Does anyone else agree that Babies R Us has horrible customer service?

I keep telling myself that I won't go back to Babies R Us, but yet I always end up in there. The place drives me mad! They have the absolute worst customer service. I usually have at least one fit when I am there.
Mackenzie and I decided to venture out for our "first time" outing using only her sling. I was a bit nervous taking her out for such a long time with only the sling, but the transit here is a nightmare for moms with strollers. Our trip started out great, she fell asleep as soon as we got on the bus and slept almost the whole shopping trip.

Our problems were with the store. They were sold out of everything I wanted. Plus when I did need help finding something the three people I asked for help from (one being the customer service desk) could hardly speak english and had no clue what I was talking about. They also led me all over the whole store about 3 times trying to figure this out. I was not happy. It was hot in Toys R Us and I didn't feel like doing laps all over that huge store with a sleeping baby slung on me. I left very irratated.

I got home and had to go online and order the things I wanted from Babies R Us online and pay $9.99 shipping when I live a mere 15 min bus ride away. I guess the money is worth the stress I end up with after leaving the store. I think I am going to continue only buying from the website from now on.