Where is her hair?

I think my daughter is absolutely beautiful, but her hair is taking forever to grow in.
This is a hairdresser's worst nightmare as a mom. I am dying to put in barrettes, clips, braids, ponytails etc, but her cute little mullet is just not allowing me to do that.
My mom sent me a great set of hair accessories for her (thanks mom) that still look funny on her due to her lack of hair. I try each week thinking that her little tuft of new hair may have grown - but no success.
So I decided to make her my own hair accessory. I quickly crocheted her a cute little headband that isn't very wide and is sized to fit her head exactly (a problem I was having with some of the other headbands). It makes her look like she has some hair!!!!
She seems to enjoy wearing it and even daddy loves it on her. I am going to play around with some other ideas and mix it up with some colors as well.
All in all, took me about 5 minutes to make my baby girl "seem" like she has more hair. Maybe now people will stop asking me if she is a boy or a girl.