In love with a plugin

So Jeremy thinks I need to get out more.
Last night we found ourselves in bed watching some tv after Mackenzie went down when a new Febreeze commercial aired. When the commercial ended I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe and he wasn't even smiling.
I don't know why I found this commercial so funny, but I did. It might have to do with the fact that the women loved the smell so much and I could relate with this commercials humorous approach. Although not with her love of Febreeze.
I recently smelled an air freshener plug in at a friends house and thought I have to have this. I usually get headaches from those overpowering, flowery plug ins; but this one was different. It smelled good and produced only a hint of the smell.
I ran out and bought one the next day. It is made by a new brand called "Method". Shoppers Drug Mart carries them. I got the scent "Lavender Lemongrass". I loooooovvve it. I love it so much I am telling everyone about it. I bought another one and am now wandering my tiny apartment looking for more plugs to put more in. My home smells wonderful.
This plug in has super hero qualities. It covers the smell of eau'du'diaper!!! Yep, no more baby poop odor from my garbage. (I don't use a Diaper Genie.) So this company has saved my nose. I sit here smelling the wonderful lavender fragrance and grilling every person who comes over if they love the smell as much as I do. Jeremy is sick of me asking him.
I started thinking to myself yesterday that they must have other products. And low and behold, they have tons!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out to see all their stuff. Their unique packaging and quirky blurbs on their products had me ecstatic! I bought their all purpose cleaner (lavender scent of course) and it works great!
Anyhoo, this lady in the commercial was portrayed as being obsessed with the smell and before my baby I would have thought that's nuts. But now, I think that is a very accurate portrayal of a mom who spends a fair amount of time in her home and has finally found the one thing that makes it smell great and not like dirty diapers, dirty dishes, sweaty man laundry and all other foul odors a home possesses.
If that means I have to get out more, so be it. Maybe it means Jeremy has to stay in more to understand...hahahahaha.