed and the baby books said this was a bit early. Ok, we thought. She is strong. That's not a bad thing. But then at 2 months or so, the back to front turn happened!!! No more little docile newborn for this mom.

She is now an acrobat turning this way and that, there is no inch in her crib undiscovered! I put her on the floor and if I turn away for a few minutes, low and behold, she has managed to maneuver herself to the other side of the room!!!!! I keep flipping through the baby books to see if this normal. But what really is "normal" with babies???? LOL. I don't think those timelines really exist. For all I know, she is just gonna get up and run! The muscle on this kid's legs are amazing.