Posing for the Great Grandmas

We are leaving for holidays in 3 days!!!
We are going to be driving a rental car down through Oregon and then staying in San Fransisco for a few days with Jeremy's Grandma Judy and her husband Ken, then working our way back up slowly along the Oregon Coast.
I wanted to pick up a gift for G. Judy as a thank you for their hospitality and I thought what better than a picture of Mackenzie? LOL.

I dressed her up in her pretty pink dress from Char and Tymon. The color pink looks great on her even though Jeremy can't stand pink...sorry hun. She was in a great mood and the pics turned out so good I got a whack load developed for all the Great Grandmas to have.

We are thinking she is so photogenic and way cuter than all the babies we see on tv but we could be biased. She loves the camera though. Hmmmm, new baby star? Good way to make her university fund...lol.